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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Bain son of Bard  (Read 3320 times)


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Bain son of Bard
« on: December 20, 2013, 04:37:00 AM »


NAME:  Bain!
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Bain, That Kid, Brother
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 17, T.A 2924*
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Haha, scruffy! Scruffy brown and messy! Sometimes he brushes it, sometimes he combs it. But, it is also slightly curly and always seems to be a little greasy looking, even though it doesn't feel that way.
EYE COLOUR:  Brown/Blue
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Healthy for a boy his age, despite the harshness of the state of living in Lake Town and the position his father holds. He probably stands about Five-Seven.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Bain can usually be caught in the usual garb that most people wear around Lake Town. He wears brown pants with accommodating shoes to suit the weather, sometime he'll be wearing a blue  or green shirt and other times a brown tunic. Over all this he wears a long brown coat that once belonged to his father. The one thing that Bain will not be seen without (except on rare occasion) is his satchel.
WEAPONS: Bow and arrow,  a small dagger he uses for scaling fish (I guess that could be used as a weapon?), the Bow his father lets him use when they go hunting together or target practice.
FACE CLAIM:  John Bell

STRENGTHS: His devotion to his family, Fishing and using a bow even though he doesn't carry one around with him often.
WEAKNESSES:  Just like any other devout family member: Tilda and Sigrid, baked sweets and other treats, children.
ASPIRATIONS:  To see Lake Town restored. Secretly to see the Dwarves of Erebor come back to the mountain, even if it isn't in his time.
FEARS:  Loss of family and those closest to him.
Firmness, it is a must! Especially with Little Tilly (Tills, Tilda) around, he believes she needs someone to look up to, who can be firm with her and stern when called for when Da isn’t around. He shows nothing but the upmost compassion when she’s in trouble, but makes sure that he backs it up with some sort of lesson, if there is one to be had. Never the less, he loves to see little Tilly laugh, since he never gets to see Sigrid laugh as much anymore. It warms him, though, when he can bring a smile to his sister’s faces! <3
Gentle, Bain is very gentle! Especially towards family and close friends! So don’t tick him off, or get him upset. His father has trained him in the art of the Bow as well as knowing how to use a knife to skin people. If Tilda or Sigrid are in danger you can bet your last pair of warm winter long-johns that he’ll be there to defend them and get them out of the situation. This is also his protective side, and with it comes his concern.  Bain, having grown up the rest of his life without a mother – since her death – has watched Sigrid grow up to be the mother of the family, and he often worries over her working too hard and tries his best to help where he can, especially when Da is out of the house on long trips up the river. Often, though, he talks with Sigrid and watches Tilda (though she may wander off from time to time to cause him heart burn and worry!). This also adds to his harshness, to Bain there are just some things that should be done a certain way.

Honest, if Bain is one thing, he is Honest! His father brought him up to be so and so he has remained. Opinions, situations, what you are going to have for dinner… he’ll be honest about it! Politics has always fascinated him, though, but the sheer dishonesty of The Master of Lake Town leaves a disgusting taste in his mouth! Little does this young Bain know that he will one day grow up to be the Master of Lake Town, and possibly the best Master the town has seen. But his honesty carries not only to his friends but to his family as well. If there is something that he can ever give his opinion on, and possibly persuade it to either keep it from happening or make it happen then he will. Which brings up another thing, he is determined. Bain is nothing if not determined! Once he has his mind set on something, he finds ways to accomplish it, sometimes forgoing honesty… but it never leaves him feeling good about himself when he lies… even if it is to protect the ones he loves. Lying is more definitely something Bain is capable of, though! Do not underestimate his ability to do so.

Curious, from a young age Bain has always been curious about the world outside Lake Town, but not curious enough to act upon it- unlike his Cousin Gard. Bain has always found everything he needed was in Lake Town with his sisters and Da. But that doesn’t stop him from being curious and a couple times he has tried to sneak out with Gard to satisfy his curiosity about Mirkwood or to just plain get into trouble when the Master and Da aren’t around to catch them. He may be 16, but that doesn’t stop him, and he loves meeting new people from outside his own town, but never asks near as many questions as Gard!

HISTORY:  Since his birth, Bain has always thought himself as being the oldest. He constantly competes with his sister Sigrid, who was born shortly after himself and then Tilda, the youngest. But before I go into any of that I had better explain a few things about the family of this young man!

Before he was born, there was Bard, his father, and his mother. When the boy was born they were both pleased and Bard, they named him Bain after his mother’s father, then shortly after himself came his sister Sigrid, then some years later his cousin Gard and shortly after this, his sister Tilda. Bain’s mother died after giving birth to Tilda, forcing Sigrid to become the ‘mother’ in the family. Bain did, and still does, everything he can to help his sister in tending to the home and looking after their Cousin Gard, and troublesome little sister Tilda! (whom he loves very much and would do anything for).

Let's not even mention the time that Bain was caught- ha, but that's the point of not mentioning it!

It wasn’t long until his father started acting strangely towards their Uncle Drake. Bard, being known to follow his gut instinct – which has carried over to Bain – didn’t much about it, but Bain could read it as clear as if it had been his own feelings. He and Gard were like brothers, but there was something about Drake the Merchant that Bard seemed to find off. Then, Gard’s father went missing. Bard was gone for days at a time searching for young Gard’s father leaving Sigrid, Aunt Charlotte and Bain to look after the boy, and Bard only returned when he was forced to give up the search. Not long after this tragic event Aunt Charlotte died leaving Bard to take care of not only his own children, but his sister’s child as well.

To Bain this was a terrible loss, but the strength his father showed by taking Gard under his wing and teaching him the ropes of ‘being a man’ – if you will – gave Bain courage that not all was lost, and that everything would be alright so long as they had each other to look after! There isn’t a day that goes by that Bain doesn’t worry for his father when he is gone too long on his long trips back and forth to the mainland. Bain often wishes he could go with his father, but knows that would be leaving Sigrid alone to handle the young sister and the cousin.

But aside from all that, what Bain likes to remember are the times spent with his mother. She told such wonderful stories! About Erebor and the might of the Dwarves under the Mountain and the Dragon that had come from the North which had destroyed Dale and left everything in shambles! Late at night, when there had been only Sigrid to keep him company, the two would sometimes speak and dream of the Dwarves returning like it was foretold in some prophecies. Yet, while Sigrid had been burdened with the duties of being ‘The woman of the house’, foregoing her childhood, Bain has kept the idea that perhaps the Dwarves would return to the Mountain, and send the gold flowing from the doors once again enriching Lake Town once again! And although he doesn’t truly believe that this will happen in his life time, he does believe that it will happen!

At the moment, though, Bain is content with his life in Lake-Town and a small seed of concern for his Da has been planted. With Bard acting fearful about the Dragon that still lies in Erebor, Bain can’t help but wonder if this might consume his father to a point that he may forget that perhaps the Dragon is dead and there is nothing to be concerned with! He does not say anything, keeping his thoughts and feelings well hidden, but when he is alone he finds himself wondering about his father. And so, to keep himself from over-thinking things he spends most of his time around his sisters and Gard, but mainly trying to keep Tilda in line when he takes her to the market on a mission for whatever it is that Sigrid needs for the house.

However, if there is one thing that Bain doesn’t know about his family, it would be that their ancestor was responsible for trying to kill the dragon in the first place, and Bard feels it is somehow his family’s fault that the Dragon is not dead and lying at the bottom of the lake. 

*This agreed upon

AGE:  Nearly twenty... nearly just a few more days...
EXPERIENCE:  a long time...
OTHER CHARACTERS:  too many... too many...
CONTACT:  carrier pidgin and PM.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  since the dawn of time!

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played by Hades


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Bain son of Bard
« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2013, 12:48:00 PM »
BAAAAIN!  It makes me so very happy to see Bard's brood completed, I just know lots of family threads (and more!) await this fellow.  Go forth and have fun, Hades. <3

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Bain son of Bard
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2013, 05:52:00 PM »
I love him! Well done, well done! And now the Bard-family is complete!!


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