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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Sahib Haşim  (Read 4165 times)

Sahib Haşim

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Sahib Haşim
« on: July 06, 2013, 01:53:00 AM »

Sahib Haşim

NAME:  Sahib Haşim
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Often calls him self "Sparrow"
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): born T.A 472 , 3413 yrs. looks about 30
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Mountains of the East, Rhûn
RACE:  Elf, Úmanyar (Moriquendë), Dark Elf / human

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  His hair, or lack there of, is visable like thin fuzzy cap, it is black, like the thin beard he keeps trimmed.  there is, however, something different about this being! His skin tone is very ... different... compared to the rest of the world, and some would consider him cursed for his skin. He does have the pointed ears of an Elf, though it is only slight.
EYE COLOUR:  Deep brown, almost black
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  6'3" Strong, agile and healthy (accept his heart sometimes gives him trouble)
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Sahib often wears a turban style headdress, the cloth is black (he carries a charcoal grey wrap with him as well) the rest of his attire is black, the only spot of color is the sash which has a decorative paisley pattern. He wears black pants and black leather boots (this man has a thing for the color black!)
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  a long cut on his left hand...
WEAPONS:  A long, curved sword that is broad on the end, other various sharp objects and a cross bow
FACE CLAIM:  Morgan Freeman

STRENGTHS:  Sword fighting, healing, poisons and stealth
WEAKNESSES:  Young Children, healing and a good ale
ASPIRATIONS:  To start anew what he had in Rhûn.
FEARS:  Death, being wrong and his own superstitions
The Darkness took his heart, but it didn’t take all of it. Sahib was born into darkness, or so the healer who helped birth him said. The color of his skin, and “the touch of the shadow of the mountain” darkened his skin and therefore must have darkened his heart. Sahib has a soft spot for children, though he doesn’t like to remember it he was always beaten by his mother and more for than just discipline. It isn’t mentioned in his history, but Sahib murdered his mother one night and that was the reason he ran. His father knew, and his father was there when it happened. So started his life of crime…

The Silence is a natural part of Sahib, he speaks little and sometimes to the point. You can generally tell when he’s annoyed; he’ll get up and simply walk away from the table or the meeting place with his hands by his side and a simple expression on his face, often thought to be a thoughtful. He isn’t opposed to speaking; in fact he rather enjoys it! His deep rumbling voice accented with that of the Rhûn people can be soothing to none but him! If he is interested in your proposition he will be more than happy to comply for a small fee (and that is no exaggeration). He has no taste and prefers to live alone with his whistling bird song and quiet ways.

The Medicine man half of him has always been and always will be the one part of him that is untouched, but like most things it is also flawed! He dabbles in poisons, often poisoning someone or something is if he really doesn’t like them. Other than that, he is a willing healer and will do all he can to help, especially if young children are involved. Though his heart problems started when he killed his mother, he believes the spirit of his mother scratched it when she died and he will die from it one day.

Sparrow he calls himself, for he has adapted to it through and through, beware if you ask him for his real name for although he does remember it, he doesn’t respond to it and he knows it will one day get him killed and the awareness of such a thing pains him.


Not much is known about Rhûn, as Tolkien didn’t elaborate enough on that area of Middle Earth. But we do know that the people of the East, Easterlings as they are called, joined Sauron in his quest for conquering Middle Earth. Another interesting fact about Rhûn is this is where Oilphaunts come from! Also another interesting thing about Rhûn is the Avari and the Úmanyar (or Lost Elves) live there as well, along with a couple other clans of the Dwarves. Never the less, it is a dark land that is dependent on trade…

Sahib was born to a couple that lived in the mountains, he doesn't like to speak of their origins, it was mystery how their child could be born so dark in color (as the parents were already dark of skin, but not as dark as their child) and the mountain healer chalked it up to the darkness of the land and the shadow of the mountain had touched the child in the hours of birth causing their child be dark of skin.

Naturally, when something is different it is treated differently from the rest of what is considered normal. That was never a problem for Sahib, when he was of age he taught himself how to hunt with the bow (his favorite being the cross bow) and his father taught him everything about swords not including how to make them. His sword, whom he named Hasim (which means Decisive), would stick with him through the rest of his life. He spent most of his times learning the mountain paths with his father and he took an early interest in herbs and healing, as well as poisons. Over the next three thousand years he learned much...

When around people in the market, Sahib did everything he could to hide his features, and he often dressed in black. He was able to trade his catches (fish, birds and others) in the market, as well as his healing ointments. Many called him ‘Sparrow’ as female sparrows are lighter than the males, it was – in his opinion – a poor way making fun of him and he grew to respond more to Sparrow than to his actual name (though he has never forgotten it, but beware if he says he has!) Nothing really mattered; Sahib is fluent in the tongue of his people and knows several different bird calls and songs.

But not everything was bright for Sahib, he ran away from home for no apparent reason and started a band of rouges that would attack people on the side of the road. They lived in the mountains secluded from the rest of their people. Sahib was their fearless leader; silent, deadly and he purposefully kept his band small, only expanding it to a larger number if necessary before he would return it to its original size. He practiced with poisons on various plants (seldom animals and people) However, that didn’t stop him from experimenting on the unwanted in his group when it was too large to maintain. He started with slow poisons, and often for sport he would use a fast acting poison and drop it in their drink when they were least expecting it.

They lived like kings in their mountain hideaway! But, Sahib longed to see what was beyond his home, and none too soon either. The night he left was the night his camp was attacked by the guards of the people of Rhûn. From that moment he was a hunted man, he was clever though. He knew the forest and the mountains better than most of the people who hunted him for the prize money that was on his head.

About a year later he was out of Rhûn, though he knows he could made it in six months on horseback. He crossed into uncharted – well not wholly uncharted – territory. He needed to start anew, and anew he did start. Gondor was the closest and it was there he spent a year learning new ways of healing, and secretly read up on poisons, as well learning the language of the Gondorian people as Westron was well known by him already.

Still silent he went on his way and by the time he had learned all he wanted to of the west, he set about to create what he once had back in his homeland. Calling himself Sparrow, he wanders around Middle-Earth settling in places strange to him for a couple of months and scouting about for something to do…

Darkness is in his heart, though he hides it like a wolf among the sheep as best he can, especially to young children. He is a very logical thinker, and always on his guard, ready to slip away into the friendly shadows if he deems it necessary to do so.

In the future, because of who his people are, he will gladly join the Dark Lord in his quest for Middle-Earth… 

YOUR NAME:  Hades! (often Tribble Hades, Captain Hades Sparrow, Dumble-des)
AGE:  nearly 20!
EXPERIENCE:  a long time...
OTHER CHARACTERS: Ginger, Thorin, Anárion and Dénor (Nith can be archived or deleted)
CONTACT: carrier pigeon? ah, more like PM or Cbox if I happen to be in it
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Since the beginning
Show us what you can do!  It doesn't have to be with this character or even from this genre of role-play.

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played by Hades


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Sahib Haşim
« Reply #1 on: July 07, 2013, 02:33:00 AM »
Loved it, Hades! You always make such interesting characters and Sahib is most definitely one of them! I also learned something new about the Dark Elves that I either skimmed passed it or just don't remember anymore. XD Also, I did most definitely enjoy the bit you added about Rhûn! Of course, you may start posting with Sparrow and I am looking forward to future plottage with him! ^^


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