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Author Topic: Sweeter Things In Life  (Read 2141 times)


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Sweeter Things In Life
« on: October 15, 2013, 02:05:00 PM »
(OOC:  OK, T.A. 2884 makes Liv 108 years old (equivalent of 36), Einar 33 (equivalent of 11), Andar 30 (equivalent of 10), Dagmar 27 (equivalent of 9), Cephas and Kophas 23 (equivalent of somewhere between 7 and 8) and Fritz 3 (equivalent of 1).  I tried to write it so that Anlaf could perhaps join them, if Avril would like to jump in.  Anlaf would be 138 (equivalent of 46)... just trying to get all the maths out of the way in one fell swoop!  Anyway, I will post Andar separately to Liv, at least to begin with, but not necessarily straight after her so go on ahead and jump in. :)  Oh, and Gard, if I need to change anything relating to Fritz let me know! ~)

Flour smudged Liv's apron; she brushed it off distractedly with nimble fingers, her attention focused on the cast iron pot that sat prominently on the stove.  It was huge, and could cook enough to feed an entire barracks (or so some would say in jest), but it would have to be, given how large her family was getting.  The latest addition, little inquisitive chatterbox Fritz, was expertly balanced on the curve of Liv's hip, held in place by the arm she wrapped around him with a practised surety.  Lifting the heavy lid with her free hand, Liv set it aside so she could then stir the thick stewed beef and vegetables.  It bubbled in a subdued way, its steam smelling rich and meaty, highlighted with the heady scent of ale and sweet tang of thyme.  Fritz reached for the wooden spoon, opening and closing his small hands eagerly.  To give him something coated in congealing onion and gravy was asking for trouble, so Liv instead reached him a clean one from the earthenware utensil jar.  A moment later, it clattered loudly onto the stone floor, and the little Dwarfling looked pleased as punch.  Ah, this game again?  Liv retrieved it, fully expecting it to go to the ground once more, but fortunately Fritz only waggled it enthusiastically, with an infectious and entertained chuckle.  Someday he will shake a sword much the same way, Liv realised with trepidation, and pushed the intruding thought away.  Five sons and one daughter she and Anlaf had been blessed with thus far – each precious to her beyond measure and entirely irreplaceable – so why must each of them learn to wield weapons that could bite flawless flesh right to the bone?

With the stew set to boil down, Liv tidied up, wiping down the wooden table and piling the sullied dishes into a basin for cleaning later.  That done, she brushed back a strand of muted blonde hair, her locks having been peppered with braids before being tidied back into a messy bun, and wondered vaguely when Anlaf would get home.  It was only mid-morning but he had risen and left shortly after dawn, Liv reaching out with languid arms to give him a sleepy hug and to place a kiss on his rough, bearded cheek.  “Hurry home,” she had mumbled.  It wasn't often the woman voiced such a request, not even when the shadows of slumber still clung to her, and Liv knew that he would only be released when his duties to both the King and council were fulfilled.  Still, perhaps Anlaf would get home early and be able to spend the afternoon with them.  The children were growing up so fast, after all.

With that thought in mind, having decided in that very instant to postpone the washing of numerous tunics and socks until tomorrow, Liv sashayed over to the open kitchen door.  There she lingered a long moment, shifting Fritz so that she could wrap both of her arms about his small frame and peering down the hallway.  “Shhh,” she coaxed her youngest gently, with a loving smile, momentarily quieting his chatter.  It rather sounded like Fritz was scolding the spoon and Liv could not keep from grinning.   “Listen.”  Tilting her blonde head, Liv followed her own instruction.  Down the corridor, in the family room that was made cosy with the roaring fire that she had set early that morning, there came the muffled noise of conversation and the occasional burst of youthful laughter.  “What are your brothers and sister up to, eh?”  Liv asked Fritz quietly as she began to pad barefoot in the direction of the family room.  “Children!” Liv called brightly as she approached the door, and at once the murmur faltered.  It might be madness, it might see her spend the evening cleaning flour from every nook and crevice in the kitchen, but this was an afternoon just perfect for baking cakes and the memories of it would be priceless.


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Sweeter Things In Life
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2013, 01:52:00 PM »
{I hope none of the boys mind Sister posting nor the idea. I wracked my brain, and hidden strays hit me first for an idea but...well, cake will no doubt be chaos enough. Another time another thread perhaps :) So I went more simplistic...enough}

Most times when Dagmar came skipping into the family room sporting an excited smile and with her frock apron held up in her hands secretively, it spelled the same amount of trouble as Kophas coming in back amidst suspicious animal sounding noises or one of the merchants having enticed Cey with something.

She supposed it was hard to blame anyone when she was just as susceptible and once her own allowance of coins for a day had been enticed into the most beautiful looking holder for blue paints! Way better than clay jars. It had been vase shaped and with transparent glass that showed any hue of blue in a way that made it sparkle and...ok, yes, look like water. That was the point!

Fritz, who wasn't even using big boy tumblers yet, had thankfully not drank any paint, he'd just...almost done so...or was investigating the pretty colors when Dags had stumbled upon him and quickly salvaged the issue. Not the vase like jar, that suffered in her quickly scooping her brother up. Of course eventually Liv had wanted to know why her infant son's hand was a dull blue even after his sister secretively scrubbed it, but Dagmar still felt she answered all very very tactfully and without worrying her mother unduly.

But her secret was harmless this time.

"You'll never guess, a group of travelers were in the market today! Elven travelers!", Dags had whispered conspiringly, sitting on the rug in the family room where all her four other brothers not counting baby Fritz were. It was kind of amusing watching the typical facial expressions, even with all of them this young.

"I didn't go near them of course", she assured with a small giggle, "But they were having trouble securing supplies, and...well, I am going to chose to believe it was a currency problem and not any of our merchants being stubborn", Dagmar still smiled bright and innocent. She wasn't sure how she thought on Elves just yet, but these that she'd spotted in the market place hadn't done anything yet, so why start off on a bad foot?

Still, she knew her own kind enough to know the latter explanation had no doubt been the root of the visiting Elves trouble. Even if there were more local Elves about, even those were most times smart enough not to come traipsing through a Dwarf market. But all this was not the point of why she was telling her brothers of her interesting morning picking up the herbs her mother was currently using in the stew.

"I think the merchants were still just sort of laughing at them, but they finally got a trade off for supplies with one of these", Dags took from out of her apron a most curious Elven attempt at a wind-up toy to show. It was a rendering of a tiny bird, that would fit in one's hand.

"Don't worry, I didn't spend any money on it or steal it, the merchants just handed it off when I looked curious, I think it's what young Elves play with and I pity them a bit now, it's not anywhere near as good as what Mr. Bofur makes, but, well".

Dagmar didn't really have to explain why the toy was so puzzling and interesting in light of the fact that Elves had made it. It was evidenced on seeing the thing. The metal used was light and shone in a way no metal Dwarves used did. It was silver through and through but in certain lights almost looked gold.

The young Dwarf maiden, while attempting for non-judgmental and understanding, had meant to show it to her brothers in the same thoughts as they no doubt readily picked up, making fun of the thing and comparing how very sub-par to Mr. Bofur's toys it was, as she said; still...a small part of Dagmar was enthralled all the same.

How did it do that? The shining gold. She couldn't figure it out and was half believing in Elven magic, whether such be good or bad.

She let her brothers investigate the thing, laughing with their own at times scathing criticism, yet kept a watchful eye, and once when Einar's grip had seemed to tight, she'd leaned over to loosen it, "Oh, careful, don't! I'd be a shame to...", Dags cleared her throat over not knowing how to finish.

After it made the circle, she took the curious metal bird back and glance it over again, "It looks like it wouldn't hold up two seconds if Fritz got a hold of it" she readily agreed, though the first of her brothers to suggest such would find an excuse for why they shouldn't give it to their infant brother to see. Mother wouldn't approve after all.

"I wonder if they got it to fly too, or if it just sings uselessly?", Dagmar went on as she turned and examined the toy once more in her hands. Though her words were condescending, her tone was enthralled, and her curious gaze.

She'd just thought to hazard a small toss and see, when Liv's voice called out. Instantly, Dagmar stuffed her hands to within the confines of her frock and apron, almost afraid of what her mother might think on their recently acquired treasure.

"No one tell modi', please, I want to look over it some more". Scanning the room, Dags spotted a covered dish of decorative origins and quickly stowed the toy there, before skipping back over even as everyone turned their attention to the doorway.

"Yes Modi'?", Dags looked every inch innocent, hands clasped before her with a bright smile and genuinely curious gaze. Their mother's tone was odd, almost like she had stuff planned too.

"Hey there Fritz", she next greeted her infant brother from where he was held by their mother. Reaching over she took him for a hug. "What'ye got there?", she asked interestedly for his sake.

Eager to show and explain to his sister that it was a spoon, his very own spoon (he thought), Fritz babbled and then hit Dags on the head with it, to a giggle from out of her. "Oh I see, we're starting with blunt objects early".

Though he didn't get the joke, Fritz gave a baby giggle to Dags's tone and then chewed his spoon.

{{I went editing, and thank you everyone for not calling me out on atrocious wrongness.  Mom didn't work and I knew it from typing it, but wasn't sure what to use. I figure for Dwarfling stage Dags  could amend Modir for mother like she did Fadir. The ohers can steal it or not as they wish ;) It's not a true steal as it's so obvious}}



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Sweeter Things In Life
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2013, 12:33:00 AM »
Kophas looked up as Dags skipped into the room, a secret hidden in her expression as clearly as in her hands. He wondered, briefly, if that was what he looked like when he brought something alive home. He wriggled a little away from the fire at his back; making the circle tighter in anticipation of having something to crowd around. For once he was actually sitting on the floor instead of cross-legged on a chair, or a table, or a shelf. His obsession with heights was very slowly being overtaken by knowledge of what was socially acceptable. Plus there were times when sitting in a group was nice.

 At the news of Elven travellers his eyebrows quirked; he had never actually seen an elf up close. He thought they must be interesting, though. A bit like deer, if everyone was describing them right. Tall and skinny and light on their feet, but not much for making things. They were also apparently sentient, though that was a minor detail. It showed that all of his information had come from dwarves.

He mostly skipped the rest of Dagmar’s explanation of the elves and their business dealings – not through any impoliteness to what his sister was saying, although it actually wasn’t particularly interesting to his young mind, but because his attention span was now firmly fixed on whatever the endpoint of the story was. It had to be what was in her hands.

 She finished her introduction with the news that it seemed to be some sort of toy. Kophas caught a flash of silvery gold as she passed it to Andar – thoughtful, he might never have got it otherwise – and wasted no time in propping himself up on the second oldest sibling’s shoulder to look.

 It was an odd little thing. It took Ko a moment of following the weird, swirly lines of it with his eyes to figure out that it was a bird. Or supposed to be. Dwarves erred on the side of blocky when they made things, but elves clearly went the opposite way. No way did any bird have such long, slender, curved feathers.

 “S’weird… It’s like they made it when it was still melted.” The older of the twins displayed a stunning lack of forging knowledge as he tried to analyse it with his eyes. He poked at a wing and laughed as it moved. No wind-up automata here, or ball or ratchet joints. “The joints are all slidy.”
 When it came to his turn he was surprised at the lightness of the little bird, turning it over in his hands with a fraction of the care as he would have had with a real one. “Bet it’s hollow. Elves don’t mine, right?” He tapped the side, half expecting it to crumple.It wasn’t that he wanted to break it, he just wanted to see if it would. It didn’t and he passed it on. “Bet that’s why they don’t make things properly. Bofur and Bifur and all know where all the metal and stuff comes from.” He missed realising the fact that most of the toys they made were wooden.

 He didn’t say much else until it was with Dagmar, and she wondered if it flew. That caught his interest and made him reconsider his view of elven crafts. “Try it! I wanna see if it-” Liv’s voice cut off the last word and he twisted to look at the door, glancing back with a grin at Dags when she spoke. He wasn’t very likely to give her up; he had kept enough of his own harmless secrets – and Dags had kept them for him, too. [color=23539]“I won’t.”[/color] Then Liv entered with Fritz and the children were rising off the ground in a staggered wave.

 “Modi’! What’re we doing? Is Fadi’ home? D’you need us to watch Frizz?” Ko grinned. Liv was definitely wearing a good-news type of face and all thought of the bird toy was swept from his mind by anticipation. This, certainly, was going to be an interesting day.

((OOC: *Shamelessly steals parent terms*))



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Sweeter Things In Life
« Reply #3 on: December 06, 2013, 05:56:00 PM »
Being the oldest of six always had its ups and downs, Einar would never trade his siblings for anything, he loved them dearly even if they did get on his nerves every once and again, but it had been a while since he actually got to sit and enjoy their company. In the last year, He has been following Fadir around the mountain, being taught as much as his mind could comprehend on any given day. He enjoys being able to sit with his siblings and relax a bit, not be proper in his activates as well as the way he had to hold himself. He watched his siblings interact with one another, while he sat with his back resting against an arm chair, his hair in brides and he wears more comfortable clothes as he  shows Andar his throwing knives as he sharpens them. Fadir had given him a new set as a gift about a month ago, he loved the detail in the handles, the delicate curves and angles the itching in the wood, and he knew that Andi would love to look at them.

As he shows Andar the knives he looks up seeing Dagmar coming skipping into the room, he could just see on her face that she is bursting with information. He listens to her talk about Elven travelers. “elves..” Einar shook his head a bit, and looks back to Dagmar, he knows that his younger siblings have not have much education on elves and what they are capable of, but in his short 33 years of life, Einar has heard of what kind of people they are. Maybe it was some influence from his Father, but he did not like them much. He listened to Dagmar excitedly talk about her in counter with watching the elves, he watched as the small trinket got passed through the siblings. Einar rested on of his knives on his let and  when the trinket came to Einar he looked at it, he ran his fingers across the toy and it surprises him at how light it was and as he turned it over, he watched as Dagmar grabbed it from his hands. He could no help but smirk, He knew that she thought he would break it and he would never break something of his siblings, even if it came from another race he was not fond of. “ I would never break anything of your Dags.” he says with a smirk, picking up the knife and looking back at it.

Einar laughs as he hears Ko talk about the toy, “ It looks like it can break easily, but from what I have been told, Elven metal is very strong and durable. You are right Ko, Elves are not miners, we dwarves are the best miners in middle earth, Elves have their own way of doing things. This toy, is probably of some sort of magic as they like to call it, when simple folk don’t understand their words.” Einar has a bad taste in his mouth when it comes to talking about elves, he would tell his siblings what he knew about elves, but he knows that they would make their own decisions about elves and how they perceive them. He listens to Kophas goes on. “ I completely agree with you brother elves don’t make things properly and Bofur and Bifur do know where all the metal comes from, but I prefer their wooden toys compared to any metal ones they try to make.” He says with a slight laughing, knowing full well that there are not many metal toys in Ered Luin.

The conversation of the object ended quickly as the footsteps of their Mother came down the hall, Einar watched Dagmar quickly hide the toy and sees the disappointment in Ko and even And and Cephas as the toy is hidden. He looks at the door way, to see their mother come into view. His siblings all straighten up a bit and Einar shakes his head, looking at his knives and then back up to Dagmar and their mother as he hears a loud thud and sees that Fritz has hit Dagmar in the head with the spoon he has, and perusal the 20 questions start with Kophas and surly Cephas would follow right after. “ Hello Modi, Oh Dagmar Fritz getting good at hitting things with blunt objects, I was teaching him yesterday how to hit things more accurately. I guess the lessons worked.” He says with a hardy laugh.


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Sweeter Things In Life
« Reply #4 on: July 12, 2014, 06:10:00 PM »
(OOC:  *joins in with the theft*  Cephas is up next, then I'll get Liv back in on the fun. Oh those mischievous Dwarflings and their secrets... ~)

As he grew up, Andar was developing a healthy interest in weaponry.  Not so much in the making, but in the wielding.  With practice he would make a decent swordsman, though he would never surpass his elder brother in this regard, and with time he would become a keen shot with a bow.  Enough that he would be able to provide the family with meat and pelts aplenty.  What the quiet Dwarf lacked, however, was the kill-or-be-killed survival instinct ingrained in a true warrior.  Those were lessons he had yet to learn though, and for the moment the Dwarfling was knelt on the floor, his attention was entirely focused on the throwing knives Einar was showing him.

His brother's movements seemed so skilled, so expert, as he sharpened the blades, and he patiently allowed Andar to hold each one, who turned them this way and that, admiring the light glinting of the dull edge, the etchings on the wooden handles.  His focus was broken when Dagmar entered, looking bright-eyed and mischievous.  Tilting his head, he listened closely to her tale.  There had been Elven travellers at the market?  Andi had the suspicion there was a point to this narrative, and that the point was presently hidden in his sister's apron.  Elves... was this something that would get them into trouble?  Instinctively he then glanced at the door, lest their mother had suddenly appeared.  Dear modi' was not known for her great love of Elves, after all.  With no sign of her, he carefully set down Einar's knife and shuffled a little closer to Dags as she made her big reveal.

It was a tiny bird, wrought from a metal that could not decide if it was silver or gold.  Andar's dark eyes widened, first in awe and then surprise as Dagmar passed the small treasure to him.  It seemed that it ought to be delicate, causing the Dwarfling to handle it as thought it were made of glass – he wouldn't be able to live with himself if he broke something of his sister's – but it stood up a few solid pokes from Kophas, its wing moving faintly as though it was a living thing.  Andi exchanged a small amused smile with the elder twin, who had wasted no time in propping himself against his shoulder.  [color= D3CC9C]“It's... kind of beautiful.”[/color]  Too late Andar realised he had spoken aloud, if very quietly.  Clearing his throat softly and unnecessarily, he handed the bird over to Ko.

Andar listened intently and with interest as Einar spoke of Elves, following the exchange on the superiority of Bifur and Bofur's toys – a sentiment he agreed with wholeheartedly, though he was admittedly rather intrigued by this foreign trinket.  Truth be told, Andi wasn't entirely sure how he felt about Elves.  He knew he didn't trust them, he had no desire to ever meet one and their magic made him feel... uneasy.  There was the answer on his feelings, he supposed.

The little bird was still making its round, prompting all manner of questions and discussion, when their mother called, courteously forewarning them of her approach.  Andar stiffened, eyes darting to the still empty doorway again before straying back to Dagmar.  He offered he a small smile of mute assurance that he wouldn't breathe a word, that he would do his very best not to look guilty or suspicious.  With the toy stowed safely in the decorative dish, Andar adjusted his position on the floor, stretching his growing legs out before him as he cast one last longing look in the direction of the bird's hiding place.

Their mother had Fritz bundled in her arms when she entered, a smile lighting her face, though she was quickly relieved of this burden by Dagmar.  Quicker still was Fritz with a spoon and Andar had to bite his lip to hold back a laugh as Einar confessed to giving the babe lessons on how to hit with accuracy.  Their sweet-natured sister seemed to take the strike in her stride, at least, and fortunately the ever eager Kophas bombarded Liv with the questions Andar suspected they were all wondering.


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Re: Sweeter Things In Life
« Reply #5 on: January 23, 2016, 04:20:02 AM »
(Finally reviving this thread like I said I would. Shazam!)

The family room was the perfect place for relaxation and the like, where Cephas could often go when he wanted to plot shenanigans and the like with his siblings, though, today was seemingly not that day - today, Dagmar seemed to have other thoughts on the matter. Cephas had just been sat in the corner, playing with one of the shared toys, a couple of blocks that slipped together when their delightful older sister had all but danced in carrying a piece of metal-work.

Dagmar had brought this elven toy into the family room with her, and this had drawn an elongated groan from her little brother's lips, quickly followed by an eye-roll as he flopped back onto the floor with arms stretched out around him, his other siblings surrounding his sister to eye the new toy. Ceph had just wanted to have something of his own from a merchant, something he could keep and not have to share amongst his siblings. Being the second youngest, sharing was not something he wanted to do. He was, after all, just a kid - and children weren't often in the business of sharing - Cephas was no exception to this particular rule. Shutting his eyes as the rest waffled on around him, twittering on about the toy and what was wrong with it as well as what was dreadfully right - despite it being made by Elves. Leaving the to it, noting his twin taking a particular interest in it, he slipped his eyes shut, chuckling away to himself as his brother wittered on - talking about how the dwarves did a better job with metal work and the like.

Sitting up bolt-right as Dags mentioned whether or not it could fly, a wide grin on his face as he jumped up to his feet, stalking over to Kophas, nudging him with an elbow. "One day Ko, you're gonna grow wings and fly yourself." He teased, flapping his arms, and running around the room like a... well like a bird. "Caw caw!" He crowed, continuing to flap his arms before coming to a halt between his siblings. These would be the days when picking on his brother was most appropriate. That was the joy of being a child - they had no real worries of the rest of the world - no cares nor fears that adults may have. He was about to continue in his teasing when the soft tones of their mother called into the room, and the smile fell from his features. Behave now, Cephas. Flopping back to the floor, landing with a soft pat on his backside, he crossed his legs, folding his hands into them and waited patiently for her to come in. ”Shhh, Ko.” The twin fussed, swatting his hand at his brother as he inquired with Liv - good things came to those who waited and despite his age he was sure if there was good news to be had they would find out at the best moment.

He shook his head as he watched their little brother hit Dags with the spoon, trying to stifle the urge to laugh at her current predicament - for what kind of brother would he be to laugh at her misfortune, but it was no use. A small snicker fell from his lips, blues falling to the hands that knotted and thumbs that twiddled, as if trying to distract himself, but he was sure that their little brother having a spoon could only mean one thing. Baking. Cephas wasn't overly fond of the idea, but any excuse to make a mess was a good enough excuse for him - perhaps Kophas would have a flower fight with him - then again, maybe he wouldn't.
Played by Pip!


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