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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Daechir  (Read 2232 times)


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« on: December 28, 2013, 10:04:00 AM »


NAME:  Daechir
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Once known as Garaven before becoming a rogue, a 'traitor' among his people. There's plenty of nasty names that have been given to him though those will go unnamed... Dae is something he get's called, too.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Winter of T.A. 2887, 54 years old
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Riverbend
RACE:  Man, Dunedain

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  His hair and the scruff on his face are a dark, blondish brown in color. Untraditionally, he keeps it short in order to keep it out of his face.
EYE COLOUR:  A bright, light blue, like the sky.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  There is no doubt that the man is muscular from years of training, and years of wielding a bow. He stand at about 6'1, 6'2.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  The Dunedain's clothes usually consists of dark greens, browns and blacks. He keeps his clothing dark in order to be able to blend into his surroundings more. He generally wears leather; his tunic is made of leather and thick material to keep him warm when the weather is cold and his tunic his hooded. His pants are usually made of more flexible material in case there's every a need to run or if he ever needs to move around a lot. He has a pair of black, leather gloves, and his boots are made of a thick leather as well. He generally will still wear a hooded tunic even when the weather seems to be on the warmer side though it's a little more thinner and looser so that he can stay cooler.
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  Daechir's body is littered in scars, not only from practicing, nor from fighting for his people but also from the time he was marked as a betrayer. The most noticeable scars he has is an arrow wound he suffered in his left shoulder, a scar that runs along his abdomen and a few others on his back.
WEAPONS:  He generally likes to wield a long bow given to him by his father, which is his best weapon. Even then, he still will carry a short, elven blade for close combat. He has hidden knives on him at all times as well, in case his sword and bow are ever rendered useless at the moment. There is never a time that Daechir will never be prepared for a fight, his close combat skills being well honed as well.
FACE CLAIM:  Stephen Amell

STRENGTHS:  Daechir's best skills is that of using his bow, his speed being another of his advantages(Especially when shooting an arrow). His training surely has paid off over the years, close combat being another thing he is good at. One thing that is something he's learned throughout his years is how to stay level-headed, rarely ever losing his temper.
WEAKNESSES:  He definitely lacks in trust with almost anyone he meets, especially after what happened with his own people. He also struggles with his left hand, not being able to wield anything too well with it. He has forced his body to become accustomed to using the bow still, despite the old injury. He also has a weak spot for those who are helpless, defenseless and the innocent.
ASPIRATIONS:  To one day be able to return home, despite the slander to his name and to be able to live with his family in peace.   
FEARS:  Seeing the light in Middle-Earth ever fade, innocence being lost to the darkness. He also fears never being able to see his family ever again and, though he never speaks of it, never being accepted again.
PERSONALITY:  Daechir can be a bit complicated to understand, seeing as he has plenty of issues with a lot of things. He doesn't trust people, resulting in him hardly ever speaking to anyone he doesn't know or has a bad feeling about. He has a good sense on people, and he is easily able to read body language(which has always come in handy). He may seem cold and distant because of this, as to when he was with his family in Riverbend, he was always smiling and laughing; always so happy. But time has also made him a little bitter, having felt like he was the one betrayed and not his people. This also means that he hardly ever can be seen with other Dunedain, not that they would personally want to be around the ex-ranger. He tends to find it hard to get along with others too, and somehow he always tends to end up in fights he never really wanted to be in in the first place. His words are also few when he speaks to others, and it takes awhile to really get him to loosen up and actually have a conversation. It's not that he isn't... friendly, per say he just prefers keeping his distance from people and prefers being left alone.

Though, despite his rough exterior, he is calm and level-headed, never letting his anger get to him. No matter what may happen, no matter what may be said, he knows how to keep himself calm; this tends to give him the upper hand in fights as well, as much as he tries to avoid them. Daechir is known for speaking his mind and he can be rather blunt when he does it, as well. He doesn't straight out try to make you feel bad or what not but if you are messing with him... he'll make your blood boil with his blunt remarks and what not. Outside of his seriousness though, he is truly, deeply a nice guy. He would never let harm come to those who can't defend themselves, to the innocent. He won't put up with someone trying to harm women and children no matter what 'right' you might think you have. He's definitely a heart breaker with these traits, always standing up for women if he does see something going on that he doesn't approve of. He doesn't try to be noisy but he cannot stand the sight of someone picking on the weak. He also has a soft spot for children, always caring for them when he can and he can be found playing with the children of the town. That's when everyone get's to see that hidden, charming smile, when he's truly happy...

Though he may never show it, Daechir does feel pain, loneliness and he most certainly can feel sadness. The young Dunedain just always wears a mask around others, not wanting to know the true pain he feels for his own people. Betrayed... his heart longs to be accepted but at the same time, he cannot drop the fact that he was betrayed. His heart may have hardened but it's still big and full of all sorts of emotions that everyone feels... After all, he may seem like a stone wall but in the end he is still human...

HISTORY:  To start you off, Daechir isn't his birth name... it was a name given to him when he was said to betray his group, the Rangers... the Dunedain...  But before getting into that, let's go further back, when Garaven, the rogue Dunedain, was first born. He was born into a loving family, his mother, Anneth, being a young Dunedain who left the Rangers to care for her lovely family and his father Glamrion, was a respectable Ranger. He had two brothers who were born before him, Lhosson was his eldest brother, and his other older brother was Rínor. Lhosson was about fifteen years older than Garaven while Rínor was simply seven years older than him. Growing up, the boys seemed to be rather close, though Garaven was usually picked on for being the youngest. He had a close bond to his mother too; he was the apple of her eye as she liked to say, seeing as both his older brothers grew up much closer to  their father. At the age of eight, he was still taught how to wield a bow though, despite the fact that his mother didn't really want him to at such a young age. Both Lhosson and Rínor had both learned at a older age but Glamrion could already tell that his youngest son was going to be a great Ranger. It didn't take long for the young boy to pick up the bow either, his father seeming to hold some pride in knowing he was right.

Still, Garaven helped his mother out as much as he could outside of his practices and studied with her as well. He learned Sindarin from his mother, who had once traveled with Elves and had learned the language herself. The young boy was always so bright and eager to learn that Anneth couldn't stay mad at her husband, growing pride in her own son. All three boys were wonderful at what they did, Lhosson being an expert knife thrower and Rínor picking up hand to hand combat quickly, as well as wielding a sword. It wasn't until Garaven was fourteen that his sister, Oeril was born. All three boys were delighted to have a little sister, especially Garaven. They loved the little girl with all their hearts and seemed to be very protective of her too. Oeril was such a beautiful little girl too, growing up to have those beautiful, thick, blonde curls his mother had and the bright, sky blue eyes that seemed to run in their family. Already, jokes were made that the boys would have to fend off all the town boys when Oeril grew older, which was very much so true.

Growing up to be in his twenties, Garaven had made it into the Rangers, his aim with the bow being one of the best they have seen. He never missed his target, his movements were fast and precise. People said it was an 'art' watching him wield a bow the way he did. His agility was also what had signed off his spot in the Rangers. Glamrion was so proud of his sons, all three becoming Rangers at the same time but he held a stronger pride for Garaven as he excelled so quickly. They said he was a 'prodigy' and would grow up to be well known by all the lands for his skills... but that wasn't so, at least not for long. Garaven was only thirty-four when he was marked as a traitor, one of his missions having seemed to gone wrong. People were killed... his people and as hard as the young Ranger tried, he wasn't able to strike down the person who did this to his group, his family. He had blacked out for most of it and when he woke up, blood covered his hands, his face and his clothes. Though, it wasn't just his blood... It was the blood of his comrades. He didn't remember any of it and no one had believed him, marking him as a traitor and, as he ran, they dubbed him with the name 'Daechir', Shadow Lord. It was to darken the man's reputation but the name served a different purpose to him; it was a reminder of that day, the day he was betrayed.

As he ran, they had tried shooting him down and though a few arrows had hit their target, he was too fast for them to take down. He never got to see his beautiful Oeril marry, nor was he ever able to see the children of his brother's grow up... He never knew anything about his family after he was marked as a traitor to his people. He survived, despite his wounds, he survived. Being close to Imladris, or as it's more commonly known, Rivendell, he was taken in by the people he swore to protect. They knew nothing of what had happened yet and he was healed and cared for until the day he simply disappeared. He lived up to his new name, Daechir but not in the darkness that was intended, but the fact he was like a shadow. One moment, he was there, clearly in front of you and with the blink of an eye, he was gone. Though he was cared for in Rivendell, his wounds healed and his muscles seeming to work almost as fine as before, he was still very much so injured and scarred. His left arm became difficult to use since one of the arrows that hit him had done it's damage, maybe not the damage they wanted but damage nonetheless. Daechir had to relearn how to wield his bow as he once was able to though if he tried to wield knives and swords, it was difficult for him to.

Over the years, he had trained, he had once more build his muscles up to take anything that was given to them. His movements were still as smooth as they once were and his combat even better than before. Daechir had found his home to be in Laketown now, doing whatever odd jobs were given to him though he would still travel. He hasn't gone back to Riverbend, nor has he ever gone anywhere near what was once his homeland. He stayed close to Laketown in his travels, knowing he was an outcast and knowing his life would be taken if he dared return. He seemed to take this better than others though he was deeply hurt on the inside. He didn't speak to most in his new home, nor whenever he would travel. Some did know him for his good deeds whenever he was caught helping others out but none seemed to truly know him... He was just another face, if even that, among the crowds. He was nothing more than a rogue in his new home; none knew the malicious intent behind his name most didn't even know it's meaning though, even more didn't even know his name. He is just a shadow wherever he goes, and nothing more than that...

YOUR NAME:  Your King, Loki.
EXPERIENCE:  Years... I'm leaving it at thatt now XD
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Where do I even start? There's Ithilwen, Beriadan, Orophin, Eleniel, Ryder, Arndis and Eira....
CONTACT:  My AIM account is pretty good to contact me, or Skype but I'm on AIM more often(PPHHOOONNNNEEEEE!). There's also my Admin account if it has to do with something Adminly...
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  I've been here for almost a year now! YAY!!!!

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« Reply #1 on: December 29, 2013, 01:02:00 PM »
Loki, I am in love!  Daechir is a marvellous character with a marvellous history. <3  You're making me want to make a Ranger of my own... but no, eight characters is enough... right??  Enough of my blethering, your chap has first approval. :)

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« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2013, 05:54:00 PM »
WELCOME TO THE DUNEDAIN!!! You will enjoy it here, I assure you. I have two of my own. We shall plot!


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