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Author Topic: Just Play Along  (Read 1725 times)


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Just Play Along
« on: December 29, 2013, 12:20:00 AM »
Mal was hungry.

It seemed an almost perpetual state of being for the thin Gondorian lad. He stole enough to survive but his meals were always sadly lacking in nourishment, and he had to be careful what he took. Good, hot food was hard to come by, so he subsisted mostly on dried meats and stale bread, things people were less likely to notice gone missing. But the truth was, Mal had a sweet tooth. He never stole plain bread when he could have a sweet loaf, or a pastry, or a pie.

And there was a stall selling butter bread across from where Mal leaned against a building, hidden in the shadow of the eaves. The loaves were steaming and the smell drifted across the street, making poor Mal's mouth water in anticipation. He would not usually consider such an exposed target, this early in the evening when the light still spilled over the walls of the terraced city. But he was feeling a bit reckless, and he was too hungry to either wait till nightfall or to find an easier place to steal from.

Mal watched and waited, eyes flitting back and forth as he studied the crowd. He would prefer a bigger one, through which he could nimbly slip and snatch what he wanted, but he would have to make do. The crowd was diminishing quickly, as the city-dwellers made their final purchases and wandered off to their homes to enjoy their fresh, hot meals. He sometimes envied them, with their warm beds and blazing hearths, but he did not envy their work. He already knew the hardship of work under the firm hand of Boridon, and he was getting nothing in return for his labour. No, someday he would have more than even the Steward, and he would not have to lift a finger for it.

In the meantime, however, the clenching of Mal's stomach reminded him there were more practical concerns at hand. Seeing his opportunity, Mal pushed himself off the wall and slipped quietly through the passing crowd, his eye on his prize. Careful to avoid bumping into the strangers surrounding him, he reached out and deftly plucked a loaf from the stall, his long fingers wrapping around the bread and bringing it close to his body. He could not resist taking a bite out of the steaming loaf before tucking it into his jacket, and a moment later cursed his carelessness. "HEY!" As he turned and made his way up the street, a voice called out behind him. There was a sharp whistle and Mal heard the clink of armour as the vendor signaled to the guards. Cursing under his breath, his mouth full of hot bread, Mal pushed the bread deeper into his coat and began to run.


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Just Play Along
« Reply #1 on: January 22, 2014, 06:36:00 AM »
    [ooc: SMALLS OMG YOU'RE THE BEST THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR WAITING!!! I hope this post is alright and if I need to change the ending let me know and I will do that! Uncle voiced by Rex Harrison, Adil-Adnan voiced by Peter O'Toole and so sorry for the really, really long read! I wasn't sure where to start this post and then it kinda got away from me!][/li][/list]“Money? You don’t need money, Asta.” The elderly gentleman Asta was with stood to one side as his blue eyes observed the stall before him. Asta sighed, of course she didn’t! But Uncle was starting to question why she never bought anything with the money he had given her before she went out. Uncle… oh Uncle was going to kill her, himself one day if she wasn’t careful. Glancing at the old man she simply nodded, though she made no move to the coin purse away. Adnan was tall and skinny; his fingers were slim, boney and quick. Before Asta finally decided to put the purse away, those very fingers wrapped around the coin purse and yanked it out of her hands. “Asta, you don’t need it.” She nearly jumped out of her own skin. Staring up at Adnan, he was bearing down on her with a glare that would have killed a cat! He seriously needed to come with a bell or something!

    Sorry, Adnan,” She whispered. His eyes narrowed like a cat’s when it is observing the distance from the ground to the top of the fence. He remained this way for a moment before taking a bit of an apple. Then he turned and walked away. When she thought he was far enough away, Asta huffed. “[color= C999CF]You don’t neeeed it.[/color]” She said in a mocking tone, “How could you possibly know what it is I need?” She muttered, sticking her tongue out at him with a defiant ‘Neeeh’. Adnan seemed to know everything, though. The moment she made the rude gesture he spun around and looked at her.

    A long finger pointed in her direction, then in a single smooth motion it pointed beside him. He didn’t have to say anything, she had heard him say ‘Here’ so darkly that she wrapped her cloak about her and jogged up to him. Adnan wasn’t violent, but if his eyes could throw daggers, she was pretty sure they would. “Now,” He said, his voice suddenly light, “Observe.” Turning her eye to the early evening crowd she tried to observe. Her eyes darted about, and she found several sturdy fences to climb, or pipes to shimmy up if she needed to escape from the Gondorian guards. There was a growl beside her and she snapped out of her fantasy. Long fingers curled around her shoulder. “Over there.” He sounded annoyed. She watched him point to a bread stand where a small boy was lurking just on the edge. “Now tell me what he is about to do wrong.

    Observing the little boy, she wondered how exactly she was supposed to know exactly how to answer it. There were several different things the boy could do! Asta’s mind bounced around with ideas trying to find the right one. Adnan wasn’t known for his patience, but then neither was her Uncle. So, to kill the silence she put a finger to lips, tapping them gently in thought. Oh how she hated this! There were so many things wrong with the whole situation! She was being asked to do something she could never please Adnan with no matter how much she honestly tried. “He is about to reach for the middle loaf.” Just as Adnan spoke the young boy proceeded with the action. It always amazed her how Adnan knew exactly what someone was going to do before they did it! Already, though, Asta was bored with the whole thing. Children did not interest her in the least. She could care less if the boy got caught by the guards; the most they would let him off with was a warning. There was a mess of bread and shouting as the boy tried to make a run for it, the loaf clutched tightly in his hands.

    It wasn’t until the guards came running around the corner to find out what the matter was that Adnan and Asta retreated to a dark doorway to lurk. “The loaf in the middle was closest to the child. Children will reach for whatever is closest and most available to them.” Adnan whispered to her as they watched the bread seller curse and point in the direction the young boy had run off in. “[color= C999CF]Oh, right.[/color]” Asta whispered back, “[color= C999CF]I was… just about say that...[/color]” She lied. Lying wasn’t her strongest asset unless she was lying to her Uncle. A sigh came from behind her, and she rolled her eyes. Suddenly something bumped her from behind and she spun around to see Adnan playing with the lock to the door. It only took a few moments, but when the lock on the door clicked gently they both disappeared into the house.
    * * * * * * *
    Asta? Is that you dear?” Uncle Hurin’s voice came from the living room the house. She had just walked in from escaping the rest of the evening with Adnan. It wasn’t that she wasn’t grateful for the lesson he was giving her, but he could have lightened up! “Yes, Uncle, it’s me.” Standing for a moment in the hall, Asta felt so drained! She needed a nap! Yes, a nap would do her some good. Running around trying to keep up with Adil-Adnan was like trying to keep up with a horse! “Well come in here, come in here!” Her Uncle sounded unnaturally excited, so she proceeded down the hall and appeared in the door way of the living room. It was decorated in the fashion of a sitting room. Her Uncle was busying himself with something on their dining table, his back turned towards her for a moment, then he spun around with a smile on his face. “Come see what I have for you!” So Asta joined him.

    Looking at what was on the table, she suspected he had bought her something of value. The white paper wrapping was neatly done and Asta wondered what exactly the occasion was. “Well, aren’t you going to open it?” Her Uncle asked, “But my you seem so quiet today, I hope everything went well while you were out.” She looked up at him and replied in her usual chipper tone, “Everything went well, Uncle…” Pulling the package closer she carefully pulled apart the wax that sealed the paper into place. “Oh!” She exclaimed, “Uncle Wulf you shouldn’t have!” It was a well decorated jewelry box to replace the one she had lost (hocked in the market place.) “Yes. I noticed your old one went missing and thought you could use a nicer replacement.” Laughing light heartedly, she hugged her Uncle. Taking the box into her hands she excused herself from room with a notice that dinner would be ready half past four.

    Alone in her bedroom at last she placed the expensive box on a small table by her bed and then collapsed ungracefully into the covers. When her head hit the pillow she was out like a light! Her dreams were filled with little boys stealing bread, each making the same mistake and Adil-Adnan towering over her explaining this in a harsh, cruel tone. It was only when in the middle of the dream, Adnan’s hand came down to crush her that she woke with a start and toppled off the other side of her bed with a ‘off’ and cry of pain as her head hit the table. “Oh… Ouch. Ugh.” Forcing herself into a sitting position, she felt as though she hadn’t slept a wink! This was going to show poorly if they were having guests over dinner instead of just her and Uncle.

    Rising from the floor she walked over to the closed window. Fumbling with the latch she flung the window wide and looked out to the busy street and rooftops of Gondor. Well, the street wasn’t that busy. There were a few stragglers on their way home, or going out for a drink in some tavern, or perhaps they were going to the market? Taking a deep breath of familiar air she let it out with a contented sigh. Her eyes glanced towards the shadows and judged that it was only just four! Eye’s brightening she dashed to her closet and threw on some comfortable rooftop clothes and dashed back to the window. “Uncle Wulf won’t miss me!” She said as she swung a leg out the window, “I’ll be back way before dinner! He won’t even miss me!” She giggled, grabbing the coat she always left by the window sill and disappeared over the edge.
    * * * * * * *
    Some rooftops later she found herself back in the market place. Having been there earlier she returned because, well, she wanted to see if that escape route would actually work. What sort of thief would she be if she didn’t have every single out considered? Better prepared for escape than to be caught by the guards, something she had absolutely no intention of letting happen.

    Lurking in the shadows she observed where the apple stand had been before, and noticed that another food had taken its place. It was different all the time. But what caused the look of annoyance to appear on her face was the fact that it was bread seated where the apples had been earlier that evening. Shoving her hands in her pockets she walked casually down the street and wondered if there would be any assignments for her that night. She never stole anything as simple as food. And why should she? She had plenty of it at home and if she wanted it then all she had to do was go to the kitchen to find it! Uncle Wulf always hid the chocolate somewhere; it was just a mess to find it when he moved it about! Drawing her coat closer to her she proceeded calmly down the street.

    HEY!” Came a shout, then there was the familiar clink of armor. This made Asta freeze in her spot. She didn’t look about to see who they were going after, but the sound of fast approaching feet made her want to run from the guards as well. But, she wasn’t quick enough… she was never quick enough. The next time she heard armor coming down the street she was going to run, and run as fast as she could to get out of sight. “Wha- Hey!” She shouted at she bowled into. Knocked to the ground, she was dazed for a moment. The sound of the guards nearing rung in her ears, and the smell of hot, fresh bread slithered up her nostrils. “Get. Off. Me!!” She cried, trying to push off the being that had toppled her to the ground.
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    Just Play Along
    « Reply #2 on: January 29, 2014, 12:36:00 AM »
    ((Wow, you weren't kidding! It really did get away with you! ;) No worries on the wait, darling! Hope my reply is all right!))

    Desperation fueled his flight, and Mal did practically fly over the streets as he raced away from the guards, the bread in his coat bouncing against his stomach in a terrible irony. If only he could find someplace quiet he could eat his bread in peace. He oughtn't to have stolen it in the first place, it was much too risky, but he wouldn't get a crumb at Boridon's, and he had to eat, didn't he? He deserved to live just as much as anyone in the City, he just had to be a little more...creative about earning his daily bread. He just needed to put enough distance between him and his pursuers and then he would slip into the darkness and disappear. Mal did consider tossing the loaf as he ran, slipping in to some shop and protesting his innocence, but in truth he was loath to lose his prize. And if he was searched, the guards would find the knife and the book, and he would be in even bigger trouble. No, he could not afford to get caught. He risked a glance behind him. The guards were just behind the corner, but maybe if he -

    Mal's retreat was suddenly suspended as he slammed into something very solid. He tumbled to the ground and fell on top of the person who was apparently standing in his way. The bread was crushed between their bodies and an infuriatingly delicious aroma encircled them. “Wha- Hey!” Mal tried to extricate himself but their limbs were hopelessly entangled, and it was only after a few frustrating moments that he was able to prop himself up and look down at the person he had so violently bowled over. It was a young Woman, staring up at him with a deep frown shadowing her face, and his hand was right on her - “Get. Off. Me!!” She gave him a rough shove, and Mal pushed himself off her and tumbled backward.

    There were precious few seconds before the guards would come around the corner and catch him, and yet for a moment Mal was torn. He was not the sort of Man to intentionally cause harm, and he would not want it thought of him that he would hurt a maiden and then leave her, even if there was no one about to remember. Picking himself up and shaking out his lanky limbs, Mal stepped back to where the young Woman still lay and offered her his hand. "Come on, then!" he said impatiently. The guards were nearly upon him, and at any moment he expected to feel the weight of their heavy gloves upon his shoulders.


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