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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Altair  (Read 2898 times)


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« on: August 05, 2014, 10:18:00 PM »


NAME:  Altair
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Teacher, Master, Know-It-All
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): T.A 2916(?), 25
RACE:  Man

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Light brown and poofy! Generally kept brushes, but the poofy-ness can't be helped.
EYE COLOUR:  Blue! Sky blue, lovely blue!
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Over all, you ask? Well over all Altair generally wears a long coat that belonged to his grandfather, a rather colorful long scarf his grandmother knitted him, fingerless gloves on his hands and he has about three outfits. The first outfit is for his professional and privet teaching. He wears a clean shirt, a nice vest, nice pants – you know, the usual. His shoes for these lessons are always neatly kept (though they tend to get lost). He has riding clothes, which also works for fencing. It is a simple white shirt with a nice overcoat, riding boots and comfortable leather pants. (That were a gift from the man he had given fencing lessons to, and in turn taught Altair how to ride). Sometimes he can be seen wearing a hat. The third are his simple everyday clothes.

Other features? Well if you insist! He has a very distinguishing nose and large, blue eyes. His hair is light brown and very… poofy. Basically, you would be able to tell who it was in a crowed place. At least, he thinks he just has one of those faces. Like his poofy hair, his grin and smile are just as big!

With him he carries a large ‘backpack’ filled with his clothes, and most importantly his books and extra paper with random scribbles and his diary. In a smaller pouch attached to the bag carries his bottled, and corked, ink and a quill.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  No scars or tattoos, but I guess it would be his hair or his noes!
WEAPONS:  Sword. Flute... the scarf comes in handy too.
FACE CLAIM:  Tom Baker!

STRENGTHS: Knowledge, swordsmenship and music!
WEAKNESSES:  Children are his top weakness. Books are also his weakness, I think I would go as far as to say that he would consider them children! Giving in, eventually he does give in.
ASPIRATIONS:  To open a school of sorts for children in Rohan!     
FEARS:  Failure. Failure to achieve what it is exactly that he wants to do!
PERSONALITY:  Well. Isn’t this usually the most difficult part of the app aside from the history? Altair is very sensitive, his feelings can be very hurt, but he’s a big boy now, and he doesn’t take offense as easily anymore, but that is not to say that he doesn’t feel it from time to time. No, he has always been busy with his studies, basically he’s a big nerd who goes into people’s houses with the honest intent to teach and not get caught up.

When confronted with some (crazy) young lady who is trying to flirt with him, he stutters. At the end he comes out a bit flustered. If he wasn’t so clumsy, his flusteredness might be considered adorable, the way he runs his hands through his hair and stutters, constantly straightening his shirt and going: “Ah, well yes… you see. Err, you know I really, really think we should get on with our lesson, don’t you?” then he’ll smile broadly and clasp his hands together. He is a very sensible person! That is not to say that he doesn’t think himself a handsome fellow! He just thinks some of the young crazies he teaches are a little out of their minds at times.

“Ah, well you see I’m not all that tidy…” Altair is a wreck! He can’t keep anything in order to save his life! It isn’t uncommon for him to say “Now where did that blasted sheet go?” or “Does anyone know what happened to my shoes?” The one thing he has been able to keep in order is his diary… of sorts. Letters and entries have been known to go missing when he least expects them. Despite all this, though, his memory is wonderful! He has a real keen eye for history and language and tends to get overly excited about these things. (Though he doesn’t foam at the mouth, but to be honest I wouldn’t expect less.) If we can get this tall, rugged man into one of the Elvish libraries he might never come out again! He loves books, he carries them with him everywhere! (Besides, knowledge is power, isn’t it?)

Rude and obnoxious aren’t in his vocabulary! At least around nobles and such. Like anyone he likes a juicy bit of gossip and tends to find himself among people. Anyone who is not part of the royal line, however, he’ll treat kindly and if you’re rude to him then he might be rude to you. The chances are slim.

As much as he appreciates the sword, he does not like resorting to violence unless he has too. And he’s more willing to surrender than fight his way out. Escaping, though, he’s all for it! Especially if there is something at the end of it other than a way out. XD (Books are a mighty incentive you know. He’ll do anything for a book.) He doesn’t mind if it is in a different language, he will gladly take days (weeks even) to translate transcripts and poetry. AH! Poetry! There is no love lost there, he adores poetry and song. And song and poetry and song that is from poetry or poetry that is song! (Basically every which way.) He can’t sing himself, but he can play the lute, harp and various other instruments if he has too. (Please don’t ask him to sing! Not unless you have something plug yours, and his ears with). And last, but not least, he is perfectly content with his existence and doesn’t see why people seem to resent teachers as much as they do.

HISTORY: Altair son of Castor was born in T.A 2916 to Castor and Bianca. Their marriage was not because they fell in love, but to bring together two families who were very fond of each other. Castor is the son of a scholar from a young age he has always wanted to be a part of a king’s army instead of following in his father’s footsteps and becoming a teacher. Bianca is daughter of an engraver. Castor’s father and Bianca’s mother were old friends in their youth and it was always thought that the two would marry. And when they didn’t it was shock to the community! The first to marry was Castor’s father. Three months later Bianca’s mother married.

It was very strange for the couples to already be so close! And we already know how much closer they wanted to be. When it came time, Bianca and Castor started seeing each other through family gatherings. It was no surprise that the two wanted nothing to do with each other. Bianca had her heart set on being a seamstress like her mother, and Castor wanted to be a soldier. Seeing trouble in the future the parents decided to only have the gatherings every other year until they could safely have gatherings every year. But since they were betrothed from birth, it didn’t really matter. They would have to get married anyway. Somewhere in the middle of the summer the parents, who had been observing their children’s behavior towards each other, were pleased when the two seemed to get on so well! They agreed to have the children meet every summer and then they would begin wedding preparations for when the time came.

Well, when the time finally did come the children were ready (even though neither were crazy about the idea, they had grown up to believe that it was their duty to marry each other and unite the families). And so, like any fairytale, the two families were brought together through the marriage of their children! They lived contentedly for four years before they were finally blessed with a child! A little girl they named Déorwyn. She lived for six months until she mysteriously died during the night. It wasn’t long after that that Bianca was found she was with child once again.

Altair was born on a bright summer’s day. Terrified they would lose this one, they were very careful to keep him for any harm until he could walk around. Altair was a bright young boy! He liked to do everything a bright young boy of Rohan loved to do, play in the mud, bring home wild animals and asked to keep them, ride horses…

When Altair was 5 years old his father came down a violent case of the summer flu. His mother, fearing that Altair would catch it sent him to live with his grandfather. It was only intended that he should stay until the flu had passed. Sadly, Bianca caught the flu and both died of it within a few months.

Well you guess what happened next, can’t you? Altair ended up staying with his Grandmother and Grandfather on his father’s side and followed the path of the Scholar like his Grandfather. He was sent to Gondor where he became a scribe and spent a good majority of his life improving his handwriting, learned a few languages, and honing in on math. Particularly history and music, though... At the age of 20 he was set to become a privet tutor in the homes of Gondorian aristocrats, mostly teaching music and writing. He loves to go through their large libraries. He has worked part time as a translator, too. (Just a little something to pass the time.)

Somewhere inbetween the years he started teaching, he managed to be paid in free riding lessons, which also won him a nice pair of tan leather pants. To say the least, that was the strangest form of payment he’s ever received to date.

Currently, five years later (25 years old now) He travels from Gondor back to his home in Rohan and back, with no shortage of pit-stops along the way, to begin teaching his privet lessons and hopefully open a small school for those who are ‘underprivileged’ or just simply want to learn how to read and write. He keeps a small diary of his travels and of the students he has taught so can share his adventures, triumphs and failures with his grandparents when he returns home to see them again! 

AGE:  20
OTHER CHARACTERS: Too many, but I dropped Asta (because I had no muse for her anymore) so I could also pick up this one.
CONTACT:  PM or Cbox!
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  ... heh, been here all my life!
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« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2014, 07:14:00 PM »
Ahhh, Altair is superb and all kinds of adorable!  Have fun with him, Hades. ~

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