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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Ruairmli  (Read 3181 times)


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« on: December 29, 2013, 04:38:00 PM »


NAME: Ruairmli (pronounced Roarmli.)
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Ruair (as in Roar), this is mainly used by family and friends. 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Born T.A 2809 132 years of age.
PLACE OF BIRTH: Ered Mithrin a.k.a The Grey Mountains
RACE:  Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Ruairmli has dark brown hair, that sits on his shoulders, with beard to match the colouring. The beard, is not as mighty as it could be, but to no fault of his own, a large beard never suited the dwarf, which in turn, caused it to stay short. The locks that sit atop his head are as tousled as they are wavy and clearly something he seldom bothers himself about. Only rarely does Ruairmli push his locks back out of his face, slicking them back so that they don't sit down by the side of his head, but this is a very rare sight to see.

EYE COLOUR: His eyes are deep brown, soft, caring eyes.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Ruarmli is an average weighted dwarf, he is neither thin nor fat, and is stocky in appearance. He like to believe he has an athletic appearance to his body, but in reality, he is no different from any other dwarf. He averages on 4'7" in height which is in between for a dwarf really, but more on the taller side.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Ruairmli is mainly clad in browns and deep murky green colours. He wears a largish jacket - of dark browns and light browns, with minimal fur around it. Its lined with leather around the cuffs and down the center of the jacket, which is held shut with little clasps. His boots are large, leather and heavy. Leather straps hold his boots up for him. Like most other dwarves, he wears leather wrist protection and is seldom seen without any of this clad on; only rarely taking off his big jacket.

He has a rounded face, covered slightly by dark beard, with soft brown eyes to match the lack of harshness on his face. Everything on his face appears to be rounded; his chin, his cheeks, right down to his cute button nose. However, these features make it hard for people to take him seriously; until of course those thick dark eyebrows find themselves creased down into a scowl. Quite like most dwarves his hands appear stubby and short, but this does not hinder his performance as a warrior. In his pack he carries a pipe, rounded and smooth, with tobacco for using later on. He cannot go anywhere without his pipe, it's not in his nature.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: The dwarf only has one distinguishing feature, and that is the small scar above his lip that is very hard to notice because of his bristly beard. He rarely talks about how he got this scar, but it is indeed of his own doing, when he was little, playing about with swords when he ought not to have been.

WEAPONS: A hammer with a spike atop it. He also carries two small daggers under his coat for added protection, in case he cannot unhook his hammer quick enough from his back brace. The hammer was his fathers, but he had always admired the weapon since he was little.

FACE CLAIM: Johnny Galecki

STRENGTHS: Hidden logic is one of the things that Ruairmli is guilty of, and is a strength to him when he needs it most. By hidden logic, he means that he knows things that one would assume he wouldn't and that he never ever claims to be even remotely intelligent or clever, but those closest to him know the truth about it.

The ability to calm a heated situation is something that Ruairmli is also capable of, it is certainly something he tries to use to its utmost ability. He doesn't believe in arguments between kin or friends, as its these kind of arguments that can leave to stupidity when making an important decision in their lives.

WEAKNESSES: Stubbornness is something Ruairmli suffers with, and whilst he may bow to his leaders every whim and the king's every order, he doesn't however know when to stop being stubborn with others. In an argument, if he knows he is right, the chances of him backing down are slim. This is something of a weakness for him, because this sometimes loses him the respect of others, or friendships. He can calm heated situations, but never knows how to deal with his own.

Concerns himself too much with the opinion of his leaders. He doesn't know when to really just be himself - the problem with doting on the leaders and being everything they expect him to be is that he will never get to be himself, and this in turn, like the previous weakness, will lose him the respect of others. This makes him look like he doesn't have a thought of his own, even if he's quite clever.

ASPIRATIONS: Ruairmli doesn't really consider his goals as personal ones, other than ones where people managed  to achieve their own goals, quite like wanting to see the day that the King under the mountain returns, and whilst he did not belong to those mountains, he wants to see the day that the dwarves all take over their respective homelands once more.

To live long enough to see the day of peace between all species; especially between elves and dwarves. He has no quarrel with the elves, but knows that others do - he just wants to see the day that they reconcile with each other.

FEARS: He fears being left behind, and being alone. That's something he could never deal with; because being alone makes you vulnerable, and being vulnerable, in turn, makes you a dead dwarf. This may be a very dismal look on things, but its one of the things that keeps him alive these days. He was never alone as a child, and so the fear of lonliness stems from that.

He has an irrational fear of the things lurking in the dark that he has yet to meet. He knows there are other creatures beyond goblins and orcs, and he dreads the day that he might meet one of these creatures (spiders are included in this fear). Orcs and Goblins do not scare him, but things that are unknown to him do, on the simple basis that he doesn't know exactly how to dispose of these creatures as well as he could or ought to.

PERSONALITY: Ruairmli is a good soldier - he does as he is told, when he is told without question; however, this isn't always necessary a good thing. He does have a habit of taking charge when he feels that the job isn't getting done in the best way possible, knowing that sometimes you have to go against everything you know to ensure that the body count is minimal. He isn't afraid of speaking his mind to the people around him, unless it is his peers, then he likes to keep his mouth shut, even if what they are doing or saying is wrong. Ruairmli finds himself quiet in the presence of those he doesn't know, but, once you get to know him, he is talkative and friendly. He keeps his intelligence a secret from most, and not because he's ashamed of it, but because he fears that if he speaks, that someone will find themselves offended without him fully intending to. His intelligence stems quite vastly from knowledge of berrys and such, to the lands beyond his own home and what beings may reside there. He educated himself on all of this, so should he one day leave his home, he should find himself prepared for anything the world had to thorw at him. Without this knowledge, Ruairmli would be considered just an average dwarf.

Ruairmli has been known to sit in silence for periods of time, without saying a word, as if one was in a trance, and for some part of it, he might as well be. However, what he is actually doing is strategising, and thinking of all possible outcomes before concluding which comes with the least amount of casualties and risk. Only then will he offer an opinion or advice on the matter that they find at hand. When speaking, he often sounds soft to the ear, and like one would should they be solemn, no matter what it is that Ruairmli finds himself talking about. He is very protective of those that are in his company at the time, and should anyone behave in a reckless manner, he will take next to no time at all to make sure the behaviour is rectified, unless of course, they are perfectly safe and having a laugh about something. That is one thing that Ruairmli is aware of; he knows that sometimes, you don't always have to have your guard up, and that you can relax and enjoy a perfectly good joke with the company you keep, and he too joins in on any festivities like this. He isn't always on his guard or best behaviour, and on the odd slip of personality, he finds himself misbehaving, and playing games on people. It is only his true friends that have ever seen this side to him, and know that sometimes, he knows how to have a good laugh with people.

HISTORY:  In the bitter winters of T.A. 2809, born in the bitter winters of Ruairmli was born to Bombli and Rurila from the Grey Mountains, a.k.a Ered Mithrin. Ruairmli was a name decided by his father, believing that the name generated a sense of fear, because of its pronunciation. He was a quiet child, much to the dismay of his mother, but he loved food just as much as any dwarf, with a hearty appetite to match from a young age. This pleased his father, thinking that Ruairmli would eat and grow stronger and into a fierce and brave warrior that he always wanted his son to be like. His father taught him how to fight, and how to defend himself from an attack in an early age, to ensure that should they ever get split up, his wife wouldn't have to worry about Ruairmli all that much, knowing he should be able to fight like his old man did. Whilst these were things his father was hopeful of, he wasn't too keen on the idea that his son like to learn also, regularly borrowing texts from others and reading them whilst his father wasn't looking. Ruairmli knew, even from that age, that whilst strength and such were the things that would keep him alive, knowledge and common sense would also do the job for you, especially in a heated situation. This ideal was something his father ignored and tried to take out of Ruairmli's mind, but it would stick with his son for the rest of his life. His mother neither approved nor disapproved of this, and whether that was only to ensure that her husband would not get angry with her, was something Ruairmli never found out.

He grew up strong, being able to spar with his father without even really thinking about it anymore, his father too proud of his battle skills to even worry about his sons thirst for knowledge was certainly something that Ruairmli was pleased about. His mother and father were growing older, and this is why he tried his hardest to be the son they wanted; the warrior his father wanted, and the listener that his mother secretly wanted. He would always take time out of his training day to go and sit with her, and listen to the troubles and thoughts she may have, offering advice as and when he could, understanding that seventy percent of the time she would struggle following the advice because it was against his father in one way or another. He knew his mother was somewhat unhappy with how much pressure his father placed on him, but, being the young and strong lad he was, Ruairmli was doing very well dealing with it. There was love and caring in his heart, even though these weren't common dwarven traits. This didn't dishearten him to learn that there weren't many dwarves like him, but he believed that one day, someone somewhere would accept him for who he was and how he behaved. The young dwarf was certainly interested in finding a company of dwarves where his skills and knowledge would be welcome, but he was certain that it would take an awful long time for that to even happen to him.

T.A. 2941 brings us to the present day, and Ruairmli is 132 years of age. His parents are still alive, but Ruaimli is now a fully fledged fighters, but growing ever more curious about the world beyond the Grey Mountains. He finds the need to find Thorin Oakenshield and his troupe and help them in their quest for the Lonely Mountain, but doesn't know where to find them. Without the permission of his parents, he has begun a long and life changing journey out into the world to find his purpose and to help those who may need his help along the way. In the previous years leading up to this decision, he heard of all the tales of the past, and how Erebor was lost to a dragon before he was even born, and how Moria is now overrun his orcs. He longs to see the day that the dwarves all take back their respective homelands and become the rightful kings under the mountains again, and wishes that he may live long enough, even after his adventures to see all of this happen. Despite only being a young dwarf, he feels he may not live past 200, and this is something he has come to accept in his life, even if living in the shelter of his home might mean he got to live longer, he has still opted for a life outside of the mountains and on the road, searching for elves, and hobbits and even Thorin Oakenshield, the rightful king under the mountain.

AGE: 21
EXPERIENCE: I've been roleplaying for two years now - but I haven't played a LoTR or The Hobbit character before until now, especially since I got Elrania on here. I have experience playing several characters from other fandoms.
CONTACT:  PM methinks.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Google, I was looking for a Hobbit RPG site and this was the first that came up.
(See Elrania's RP sample for an example.)


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Played by Pip!


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« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2014, 05:36:00 PM »
A soldier Dwarf from Ered Mithrin?  Oh Pip, do I ever have a Dwarf to throw your way for plotting fun!  *flails excitedly*  Wonderful work with the application, I look forward to seeing more of this fellow. ~

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« Reply #2 on: January 04, 2014, 12:38:00 PM »
Wonderful job, Pip! Love to see another Dwarf around the board and cannot wait to see where his adventures take him!


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