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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Fíli  (Read 3907 times)


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« on: January 20, 2013, 02:09:00 AM »
(currently moving Fíli's application from the old form to this one.  It's a work in progress, excuse the rubble!)


NAME:  Fíli.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941):  25th of July, T.A. 2859 (82 years old).
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Ered Luin, Eriador.
RACE:  Dwarf.
GENDER:  Male.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Fíli has a mane of dirty-fair hair which he tends to wear clipped back from his face and decorated with some small braids. His beard is kept fairly short and tidy, at least compared to those of some of the other Dwarves. Fíli's keen eyes are light blue and often bright with laughter, for he is a rather happy-go-lucky Dwarf, while his jaw is strong and his nose fairly prominent.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Fíli has the stout build that is common of Dwarves and is stockier and slightly shorter (standing at 4'5”) than his beloved younger brother, Kíli.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  What do they most often wear? 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  A scar on his left arm (see History).
WEAPONS:  Twin swords, warhammer, knives tucked into his vambraces and boots, small throwing axes strapped to his boots.
FACE CLAIM:  Dean O'Gorman.

STRENGTHS:  Just one or two will suffice.
WEAKNESSES:  Again, give a couple of examples.
ASPIRATIONS:  Do they have any dreams or goals?   
FEARS:  What frightens them?
PERSONALITY:  Fíli is a kindly Dwarf who is quick to laugh and whose love of gold, silver and gems is much less than other Dwarf folk. Instead, Fíli harbours a great love of music and plays the fiddle. As a young Dwarf, Fíli remains unmarried, and he takes much pleasure in the masculine pursuits of ale drinking, hunting and singing raucous songs.

Being of Durin's dynasty, Fíli does have a certain degree of pride in himself and his genealogy, but he lacks the ostentatious and pretentious nature that can often accompany royal persons. From his appearance, the only indication of Fíli's sovereignty is the prince's seal engraved on the pommels of his knives.

Of all the Dwarves in the company, Fíli has the sharpest eyesight and this is something that he takes pride in. Though Fíli is dexterous and skilled with weapons, he has seen very little of the world and has never before laid his eyes on the fabled Dwarf city of Erebor. In spite of this, Fíli likes to think of himself as a warrior and feels he needs to prove himself as such. Though his bravery cannot be doubted the truth remains that he is largely inexperienced and, at times, he can be overconfident in his own abilities. Young and fiery, Fíli is deeply excited at the prospect of the adventure that lies before him.

With Fíli there is a great sense of comradeship as he puts great value in the lives of others, particularly that of his brother, from whom he is almost inseparable, and his uncle, Thorin Oakenshield. Fíli admires his uncle deeply, holding him as a father-like figure and role model. As a result, Fíli has an overwhelming desire to prove his worth to his uncle, who he fears may at times perceive him as soft and incapable for not having weathered the same brutal hardships.


Fíli was born in Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains, in the year T.A. 2859 (89 years following the loss of Erebor to Smaug). His mother, Dís, was the youngest sister of Thorin and the daughter of Thráin II. When Fíli was five years old his younger brother, Kíli, was born. Kíli would prove to be the apple of his brother's eye! The pair are so close, nay inseparable, that they could be mistaken for twins. Fíli loves playing the role of the older brother and can be very protective of Kíli. Though he would like to think himself much more mature and sensible, Fíli can often prove to be as boyish and incorrigible as his little brother. As children, the mischievous and fun-loving pair were forever getting into trouble. Be it for sneaking off to explore the tunnels and hills or for staying up long past bedtime to tell each other stories of the adventures they would have together when they grew up.

In their youth, there was one particular incident that saw the young Dwarves getting into serious trouble. When Fíli was twenty years of age, Kíli, then only fifteen, ventured out to explore a dangerous area of Ered Luin. When Fíli could not find Kíli (for he was often in charge of minding his sibling) he panicked and, rather uncharacteristically, sought out Thorin. Witnesses pointed them in the right direction but by the time Thorin, Dwalin and Balin located the young Dwarf, Kíli was surrounded by orcs. Fíli had followed the older Dwarves, blatantly disobeying Thorin's order to remain behind. He was determined to play a part in the rescue of his beloved little brother and blamed himself for not keeping a closer eye on the adventurous young Dwarf. Seeing Kíli in trouble Fíli wasted no time, recklessly throwing himself between Kíli and the orcs. During this skirmish, Fíli's arm was clipped badly by an orc blade. Though the wound had bled badly it healed well and without infection. On occasion, Fíli will regale people with the tale and show off the scar. This does not happen all that often, however, as he knows that Kíli stills feel badly about it. As the brothers have grown up together, they have only become closer.

Fíli was brought up under the watchful eye of his uncle, Thorin Oakenshield, and has learned much from this brave and noble warrior. Thorin took great interest in the upbringing of his nephews and so is more of a father-like figure to them rather than just an uncle. Thorin was particularly keen for Fíli and Kíli to be trained as great warriors. As such, Fíli has developed into an impressive fighter who is both capable and comfortable with all manner of weapons. During his training, Fíli found Thorin to be quite overbearing but accepted that it was most likely because of what had happened to Thrór, in addition to his uncle's naturally dominate nature. As such, Fíli bears no ill-will against his uncle, knowing in his heart that Thorin does the best he can by them. In any case, Fíli very much enjoys weaponry and the battle skills he has acquired, though he is still lacking in actual experience.

Fíli grew up in the Blue Mountains where the colony of Dwarves plundered the mines for iron. It was clear that Thorin was unhappy and that the true home of Durin's heirs remained the Second Kingdom, Erebor. Though Fíli had never laid eyes on the Lonely Mountain, he was regaled by tales of its glory and wealth by Dís and Thorin, among other Dwarves, and was well aware that he was being raised in exile. Fíli is also aware that he comes next in the line of inheritance after Thorin but has given this matter next to no thought. To Fíli, Thorin seems eternal.

Late in the spring of 2941, Fíli was told of Thorin's encounter with Gandalf and their subsequent plan to slay Smaug the dragon and retake the Lonely Mountain. When Gandalf met the Dwarves in Thorin's Halls in the Blue Mountains to develop a plan, Fíli was there. Gandalf persuaded them to bring a Hobbit named Bilbo to act as a burglar, to which Fíli laughed. The name Bilbo sounded peculiar to him and Hobbits like a very strange race! At first Thorin was reluctant to allow Kíli to join them on the quest, due to Kíli's young age, but Fíli was eventually able to persuade their uncle to change his mind. Fíli completely trusts in Kíli's capabilities and is delighted that his little brother will be accompanying them on the quest. In truth, he would have felt incomplete if Kíli had been forced to remain behind. Fíli is hungry for adventure and will try to keep an eye on his younger brother on their journey. Fíli was also made very aware of his mother's disapproval of Thorin for allowing the young Dwarves to accompany him on this quest.

AGE:  23.
COUNTRY:  Northern Ireland.
EXPERIENCE:  Four or five years but then I took a long break. I have been RPing again for the past four months or so.
CONTACT:  PM, e-mail, AIM, Tumblr!
Fíli rolled his powerful shoulders in their sockets, stretching the muscles that had so quickly grown stiff in the damp cold air, before leaning his neck from one side to the other. Being the youngest and most agile of the Dwarves in the group, it always seemed to fall to Fíli and his brother to scout ahead or to hunt. Fíli did not resent this, in fact, he rather enjoyed the responsibility. As a young Dwarf, Fíli had never known Erebor and had yet to see true battle. As such, he felt he had much to prove - most especially to his uncle. In time, Fíli hoped that he would have the opportunity to show that he was made of the same metal as the great Thorin Oakenshield and that he, too, was truly worthy of the royal blood of Durin that flowed within his veins.

In the present moment, however, he and his brother were perched on a steep, overgrown embankment overlooking a small clearing. They waited, patiently, for either bird or beast to wander into view. It would be the responsibility of Kíli to take the creature down, for he was the one armed with a bow. Fíli was simply here to keep his brother company, which he did so gladly, for he never strayed far from his brother's side. Though he had to acknowledge that he was here for safety too, it did not do to let any one person wander off on their own - not in these desperate times or in these shady parts.

Having stretched, Fíli casually leaned back against the embankment and placed his hands on the back of his head. They would surely be here for some time yet so he might as well make himself comfortable during their wait. It was at this moment that Kíli, from his place beside him, muttered quietly under his breath in agitation. They both knew that they could not return to the group empty-handed, not when they were all so dreadfully hungry for the taste of fresh meat. Bombur would be able to cook up something wholesome and warm for them (Fíli's mouth watered at the thought) if only they could catch something.

“Calm yourself, little brother,” Fíli said kindly from his reclined position. He doted on his younger brother but could not deny that, at times, Kíli could be overeager. Oh yes he, Fíli, was much more sensible... ha, well, perhaps not by much! After a pause the elder brother spoke again, a lazy smile on his face as he tried hard to keep the laughter from his voice, “Good things come to all those who wait.”

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