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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Bombur  (Read 3541 times)


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« on: February 03, 2014, 02:34:00 PM »


NAME: Bombur
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): None, he doesn't need one either!
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A. 2810, 131 years of age
PLACE OF BIRTH: Blue Mountains 
RACE: Dwarf

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Bombur has a lot of orange hair with only a wee bald patch atop his head, quite like a monk's hair would fall. He has no real beard, at least, not on his chin, but his cheeks are covered in the facial hair he had grown, and what he has fashioned to be his beard, is just hair, in one long plait, that sits atop his stomach in one big loop. Bombur, whilst he may eat a lot, manages to keep his hair relatively clean despite the former fact. He has a small fringe covering his forehead, making his face look a little more squished.

EYE COLOUR: His eyes are deep brown, hungry, and wide eyes.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Bombur is, to put it very bluntly, fat, and he knows it. The company has probably called him out on it before, and certainly his family make fun of this fact. He's not overly tall, but he's not one of the shortest either, despite his weight. He's not ashamed of his weight, nor does it bother him that people make a joke of it either.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Bombur wears a mucky green shirt, tied up the middle with off-white string of sorts. His jacket bears no sleeves, but is a grey colour; but cannot be used to keep the dwarf warm. He wears large dark grey pants, and a pear of fingerless gloves. His boots bare barely noticeable as his trousers are over the top of them, but the boots are black in colour.  He wears a bag over his shoulder, to carry little remnants of food on so that no matter where he goes, he will never go completely hungry.
Bombur has no harsh features, so much so that his nose is even rounded. He has, in the nicest way possible, a double chin, which is frankly noticeable seeing as he has not grown a beard on his chin at all. His hands are large, and his fingers quite like sausages, round and chunky. If he were holding a sausage in his hand, one might mistake a finger for the said sausage. He has a pinkish hue to his skin tone, but this is primarily because any exercise overheats him and makes him warm quickly.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: If weight was a distinguishing mark, then Bombur would be a walking show; but as it were, they are not. Besides his weight, and the redness of his hair, he is not really a noticeable fellow. There are no noticeable scars upon him, as his skin is thick and it is hard to leave a scratch upon his body.

WEAPONS: Quite fittingly, Bombur's weapon of choice is a ladle. His own personal ladle that he carries around, to cook and the like, as well as pinch food from the cooking pot when Bofur isn't looking. The ladle is made from iron, so if that were to hit you, it would certainly hurt! He also carries a cleaver knife, but it is seldom seen as he is quite slow when it comes to registering an attack.

FACE CLAIM: Stephen Hunter

STRENGTHS: This is one of those scenarios where weight, for Bombur, is a strength as well as a weakness. As a strength, Bombur is perfectly capable of throwing his weight around, putting more strength into his blows with the ladle, and that being said, Bombur can really so some damage with that in mind. He doesn't fight often, but when he does, he can put that ladle to other uses.

His family is his strength, as they are the ones that keep him going and look after him most of the time. As a unit, they are fantastic at working together and making sure that they get through any sort of trouble alive. Bifur, Bofur and Bombur, a very good tight knit family unit.

WEAKNESSES: As I said previously, the weight can be his greatest strength as well as his weakness, making his attacks somewhat slower than the other dwarves. Despite this, he can run whenever he needs to, but, his weight in a battle can be his downfall as well as making him the best he could ever be.

He's slow, and not as good a fighter as everyone else. He's not trained properly in fighting as is noticeable by his weapon of choice, which is commonly associated with food. He is not a quick thinker, and is quite sluggish, constantly using his weight to fight, which is not always the best option. Realistically, constantly relying on his weight will get him into serious trouble, and that is why his slow sluggish behaviour will get him into trouble.

ASPIRATIONS: He aspires to live long enough to see Erebor returned to the dwarves, so that he may reap in its riches (and no doubt have a decent meal and a good long sleep along the way). Whilst this is a selfish aspiration it is one he certainly has. Whilst he is not completely bothered by gold, it is food and the comforts of home that he wants.

A quite, unselfish aspiration of Bombur's is to see his brother, and his cousin survive the quest for Erebor, and both get what they want in the end. To see the toys that his family members once made, and to be a tight family unit without the fears of one or the other dying along the way on this journey.

FEARS: Trolls, wargs and creepy crawling things, these are three things that Bombur doesn't like at all. He doesn't like the idea of being eaten or anything of the sort. He likes to eat, but he doesn't want to be the snack for another being! So his fear is not irrational in the slightest, for there is always something bigger that can eat you in the food chain of life.

Losing his family is another great fear of Bombur's. It's not one he would ever share with anyone, but, realistically, it is one he harbors. He knows the quest is dangerous (despite being quite slow in thought), but he also knows that his brother and cousin haven't been trained first and foremost as fighters. There will always be that risk in the family that something terrible will happen to one of them, and that's not a comfortable feeling at all for Bombur.

PERSONALITY: He is a quiet and generally happy fellow, who has a great love of food above all things. There isn't a thing that this dwarf won't eat, and he has a greater appetite than all other dwarves in the company. Bombur also has a great fondness of sleep, for with the amount he eats, it is no wonder that he likes to sleep most of the time. He is not a great fan of wars and any sort of danger that he may fall into along the way, but, he is capable of trusting others in the company. Bombur is quite willing to give people a chance, even if giving said person a chance is not in the best interest of the group, but he will do anything to protect his family should it come down to it. He is not as intricate as his siblings, but he knows how to cook, and therefore, makes wonderful food for them to try (or at least he would if there were more than enough food for him to play about with.) Despite his dislikening to fighting, he can fight and hits whatever he can with his ladle, even if sometimes he nearly hits the members of the company.

With his chubby hands, Bombur is also known to be a little on the clumsy side, and doesn't always think before he acts upon something, especially if food is in some way involved in the matter at hand. He is quite fierce should any of his family be threatened in anyway shape or form, and will, for once, stand his ground should this arise. He doesn't actually say much, for he doesn't have a fantastic way with words, but if he ever speaks, it is generally to complain about something that has happened to him. Otherwise, he just approves or disapproves of things in grunts and moans, just to prove his displeasure towards something. Most of his emotions and feelings are shown in his eyes above speaking, and his actions quite clearly speak louder than his words, which is unsurprising for it is hard not to notice Bombur when he does something. He is perfectly capable of doing a lot of things, including fighting, but he, like his family, are more of the "bash everything and anything" kind of fighter opposed to a more technical way of fighting like the other dwarves of the company are, but that's what makes him so different from a standard dwarf.

HISTORY: Bombur was born in the Blue Mountains, just three years after Bofur was born, and of course, becoming the younger child. He spent a lot of of time with his brother and cousin, following them, and finding much amusement in the time he spent with them. It was a fairly happy childhood, and he couldn't have asked for any more than that. He loved listening to Bofur playing his flute, and, tried to learn it himself, but it was something he could never master. However, he found an instrument that was easy for him to use. A lone drum, that could make a light pitter patter sound like rain, or a great booming noise like a thunderstorm. It was something he enjoyed about the instrument, for if he ever played with his brother, he could keep it light and friendly, but if he was ever playing his instrument alone, he could make big booming noises that would scatter and echo across the cave walls, amusing him completely. He enjoyed the story telling that his father and mother used to provide for him and his older sibling. He loved all tales, all sorts of stories of dwarves being brave and the battles that happened in the days of old, but he also loved to watch his mother cook. Everything he learnt of cooking, he learnt from her, and he still uses those skills throughout his life. He found a passion in cooking and eating that he did not find in fighting or toy making.

A journey between settlements brought Bombur and Bofur closer than ever, especially when the older brother was attacked, and that's when the trust ladle came into play. He swung it as hard as he could, striking the warg as hard as he could, it sent him off of his brother and teeth scattering everywhere. It was proven that day that Bombur would not allow anyone or anything to mess with his sibling, no matter what happened. His ladle has been his trusty weapon to this day. He was amused at the fact that Bofur had fashioned the tooth into an earring, as memorabilia for years to come, but proud that he was able to protect his brother, despite his lack of true fighting ability. He grew up, settling into a job, and into a family, producing plenty of kids to keep the family line going for several years to come. Despite having a family of his own, Bofur was always welcome in his doors, and always welcome in the company his brother. It was seldom that Bombur ever denied Bofur access to his home, unless of course he was creating a few more little Bomburs, but other than that it was a certainty that Bofur would always be welcome, as well as Bifur should he ever find his way around to visiting. When Bifur arrived with an axe embedded in his head, it was no surprise the trio stayed in the mountains away from the dangers for a while, and, as life would have it, the brothers had to learn Khuzdul, just to understand their cousin who was now unable to speak anything other than the language given to them.

Whispers began of Thorin Oakenshield, and his quest, and his request for dwarves to join his fight. Normally, Bombur would ignore such requests, not too keen on the idea of fighting, but, on the word of his wife, who was in desperate need of more money for the family, and the will of his brother and cousin, he was bound to follow suit sooner or later. That brings us to T.A. 2941, and Bombur has joined Thorin Oakenshield's company, somewhat reluctantly, to regain a homeland and slay a dragon. He has rationed enough food for himself as well as his immediate family, hoping the others of the company have gotten their own food somewhere stashed away for he is not in a complete habit of sharing, however, he will happily cook their food for them should they allow him to try it first! He trusts all members of the company, knowing that they are capable fighters and hopes that he shouldn't get into too much trouble. He doesn't mind the constant jokes of his weight, for he knows he has it good back home, with a wife and several children to his name, despite how he looked. This just proves that Bombur was obviously attractive to somebody. He is ready to fight the good fight, even if it is with the trusty ladle he used to batter off a warf that threatened his brother, but now, he is a little more prepared, carrying a cleaver with him somewhere in his bag also.

AGE: 21
EXPERIENCE: I have a fair bit of experience now don't I? Considering Bombur will be my... *counts* 6th character if I remember rightly? So I'm doing rather well.... But you guys will have to stop me soon because I'm getting a new character every week xD
OTHER CHARACTERS: Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, The Goblin King, Adair.
CONTACT: I would say carrier pidgeon, but eagles seem to be more popular around here. If not I'm on Skype somewhere.
The concoction of just about everything bubbled away in the pot suspended over a fire that the dwarves had made earlier. The ladle swished and swirled around in the liquid, big chubby fingers holding onto the ladle with as much grace as an elephant walking on ice. He pulled the ladle up, the piping hot stew meeting his lips, and his eyes lighting up with enjoyment. Well, if anything could be said for Bombur, he both enjoyed good food as well as making it. His dark eyes scanned the room, watching the other dwarves chattering away, tying up the ponies and doing what they must to secure the area. Just when he thought they weren't looking, he poured himself a bowl and found himself a quiet corner to sit in and eat it. His eyes greedily scanned the contents of the bowl, the wooden spoon in his hand looking completely pointless as his palm almost devoured it. He was just about to eat it when there was a cry and a shout, causing poor Bombur to flip his bowl up, and drop his spoon; the contents of which he was now wearing. He sighed heavily, scraping the remnants off with the back of his hand.

He rose, watching as dwarf after dwarf ran past him, looking to see what it was that was coming their way. Wargs. He ran forward, grabbing his ladle, just in time for the piping hot metal to rise out of the liquid and hit one of the wargs straight in the face, one Bombur hadn't noticed when he'd gone to retrieve his weapon. He turned and ran in the direction he had seen the other dwarves running in, his ladle in hand. Strangely enough, Bombur had somehow managed to catch them up, outrunning a couple of them at the back and catching up to his brother, but not once did he look back to see if they were still being followed. He didn't need to know, and he didn't want to know. Those foul teeth he had seen too many times in his life time. He hooked the handle of his ladle on a thick branch of a tree he was passing, and used it to climb up, watching the other dwarves do the same. They sat, patiently in the trees as the wargs ran straight past, Orcs that were sat upon them not having noticed the dwarves had done a mysterious vanishing act.

All that lovely food. Wasted. I was enjoying that! His thoughts turned to the wasted stew that had no doubt been knocked over by the reckless wargs as they'd scurried past to catch up to the dwarves. He was, undoubtedly, unimpressed by all of this. He was so hungry, and no doubt the rest of them were, but Bombur was more so. He needed to eat regularly or he'd go all funny. Food was the only thing, besides his family, that was comforting him on this journey, and if he wasn't getting it, he wasn't comforted at all.

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Played by Pip!


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« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2014, 10:42:00 AM »
Eeee, Bombur is utterly magnificent!  Welcome to the Company of Thorin Oakenshield, Pip.  Are you ready for an adventure? :D

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« Reply #2 on: February 07, 2014, 04:38:00 AM »
*thumbs up* Welcome, indeed, to the Company! <3 I look forward to seeing what adventures lay in the future for Bomber! XD



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