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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Elrania  (Read 3249 times)


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« on: December 17, 2013, 04:10:00 PM »


NAME: Elrania
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  None - she has little friends, and none use a nickname. Her parents however, used to call her El.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Born T.A. 1634 , she is 1307 years old.
RACE:  Elf
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: She has a light shade to her hair, a light strawberry blonde colour. Her hair falls down her back, but seldom stays in that state, taking the time to pin it up with hair pieces so that she can fight with next to no trouble at all. It is very rarely down, unless it has fallen down. She believes that when fighting, any hair that is down, is a disadvantage. There are two braids on either side of her head, that are also tied back into the mess at the back of her head.

EYE COLOUR: Her eyes are a deep blue colour, sharp and bright.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  She is tall, and athletic, muscles noticeable in her legs, yet, not her arms, which seem lean, despite the fact she is an avid bowman. She is only 5'8" and weighs about 119lbs, so she is light on her feet and next to silent when she needs to be.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:   Her clothes, once a brilliant emerald in colour, have now faded and dwindled down to a dull grey, with very little green left in its cloth. Her boots are warn and need tending to, the leather of it flaking away and dulling it's once shiny surface. The wildnerness has not been kind to her clothing, or her hair. This however never phases her. She has wittled down her clothing to a sleevless top, and a cloak, so that she keeps herself light and is carrying very little on her journey.

Her face is slightly sunken, as if one was not eating a lot or enough, but she is surviving. Her eyes are soft on her face, showing someone with a caring manner underneath the hard shell she allows people to see. She wears strong leather on her wrists as armour, but other than that, her body is out in the open for anyone. She does not wear armour as a general rule that it could slow her down and scupper her performance. She does not have the pointy features generally associated with elves, but her ears state her race quite clearly.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: She has a scar on her shoulder from a previous encounter with Orcs, this however, is rarely seen on her as she seldom takes off the cloak that shields the wound from anyone.
WEAPONS: Her weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, but in her boot, wrapped around in a tie of sorts, she carries an elven dagger. Weapons she took with her when she left Mirkwood, handed down from her parents to her.3
FACE CLAIM: Amber Heard

STRENGTHS: Patience - Her patience is a strength, being able to wait out a situation until she knows the timing is just right to gain the result that she wants the most.
Keen eyes/sense of judgement - She can see things from far away, and can judge whether they are friend or foe from just a few moments of watching them. She is, however, despite this fact always on her guard.

WEAKNESSES:  Compassion - whilst this can be seen as a strength, too much can be a weakness. Whilst she may have turned her back on her Mirkwood kin, she still cares for them, and should any be in danger, she will risk everything for them, and on this basis, sometimes, despite her patience, she can get herself into deep trouble.

ASPIRATIONS:  To see the day when the darkness falls completely, even if she has to stay alive for centuries. She wishes for the darkness- to fall, and the light to come out once more, even if most of the creatures in the world cannot see the darkness taking over once again.

Reconcile with those she turned her back on when she left Mirkwood for a life alone, but she is not ready to do this yet; she is not ready to apologise for her abandonment of her family and friends.
FEARS:  Death - Whilst this is a common fear amongst all, this is not the reason she fears it. She does not fear Death for herself, but for anyone she gets close to. She feels that Death is a reasonable fear to have, and despite having lost loved ones in the past, and having experienced death of family, she cannot get over this fear.

The Darkness - it's not necessarily the darkness she fears, but the creatures in the dark that stay out of the light. She knows of the creatures that move in the night, and fears that one day, someday, they will get the better of her. But with the fear she has of them now, she knows they will never be able to. When the fear goes, that's when she will lose to the dark.

PERSONALITY:  Once a fun loving, and generally happy Elf, she finds the tables turning, and her attitude towards life becoming bitter and twisted. She doesn't trust easily, and when you do eventually gain her trust, if broken, she will never forgive and she will never forget. She has a pure hatred for the creatures made of darkness, like Orcs and Goblins, and is seldom kind to them when they cross her path. Elrania is calculating, intelligent and patient, all of which is key when it comes to fighting, all self taught traits, in which she uses to their full potential now that she is alone and out in the wild. She says very little, but she has a way with words when it's completely necessary. She does however, show mercy in her slaying of the creatures from the dark, never resorting to unnecessary violence or torture for information, as it's that kind of behaviour that drew her away from Mirkwood in the first instance. Death is instance and painless when she is leading the attack, and most of the time, she fights alone, never allowing for anyone to get into the fight with her. She doesn't believe in allowing others to endanger themselves for her, not when it is her that is doing the protecting in the first instance.

Despite all this, her heart is in the right place - and she knows that not everyone is out to screw her over, and that some people, genuinely want to be her friends. This side her personality is seldom seen, but when it is, the beauty within her comes out. Her caring side makes its way to the surface and used to sympathise with her companions. She does find ways to be kind, and, when she finds the right friends, they will find her a strong, loyal and protective ally. She would do anything for her friends, even if it puts her in the line of danger instead. She is good for council, when one needs consoling about a decision or something that is praying on their mind, taking the time to listen to what they are saying, as well as the things they are not saying. She finds it easier, to befriend the dwarves, after hearing tales of what her people had done when Smaug had taken Erebor. She is sympathetic towards them, and whilst, not completely trusting, she finds herself in a position where she will do what she can, in the shadows, to help them on their quest should they ever cross her path in doing so. She does give people a chance to explain themselves, and whilst she is not completely trusting at first, she gives other creatures the chance to explain themselves and show her that she's wrong when it comes to their intentions.

HISTORY:  Born in the summer of T.A. 1634, to a couple of Elves from the Mirkwood realm, born to Medlior and Annuinith. She was named Elrania after her mothers side of the family, and she grew up in a time of peace. She was a lively and bubbly child, curious and wondering about the ways of the world, wanting to learn from a very young age. Her father taught her all the best hiding places in the forest, and her mother taught her patience. Patience was a virtue and would help her daughter in the best of times. She never had any siblings, so there were never any sibling rivalry's going on and all attentions from her parents were on here unless they were out fighting and protecting the forest from the monsters in the dark. She had never had a fear of spiders, and her parents noted this, telling her that sometimes fear was as much of a strength as it was a weakness, because fear could help you define the line between a victory and a loss. It wasn't until she was 200 in the year T.A. 1834, that she was finally taught this when out on a clearance with her father. A few of them had been called to clear the spiders, and, when she was growing too confident in her fight with them, she found herself in a dangerous position. Her father, however, had been keeping a keen eye on her and had seen the events unravel before his eyes, rescuing her and scolding her for her error. That was the day she learnt that her fear was the one thing stopping her reckless behaviour.

In the year T.A 2104, at the age of 470, her father went out to fight back some foul orcs, and never came back. The only rational explanation for this, was that he was killed in the heat of battle, and that, is why Elrania trained and trained, originally to avenge his death, should an orc ever cross her path. He dagger was returned to her, as it was found where he was last seen, and she took it with pride, and has never let go of it since. The bow and arrows, she was given by her mother in the same year, who too, disappeared. Elrania put it down to a broken heart, knowing her mothers distress at the lack of her fathers return. She knew that, her mother needed time, and, if she should ever come back, she would be waiting there for her. She took great care of her mothers bow, polishing it often and making sure never to allow it to chip or any damage to come to it, the same with her fathers dagger. She treasured these two items as they were the last thing she had left of her family, and from then on out, she was raised/taken care of by family friends, yet, at that age, she seemed quite capable of taking care of herself, despite public opinion that she still may behave recklessly if faced with the orcs that may or may not have killed her father.

She grew up quick and she grew up stronger, fighting often and making sure that she was there for any trouble that may have been thrown the elves way, but keeping a sharp eye out for the cause of her parent's disappearance. Elrania became stronger with age, and, more patient, more wise and certainly a whole lot more calmer than she had been when she was young and reckless; knowing full well it was that kind of behaviour that got one into trouble. She taught other younger elves the same, that patience was a virtue and that one should not walk into battle without a tinge of fear in their hearts, because it was that kind of reckless ignorance that got one killed... or almost killed if one had someone looking out for them. Keeping a promise to her father, she looked out for everyone in battle and made sure, as best she could, that casualties where kept to a minimum on her watch, and showing the younger elves that one should not kill recklessly and that mercy should be flowing down the blades of everyone. She learnt herself over the years how to perfect a one stab kill, and never allowing anything any suffering, even if, should the tables have been turned, the suffering to her would have been great and plenty. There was good in her heart, even if others did not notice it under her emotionless exterior.

In the year T.A 2770, Elrania was 1,136 years old, and was there when Thranduil turned up to Erebor, and abandoned the dwarves who were suffering at the hand of Smaug. This prayed on her mind for years to come, knowing that, whilst he was protecting his own people, he could have offered shelter and food to the dwarves, and yet did nothing. This praying on her mind caused bitterness and anger to distill in her, and, in the year T.A. 2785, she found herself abandoning the place she called home, and finding salvation in the vast wilderness beyond Mirkwood, only ever occasionally sheltering their in the trees when she needed it. She knew from that day forth, that she was well and truly alone. She had no need for friends or a master that believed that abandoning the dwarves that day was right, and yet, she hated herself all the more for not running to their aide against her masters order, but she had been bitter, and had years upon her to hate herself over. She was determined, at this point, to put things right with her people and Durin's folk, and yet, despite this determination, she had yet to run into the dwarves from the mountains. She knew, at this point, that the problem with Dwarves was, like her, their inability to trust people who they had no time to assess, and especially those of Thranduils people. They would never trust her, and so, she was patient, waiting for something to happen where she could come to their aide again and help them in any way she could, even if it was against every moral fiber of her being.

T.A. 2941 brings us to the present day, and Elrania is 1307 years old, having wandered the wilderness for the past 156 years of her life, she believes herself to be an expert in its locations, knowing where the darkness lingers, and where she can find shelter, safety and food, even if it is only a temporary salvation for her. The wilderness, whilst not kind to many, was kind to her, just as she was to it. She had learnt of many things and creatures, taking care of animals like one normally would never care for. She took care of the trees that she slept in at night, and, quite strangely, thanked them for keeping her safe. It was odd for the wilderness to be kind to anybody, and for her, who's heart had grown cold, to do the same to the wilderness. Never eating more than her share, nor using its wood to create fires to shield her from the cold. Having grown in the woodland, she knew, that the trees should be taken care of should you want to find sanctuary within them. She lives all over, slowly finding herself creeping towards Erebor, wondering if the dwarves may cross her path, and, if she has to do it in the shadows, she believes she will be able to help them as best she can. She had skills that she could bring to the table, and, she will never forgive, and never forget the day her people turned their back on the dwarves.
AGE:  21
EXPERIENCE: I've been roleplaying for two years now - but I haven't played a LoTR or The Hobbit character before. I have experience playing several characters from other fandoms. If you'd like these listing, let me know :)
OTHER CHARACTERS:  None at present.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Google, I was looking for a Hobbit RPG site and this was the first that came up.
Sharp grey eyes glared eagerly down at the foul creature below, treading carelessly on the leaves that had fallen off a few trees. A light auburn lock fell out of place and down the Elf's face as her concentration tripled, the grip on her bow tightening, the point of the arrow following the creature below only for a second before it fired carefully from her weapon and straight into the head of the Orc with a slight squeak. The death had been swift, quiet, and carefully planned for the past ten minutes. She'd been watching him from the trees, watching the foul creature desecrating the land that it walked on, burning an anger within her. It had been alone, quite like she was, and, with every few steps it had taken, she had followed, amongst the tree tops, her eyes keenly watching as she waited for the perfect time. The plan had been to allow it to wander so far into the forestry, before she mercifully ended its life, bringing its terror on people to an abrupt and silent end. No, if she had killed it near the edge of the forest, the other orcs would have heard, and she knew the only way to get rid of them, was to pick them off one by one. She was just one Elf after all.

Elrania jumped, almost silently down from her tree, the leaves crunching lightly under her feet like it had done for the orcs. Her slender fingers curled around the fine wood of her arrow, her booted foot pressing somewhat heavily on the creatures head as she pulled the arrow out. It was still a perfectly good arrow, all it needed was a bit of cleaning and it could be put back where it belonged, amongst the other arrows. Her eyes narrowed as she heard more crunching leaves, just a few yards from where she had been stood. Without another word, Elrania was no longer on the ground, and back in her perch in the tree, waiting for the sight of the next creature, but it was just a deer of sorts. A small smile crept across her face as she relaxed on her branch, watching it as it came just underneath her in search of food, and instead finding a dead orc. The body wouldn't stay there for long, but Elrania wasn't one for disturbing an animal whilst it was waiting to eat.

She waited, as patiently as before, for the deer to disappear off into the greenery before she came down from her hiding place again, this time grabbing the orcs clothing and dragging it along the floor. Her ears listening the entire time for any noise of danger whilst she dragged it off into the foggier part of the forest, before dumping it in a ditch she had found earlier that day. He was hidden for now, she would get rid of the body properly later, taking it out onto the plain when it was a bit lighter, and burning it; not that the creature deserved anything more than lying in a ditch dead. Elrania just didn't like to leave a mess in the greenery she was trying hard to clean up.

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Played by Pip!


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« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2013, 07:37:00 PM »
Having read your profile, I find myself intrigued.  You have created a very interesting, complex character here, Pip. I look forward to seeing her interactions with the other characters on the site!! (Including my own. <3)


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« Reply #2 on: December 19, 2013, 02:06:00 AM »
Welcome to The Hobbit Roleplay: An Unexpected Party, Pip!  Elrania is a lovely character and I have no doubt you are going to have a lot of fun with her. ~

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