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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Cefren  (Read 3557 times)


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« on: February 07, 2014, 03:41:00 AM »


NAME: Cefren 
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): S.A. 1000 (5382)

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Cefren has wavy blond hair that falls to the small of his back. He usually braids its sides and then place the braids behind his ears to keep his hair from his face. Though there are occasions he also lets it flow freely. 

EYE COLOUR: Bright blue 

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Cefren is tall like most Elves are, standing at 6'10". He is slender and graceful like most of his kind, walking with levity and assuredness in equal measure. 

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Cefren can don either ceremonial robes, leather armor or utilitarian fitting clothes with equal grace and personal comfort. Though it must be noted that nowadays he is less inclined to ceremonies and more into his job as a guard and mentor in Mirkwood, so the kind of clothes he most often wears now are fitting but allowing full range of movement. Their colors are generally dark green or brown or a combination of those so they can mesh with the colors of the forest he helps to protect. 

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Cefren has a good quantity of lasting scars due to the many battles he has fought during his long life. Some would say his calm and apparently absent nature is of notice too.

WEAPONS: Cefren has a bow granted to him when he joined the Mirkwood guard in the beginning of the Third Age and is now very skilled at wielding it. He also carries a sword that once belonged to his father, which used to be his favorite weapon of choice during the Second Age and a dagger gifted to him by sorceress Annúngilel, which is a memento of home he treasures deeply.
FACE CLAIM: Brad Pitt 


- Calm: Cefren is wise and humble, both he earned through much suffering. A consequence of those attributes is his general sense of calm and quiet behavior that many seem to understand as him being absent of mind or disinterested in affairs not concerning his work as a member of the Mirkwood guard. He won't be seen having any kind of heated arguments with anyone and should he disagree vehemently with you, his voice will not raise by much as he says what he thinks must be heard. 

- Observation: Cefren is a highly observant Elf, an ability he has honed after the loss of his home and family due to pure deceit. Every movement or body language around him he can pick up on with a good amount of accuracy. This made of him a great asset upon his arrival at Greenwood and was possibly the very ability which gave him his current position. He can see a bee flying by in the middle of a fight and not get distracted by it while still acknowledging its presence.

- Skill: Cefren is a very skilled warrior with either blades or bow now. He has chosen to share his skill with the youngsters who wish to serve in the guard when he decided to work as a mentor for its new members. He isn't an easy instructor, but those who have passed through his hands are among some of the best within the king's assets.


- Guilt: Cefren blames himself for the fact his family is dead and his home was destroyed. It doesn't matter that he was still very young, just a few centuries old, when Celebrimbor's rebellion against Sauron began and he was forced to fight in his first true battlefield. He thinks that if he had been more observant or aware, he might have been able to predict the danger coming like others had. His guilt is the origin of his hard behavior towards his pupils, he wishes to instill this predictive ability based in observational skill he lacked when young in them at their prime of life and thus make them better than himself was at their age. 

- Wariness: Cefren is naturally wary of strangers or people he doesn't know for a good amount of time or has seen born and grow with his own eyes. He has no ability to simply believe in anyone's good intentions anymore after what happened in his youth with Sauron's deceit and will use his observational skills on anyone he finds to be off or too good to be true until such person has proved enough times that he or she is not a threat, which can last centuries, and just then would he fully accept this individual into his personal space without worries.

- Toughness: Cefren is no easy mentor to his apprentices. He pushes them to the limit without giving any of them an inch. He is specially hard on those he sees greater potential in or those who remind him of himself in his youth before the marks of age and fate took place. This is so they will acquire the necessary abilities for the job they decided to take on and keep themselves alive while performing it. He may also help bar entrance to those deemed carriers of too much lack of focus as he knows like few how to destabilize someone who is susceptible.


- Excel in defending the Woodland Realm that has so kindly received him when he was so broken.

- Train the guard assets of Mirkwood to the best of his honed abilities.

- Keep what he has managed to get for himself.


- This sickness that seems to be poisoning Mirkwood, proliferating dark creatures and what both may mean for the future.

- Loosing any more people he came to care about. He has lost many already.

- Strangers, specially those with seemingly good intentions.

PERSONALITY: Cefren is much like the wind. He can be gentle and kind like a breeze or powerful and destructive like a hurricane. It all depends on the situation he finds himself in. Once upon a time his natural temper controlled these changes, but nowadays his wisdom does. He will act as the situation demands. He is generally very calm and sort of in the background, knowing how to make himself scarce and acknowledged in equal measure. This way he may be unseen or taken for granted when he is actually seeing and taking notice of the smallest details around him.

His job as a mentor and member of the Mirkwood guard is everything to Cefren nowadays and he takes pride in his excellence in performing both duties. He is not the type to be arrogant about his skills and follows king Thranduil with the same loyalty he has demonstrated to all his other superiors in the past. He invests more feelings in his apprentices than they generally acknowledge at first, this is the reason why all of those who have stayed around afterwards have gained a dependable friend they can always count on.

Cefren is a generally reserved Elf, owner of deep thoughts and feelings he most times prefers to keep to himself. Though when he decides to share them with someone, it is always someone he trusts or cares about deeply because it also means to share a bit of his experience and wisdom. He is naturally wary of those he hasn't known for a long time or people who just seem too good to be true. He is an Elf with a scarred soul, who has clung to life out of a need to do something that would leave something good in this world, even if it is not him who actually performs the great deeds.

HISTORY: Cefren was born to his parents at the lands of Eregion when it was still under the rule of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel in S.A. 1000. His father had come from Valinor upon being called to participate in the War of Wrath and while most survivors from that conflict decided to return to the Undying Lands, he instead decided to stay because he had fallen in love with a lady who became Cefren's mother. Together they dwelled in Lindon for some time before going east.

The lands of Eregion were pleasant and welcoming, reason why many decided to settle them upon the seventh century of the Second Age. Cefren's parents were amongst those. Life was tranquil and their elfling grew up healthily and ever smarter. When he came of age, he decided to follow in the footsteps of his uncle, brother to his mother, and join the guard of the land. There weren't many obvious enemies as eventually free trade and even a friendship was stablished between Eregion and their closest neighbors, the Dwarven realm of Khazad-dûm, but it was better to be safe than sorry always.

Cefren was just two centuries old when Annatar arrived. Being just a lowly Elf aspirant to the guard, he had no direct dealings with the stranger and knew nothing of what was going on around him but for the fact many considered him a friend to the people of the land, thus so did he. At S.A. 1350, the land changed leadership and was from then on ruled by Lord Celebrimbor until its final devastation. It was also under his leadership that Cefren gained his first position as an adult and it was as part of the guard as was his only ambition at that time. With the training and help from his uncle he managed to guarantee it. That was when his father gifted him his old sword, since he saw no use in it anymore and had already retired it since the War of Wrath.

A couple of centuries passed by and everything still seemed just fine across the land. Annatar seemed to be doing good on his word to bring knowledge and prosperity to their people or said the words that spread from the capital of Eregion. By this time Cefren lived closer to the borders of the realm where he was stationed on guard duty. When he was 500 years old, his heart was taken by a Noldorin beauty. He wedded her 10 years afterwards.

Six decades after his wedding he became father to a boy. He was young still but felt ready for the responsibility and so did his wife. 10 years after was when his parents decided to sail and leave Middle-Earth. They asked him and his family to go to Valinor with them, but Cefren didn't want to go yet and stayed behind with his wife and son, who also wanted to stay. His father's sword became a memory of him to his son after that and he began to treasure it in other ways than just the light feel of its blade.

When his boy was still an elfling of just 30 years of age and himself an young adult of 600, there was an attack on his settlement that came as a complete surprise. Most of its inhabitants were killed by the incoming Orcs, including Cefren's family. He himself only barely survived it and did so because his uncle sacrificed himself so he could ride to the capital and warn his lord of what had transpired.

Arriving at the capital settlement of Eregion, Cefren was surprised by the state of turmoil the once pleasant place found itself. Something very wrong was going on, it was obvious. He did his duty and informed Celebrimbor of what had happened by the southern border and that was when he knew that Annatar was indeed Sauron and had tricked them all and riders had just been sent to spread the word throughout the lands that they were being called to fight in what became known as Celebrimbor's rebellion. It was just too late for Cefren's settlement though, which would never receive that warning as it no longer existed.

For his fortitude and bravery or maybe the sheer luck of his survival, Cefren was granted a position at the capital's defending force by his lord and received from the sorceress Annúngilel a beautifully ornate dagger. She said that in the upcoming moments of grief and need it would bring him strength. From that day on, he always carried the item on himself and used it in many occasions.

In S.A. 1693 the War of The Elves and Sauron was declared and the situation at Eregion, which was already bad became worse by much. 2 years later Elrond arrived as a lieutenant of Gil-Galad. The war scaled to disastrous proportions, for the Elves, and in S.A. 1697 his lord was killed by the enemy and the lands of Eregion were completely destroyed.

For the few survivors, Cefren included, three choices were given. Seek refuge in either Lothlórien or Lindon or follow Elrond northwards as he stablished Rivendell as a refuge. Between those choices, Cefren decided to go to Lindon and there he tried to heal his wounds. Worse were those of the heart and the soul. Yet he did not give up on his life as some did faced with the same prospect nor he decided to join his parents in Valinor. It would be cowardice to leave now in either way as war was still ravaging the lands of Eriador in general.

It did not take a long time for Cefren's blades to be called into battle again as in S.A. 1699, just two years after the loss of his homeland, both Rivendell and Lindon were besieged by Sauron's forces. For one year they fought valiantly until help arrived in the form of a Númerórean fleet lead by Ciryatur, which managed to break the siege in Lindon and defeat Sauron's forces, which retreated from Eriador back to Mordor.

After Sauron's defeat, Cefren decided to remain in Lindon, helping in guarding it, and a great deal of time passed, 1.730 years to be more specific, until Gil-galad called upon all Elves to fight under the same banner against the Dark Lord in which became known as The Last Alliance of Elves and Men. Cefren, now a reasonably old and experienced Elf of 2430, was amongst those who heeded that call and joined the Elven forces that came from Lindon. The war lasted 4 years until Sauron's forces were defeated at the Battle of Dagorlad and the siege of Barad-dûr began. Seven long and hard years of fighting afterwards the war was finally won when Isildur destroyed Sauron's physical form.

Amongst the survivors many Elves decided to leave Middle-Earth at the end of the Second Age as had happened once before at the end of the First Age. Thoughts of leaving to meet his parents and now only family alive did inhabit his mind for the first few years of the Third Age, but in the end he decided to stay again. Annúngilel had been right all those centuries ago when she had told him her gift would give him strength to move on in his moments of need and grief. It was true. Every time he thought on giving up, Cefren looked at the gifted dagger and remembered his homeland and that he was himself a sort of relic of the past. Leaving would deprive the world from memory and he still thought he had something to look forward to and give in return. He wasn't sure though what that would be.

While he thought on where to stay and what to do next during the 5 first years of the Third Age, he also wandered the lands of Middle-Earth having Rivendell as his base. One such travels took him to Greenwood The Great and into the Woodland Realm. The forest was pleasant and it somewhat reminded him of home. He said his final thanks to Lord Elrond and pledged his service to Greenwood's ruler after which he was allowed to stay. There Cefren dwells ever since.

He was given a bow, with which he enhanced the skill he already possessed as a hunter. After just 100 years of intensive training, Cefren achieved with his new weapon the same level of skill he had with his blades, which he still carries with himself during his duty hours. Excellence is the least he expects from himself nowadays and won't accept any less.

Even though he came from outside the realm, Cefren's true loyalty was never questioned. Soon he showed the worth of his honed abilities and then climbed the ladder of the guard with time. Upon king Thranduil's coronation, he decided to change his main position within the guard to that of instructor, which placed him in the assessment of new recruits, though he also serves guard duties while training the new recruits. Some of the guard's best assets have been trained by Cefren and this fact was not overlooked by King Thranduil who rewarded him with his trust. Being the humble Elf he is, Cefren was deeply honored by this and has since dedicated himself even more fiercely to his duties and the defense of the Woodland Realm.

Though the dimming of Greenwood is something that has been worrying Cefren for centuries, lately something else has been stirring in Mirkwood that is more than mere spiders and darkness. His ever observant eyes are watching everything from the woodwork though and if something is really amiss, he'll see it sooner rather than later.

AGE: Almost 31
COUNTRY: Brazil 
EXPERIENCE: About 16 years now
OTHER CHARACTERS: The Necromancer, Estel, Arahin, Annúngilel and Dáin Ironfoot
CONTACT: Best is PM.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Been here long time
Copy and paste any post from the people mentioned above, specially the first two just because they've been around longer and have more. ;)

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Thanks go to Alagon for this great avatar!!!!!


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« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2014, 08:59:00 PM »
This baby is now ready for your scrutiny!!!!!
Thanks go to Alagon for this great avatar!!!!!


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« Reply #2 on: February 10, 2014, 10:51:00 AM »
Wow, wonderful work as always Marbys - Cefren's history is so rich! ~

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« Reply #3 on: February 10, 2014, 06:36:00 PM »
ALL THE ELVES!! WELCOME CEFREN!!!! Welcome to Mirkwood!


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