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Author Topic: Taking Chances in Courting  (Read 805 times)


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Taking Chances in Courting
« on: October 09, 2014, 05:25:00 PM »
If someone had told Annis that eight years after she turned fifty, she would have fallen in love and be courted; she would have laughed and suggested some kind of head medicine to fix the ludicrous ideas that people had. The matter of the fact was, that's exactly what happened to her. She could safely say that she'd fallen in love - and whilst she'd spent many years pessimistically dismissing the idea of love at first sight, she was pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong. If someone had also told her that her best friend would also be distracted by a pretty dwarf maiden and find little time to spend with Annis anymore, she would have probably also laughed... Perhaps Annis wasn't overly that good at predictions as she thought she was.

Winter was coming and, despite her mothers protests, Annis had decided that now was just as good a time as any to spend some quality time with Ville. They were now officially courting after all, so spending time apart was a no go. The protests from her mother, however, weren't against the fact that Annis was going to see Ville, but that she shouldn't do so alone in the snow. The weather never stopped Annis going out to see Kili so why should it stop her from meeting up with Ville? It was only snow after all.

Dipping deep into her dress trunks, she desperately tried to find the best dress for the occasion, but this was something she always struggled with. After countless mumbles and groans, she saw it, almost sparkling at the bottom of the pile. The lightest pale lacey blue dress, little pearl like balls sown into intricate little patterns upon the bodice. Drawing it up from the trunk, her deep maroon eyes scanning over it, the smallest smile creeping in the corner of her lips. He'll love this. Dress picked and put on, Annis quickly set to her hair, brushing it through, the normal bouncy curls turning into softened delicate curls that Annis could easily draw her slender fingers through, tousling some of it into larger more defined curls.

In the past, Annis would have spent less time getting ready for she didn't really care much for how she looked back then, but now, everything she wore and did with her hair was intentional. The last thing she could ever want would be to show Ville up should people she her hanging on his arm. Grasping hold of a cloak, with a light fur collar, she stepped out into the snow without hesitation and headed straight for the river. That's where she'd asked to meet him, and, she was sure, unlike some, he wouldn't be late! So neither would she be. Her feet swiftly dragged her at fast pace towards her destination, knowing full well that the time she'd spent on how she looked had been far too long, and that, should she have just meandered then she would have been less than punctual.

Standing in their agreed meeting place, Annis waited as patiently as she ever had done; waiting for Ville to appear.
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Taking Chances in Courting
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2014, 05:30:00 AM »
He probably shouldn't have encouraged Annis to leave home by herself. Not in the snow he knew was already falling outside. Ville had been out on a short trek to look over their meeting place and assure it's safety for his fair maiden.  It was snowing already with several inches already covering the ground and more flakes still falling at a steady pace.  Upon Annis's request to meet up today, Ville had rearranged his schedule to better suit her needs and to make sure he was available for the majority of the day. He could stay up late to catch up on paperwork and go over the files from last week's council meeting. Although there was that issue with the East Mine to deal with yet, something under his specific jurisdiction.

Ville had let his father know he'd be going out and donned dark blue wool with his black leathers, finishing it off with a deep, dark blue cloak trimmed in black fur. He was quite the noble sight as he moved through the halls, spine straight and shoulders back.  His posture was perfection, his face schooled into a neutral expression that said he was not interested in being stopped. Slipping past a gaggle of maidens who ogled him as he passed, Ville nodded to the guards as he stepped through the gate and outside. His breath misted before him as he walked, pace steady through the fallen (and still falling) snow.

It took his long, long legs only a short time to reach their meeting place, where Annis had already beaten him.  And what a sight she was, rich cocoa skin and soft curls framed beautifully against the pale fur of her cloak and the white snow all around her.  Ville took a deep breath, still marvel - eight years after meeting her - that she was his to court and spoil and adore. His lips curved automatically into a doting, warm smile and Ville crunched through the snow, not bothering to try to sneak. Besides, after years of being snuck up on by her best friend, she no doubt had sharp ears for quiet feet.

"Good morrow, Annis. How fare you today?" Catching one of her small, delicate hands, he bent and brushed his lips over her skin. And then he frowned. "And where are your gloves?" His voice was a quiet rumble, though there was no longer the shyness of bygone years. Not with her, not now that she was no beautiful stranger to him.


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Taking Chances in Courting
« Reply #2 on: October 11, 2014, 02:58:00 PM »
She eyed the dark blue wool of his clothes and smiled more to herself than anyone else. That blue always made him look very smart and official, but handsome all the same. The black fur of his cloak only drew attention to his face, and it was a pleasant face at that! She had no doubt that he had been ogled on his way down here, but the matter of the fact was, he had chosen her above the other maidens. Why? To this day she was still unsure, but she never questioned a blessing. It was, after all, rude to stare a gift horse in the mouth was it not? Annis had far too good manners to be even considering such a thing. As he approached, she chose to curtsey slightly, in a combination of being lady-like and to tease him somewhat. They may have been courting for a while, and Annis did not necessarily need to courtsey every time she saw him, but it was only the behaviours she'd seen others bestow upon him whenever in his presense. That may have been because there were still some dwarf maidens trying to win him from Annis, but she knew a faithful dwarf when she saw one, and Ville was no doubt one of these dwarves.

"I fare well, and yourself? Not working too hard I hope." She watched as her hand was lifted by his own, and a kiss pressed upon it. Even to this day, a small blush formed onto Annis' cheeks whenever he did so. With a small frown, she looked down at her gloveless hands, realising only now that she had forgotten to pick them up. Perhaps her quick pace here had kept them warm, but right now, she did not feel the cold. "I must have left them on the table - but I'll be fine without them. It is, after all, not too cold." Following this comment, and the release of her hand, she stuffed them under the cloak she was wearing, hoping that that would be enough to keep herself warm. She didn't particularly like snow, but she didn't have anything against it either. It was harmless, despite its ability to make even the warmest of people freeze; but for a meeting, she imagined they would be good for now.

She noticed the snow was still falling, a couple of flakes hitting his pale cheeks, and with a delicate smile, she raised her hand, a gentle thumb rubbing the snowflakes away. Allowing her hand to slip back down, she stuffed it back into her cloak, a small shiver daring to shake her, though she was not overly that cold, but the snow had been. "What are our plans for today? Are we to take a walk or perhaps enjoy each others company elsewhere? Preferably not a tavern." Not that Ville would ever suggest such a thing, but she was so used to her own father taking to the tavern, that she, quite wrongly, assumed that that was at the forefront of every man's mind.
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