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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Calemir, Ranger of Ithilien  (Read 3056 times)


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Calemir, Ranger of Ithilien
« on: June 19, 2013, 02:48:00 AM »


NAME:  Calemir
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Cal, though he prefers being called his whole name. He was often called Mutt, Lost Pup, Runt, and other things that weren't so... nice...
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 22 years old, born in winter of 2919 TA
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Lossarnach
RACE:  Man, Ranger of Ithilien

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  His hair is a dirty blonde much like that of his mother from Rohan. His hair is straight and falls to frame his face yet, he doesn't let it grow past his jawline. He does have a rather rugged look to him, having a bit of facial hair yet he still manages to keep himself clean.
EYE COLOUR:  They're a bright, mystic blue, like the color of a bright morning sky.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  He stands at 6'1, he is pretty lanky though, he has some muscles on his body from constant training.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Like most of his fellow Rangers, he wears greens and browns to blend into his scenery. He can always be found wearing his hooded cloak and a dark green scarf he usually uses to hide/protect his face. [/center]
STRENGTHS:  His agility and stealth- Calemir is fast on his feet, and can move swiftly and quietly if need be. It's even said that the stealth of a Ranger can nearly match that of an Elf.
You can describe him as being level-headed and not easily angered despite his rather young age. He's a fast thinker and can usually figure out a situation before anything happens.
Another thing that he has in his favor is that he is also good at hand to hand combat, which his agility just strengths that.
WEAKNESSES:  Despite being level-headed, he still is young and reckless at times though, not out of anger or anything like that.
His suspicion of people is a double-edged sword.
He, at times,  has rather low self-esteem and sometimes it makes it hard for him to believe in himself or he thinks that things could have gone better for him.
ASPIRATIONS:  To be one of the best Rangers known, and to someday live in peace with a beautiful family.
FEARS:  Freezing to death, being completely alone.
PERSONALITY:  Calemir is still pretty young for one of half Dunedain blood. He is a kind person, always willing to help others out and he is caring. He can be a serious person, do to the fact that he takes his job as a Ranger very serious but that doesn't mean he wouldn't go out of his way to help someone. He's definitely serious when around his superiors; he can't be made out as a child who doesn't deserve to be apart of the Rangers of Ithilien. But he still does enjoy being playful with others, generally speaking more sarcastically than he does seriously. His sarcasm is generally light, and easy to tell when he's joking around. He does have the knack of speaking his mind a lot, though he also is well aware of when that sort of thing isn't needed or when it isn't the best of times. He doesn't intentionally mean to hurt people but he doesn't often think before he speaks. Though despite the angry words of others, he tends to keep himself calm and level-headed, a gift he had gained over the years. He finds it easier to fight or stand up for himself when he doesn't lose his temper but don't mistaken that for him not being able to feel anger, it just takes a lot more than petty, angry words. He wouldn't ever stoop that low as to let his anger drive him.

Though, despite his friendly attitude, he isn't one to easily trust someone. He has learned from his past mistakes and he tries not to be as naive as his age might give off. He tries to be mature for his age but still can't help the fact that he loves to have fun and joke around with others. Despite his job being rather serious, he can't help his free spirit; he sees the world as too serious and has a need to live life as if tomorrow may be his last. 'The life of a Man is too short, and before you know it, you can be taking your last breath, seeing the last ray of sun and feeling the Earth grow ever closer to you. Life should be celebrated every day, instead of taken for granted.' He enjoys his life above all else, despite how hard it gets and sees no reason to dwell on hardships. But, even if he was upset, he wouldn't openly show that to anyone. His father had raised him to be tough, and crying/sadness had been a sign of weakness. Actually, anything that would make the young Ranger seem vulnerable was a sign of weakness. Calemir slowly grew to believe that when he had been picked on most of his childhood for being a sensitive kid, amongst other things. But he's always hidden his one pain and sadness with playful words and a more carefree attitude. It's really hard to read him at times because of this, and no one truly knows the pain he goes and has gone through.

Cal is far from being a morning person, generally being a bit grumpy and more careless than what is good for him. Though once he get's some food in his belly or a nice bath, he will liven up. Around women, he finds them somewhat... intimidating. He can fight any beast you throw his way, any man with a weapon and yet, he isn't sure how to talk to women. He is respectful and kind to them, but he doesn't know what lines shouldn't be crossed with them(despite the obvious ones) and how to deal with one angered with him. But given time, he can warm up to anyone, man or woman, Man or Dwarf, cold or outgoing. He can adapt to anyone if he can learn to put his trust in them.

HISTORY:  To fully understand Calemir's childhood, we'd have to go back before his birth, when his father first met the woman Calemir never got to know... His father had been young, having barely gotten into the ranks of being a Ranger of Ithilien. Most of them had still been angered by having lost their beautiful home some years earlier though Glamron, his father, had only been 4 at the time. He met Calemir's mother when his group had gone out scouting, and along the way they had ended up staying at Rohan for a few days... That's when Glamron met the most beautiful woman he had seen; a beautiful blonde, slender woman named Aerlene. He was instantly smitten with her, and while he had stayed in Rohan, they would meet one another. Though, when the time came that he had to leave, it was heartbreaking for Aerlene to see him go. He promised to see her again and that promise he had kept to her. The next time he had traveled to Rohan, though, he found out that she had been pregnant with his child. There were so many things running through his head, and he wasn't sure how exactly to take the news. Glamron had still been young and wasn't looking to start a family so soon... but, he eventually accepted the fact that this woman who fascinated him the first time he traveled there was to have his child.

Things seemed alright until the birth of Calemir... There were complications and along the way, his mother ended up losing her life for her son. Glamron, despite the overwhelm of emotions, had taken Calemir back to Gondor with him where he would be raised by not only Glamron himself, but his grandparents. Being a Ranger, he still had his duties outside of his family to fulfill. Calemir had been raised well by his grandparents, the elderly couple loving him dearly despite having not known about the woman who gave birth to him. It hadn't been something Glamron enjoyed talking about, and it wasn't a matter that his parents would really push. Despite the circumstances, they were still happy to have a beautiful grandchild that they cared for and loved dearly. Though, growing up for Calemir hadn't been an easy thing... Because of his father's secrecy in his birth and Aerlene, rumors had been passed along about the young boy. The children were especially harsh on him, always calling him names and making fun of him for not knowing his own mother. It would deeply upset the blonde boy(which only gave them more of a reason to pick on him) and he usually never liked to leave his home because of it. Though, when Glamron did happen to be home to see his young son, he had taken it upon himself to comfort the boy the best he could. He was a little tough on his son, telling him that crying was a weakness and that he needed to be stronger to someday join the ranks of the Rangers, as the boy often dreamed of.

But his words always did encourage the young boy, seeing as he wanted nothing more than to be like his father. He had began to learn how to ignore such rude comments from people and the name calling; it had still been upsetting to hear those things but he didn't show it in the end. The kids would eventually tire of him and stopped bothering him. When he had grown to be around ten years old, his father had began to teach him how to fight for the day he would join the Rangers. Calemir had grown up to be pretty good at fighting though he didn't always enjoy the tough lessons his father would give him. He knew that Glamron had been known for being one of the best Rangers and that if he were to join, he would have to live up to him. It was intimidating knowing that but he still did his best in everything that his father would happen to throw at him. One thing his father tried to teach him though was not to be so reckless, which was hard for the now young teen. He had gone into training with other 'rookies' and his superiors at the age of sixteen. Despite his father's efforts, he had still been reckless and not as level-headed as he should be. That's when he got the scar on his lip, having been training with someone. The man he was fighting had been mentioning things about his mother, and things that weren't so nice. He was being careless and though he attempted to block his blade, the dulled blade sliced into his bottom lip.

Of course, it had been painful and it was something he would never forget, and would learn from later in his years. He had been nineteen when he was accepted as a Ranger, having taken all his father's lessons and bettering himself. His first mission had been the toughest one in his life, one he would never forget. It had been him and four other rookies, one who had been assigned to lead them, as a test for them. Calemir had been the youngest, and usually wasn't ever really taken too serious. On their mission, they had ran into some stray wargs that seemed to be hunting. Their leader, who Calemir had put all his trust in and had looked up to, had left him there to die when they were attacked. Calemir managed to escape with his life and wounds that hadn't been deadly but that was the last time he had ever decided to put his trust in anyone. Though, since he did manage to fight off some of these wargs and escape, his superiors noticed this and rewarded him for his bravery. He was given his twin daggers, his best weapon, to show his strength and courage. Despite all of this, even to this day, not many look up at him with respect for being who he is, and he still gets picked on from time to time, worse names having been given to him. He has learned to tune them out, and all he ever cared for was the fact that his father had been proud of him.

YOUR NAME:  The wonderful Loki!!! (.... You may call me king...)
EXPERIENCE:  .... dun remember anymore... *Notices it varies profile to profile*
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Edited; Daechir, Ithilwen, Beriadan, Espen, Arndis, Eleniel, Thengel, Eydis, Merilin, Destin, Iris Goldworthy, and Orophin.
CONTACT: Usually PMs and AIM works ^^

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Calemir, Ranger of Ithilien
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2013, 11:23:00 PM »
Oh Loki, lovely Calemir is so lovely!  I would tell you again just how happy I am that you've made this wonderful, sensitive Ranger but you must be getting tired of it now.  Hee, go forth and have fun with him! ~

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Calemir, Ranger of Ithilien
« Reply #2 on: February 11, 2015, 12:40:00 AM »
Bringing him back and his personality has been edited some!


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