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Author Topic: The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition  (Read 2514 times)


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The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
« on: March 25, 2013, 02:15:00 PM »
Oh joy of joys, another party, another social event for the calender, another opportunity to mingle with both the mundane and the vicious – because there just weren't enough of those!  Aesa had tried to get out of it, of course.  First she protested her attendance, then desperately sought out another event, any other event, she could go to instead (with no luck) and this morning, as a last resort, she even resorted to dramatically declaring herself entirely unwell and, in a fit of affectatious coughs, unable to socialise.  Issa would have none of it, not when she had called in several favours just to have her daughter put on the guest list.  The only way the maiden could avoid going was if she died and, even at that, the determined Issa might still dress her in her finery and prop her up in a corner somewhere!  

Though Issa would not admit it, this gathering was perhaps a little above their station and so it was hugely important to her that Aesa made this most of this opportunity and represented the family.  The event was being held as a means of welcoming some minor visiting nobility and, though the guest might not be of the highest social standing, the reception was going to be exclusive.  After all, who didn't enjoy showing off to out-of-towners?  And what better way was there to do so than by only letting them see the finest of everything?  Thus it was not like the usual breakfasts, afternoon teas or galas that Aesa was used too.  In fact, there was not another maiden she knew who would be going and that left her in a state of trepidation.

Issa had curled and braided her daughter's hair, pinning it up elaborately, and went so far as to pick out the dress that Aesa would wear.  One of the finest ones they had in their possession, Aesa noticed, and the maiden accepted all this interference passively.  It gave her mother untold satisfaction to be in control and it was not worth the effort it would take to force her to relinquish it - not in this case at least.  Scrubbed and styled, dressed and adorned with accessorises, Aesa made her careful way to the reception (having at least convinced Issa not to walk her to the door).  Once granted access by those minding the door, Aesa paused before entering, mentally preparing herself to smile and to chatter on about frivolous things.  A mere moment later she was ready and the maiden entered with all the grace and poise she could manage.  A quick scan of the room confirmed to Aesa that, though she recognised some, she did not know a single soul in attendance (at least not well enough to speak to), and the quiet murmur of refined conversation made it clear that this was a formal, subdued, proper and altogether stuffy gathering.  Swallowing nervously, Aesa made her way over to where refreshments lay waiting, her skirts rustling, and tentatively lifted up a goblet of wine, mostly to have something to do with her hands and to make it appear that she fitted in and was worthy of being here.  

As Aesa made her way over to a corner of the room, where she planned to lurk discreetly until she was invited into some conversation, an elderly Dwarf approached her.  He was taller than she and the manner with which he squinted at her (in addition to his advanced age) suggested that his eyes were failing him.  Flashing the most winning smile she could manage, Aesa waited for him to introduce himself.  “Are you lost, Dwarfling?  Where is your mother?” he asked, after a long pause, catching Aesa a little off guard.  But then, with her beardless face, it was hardly surprising (though undeniably awkward) that he had assumed she was a child.  “Oh!  She is... not far.” Aesa responded politely, though perhaps a little lamely and vaguely.  It did not seem the time or place to detail her age or to make excuses for her appearance.  Besides, she rather had the impression that this gentleman would not pay much mind to what she said anyway.  There were plenty of folk, harmless though they were, who enjoyed the sound of their own voice too much and it only took a minute for Aesa to discover her first impression of the Dwarf was painfully accurate.  “Terrible business, the acid mine water that has gathered in the shafts, wouldn't you say?” he began importantly, without introducing himself or asking for her name and then, before Aesa could even reply, he ploughed pompously on, “They have found new mineral deposits, you know.  We can only hope there is enough competent rock for decent drifts and tunnels and shafts to be built.  And let's not forget the importance of the lithology of the area!  Do you know much about lithology, young Miss?”  Aesa had glanced down at her wine briefly, not having expected to have an opportunity to speak for a least several minutes, and was startled to find that the Dwarf did now wait for some input from her.

“As a matter of fact, I do not,” Aesa answered honestly, her bright eyes meeting his clouded own and she pondered whether he had ever spent a day in the mines himself.  Her money would be on a definite and solid no, at least not as a labourer.  “It sounds...”  Sounds what?  Unimaginably boring, dull and colourless?  The truth would not help the maiden here and she did not have anyone else to converse with - she ought to be glad that she at least had some company and was not standing alone like a plum!  “... riveting.” Aesa finished breathlessly, as though this were the most intriguing topic her young mind could possibly fathom and hating herself for the untruth of it.  Those words of encouragement were all that was needed (though perhaps any words would have done) for the old, well-meaning fellow to launch into deep discussion of the character and individuality of rock as described in terms of colour, structure, composition and grain size (“Let me educate you, then!” he had begun eagerly).  It did not help that the Dwarf's voice was unbearably dry and monotonous.  Nodding politely from time to time, smiling where appropriate and sipping her wine with quiet desperation, it was all Aesa could do to keep her eyes from glazing over.

(OOC: I know nothing of mining terminology or geology so if I murdered it in this post, I am terribly sorry! Also, I realise that Dwarves are a mining race, and proud of it, but I figured that doesn't mean they all love to talk about rocks in great detail - especially not with one so dour. X])


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The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2013, 06:27:00 PM »
Formal engagements were a must when one was royalty and as such Dis was more than used to them. She’d been attending them since she was old enough to walk, her hair pulled up into a pile of glossy curls even at that tender age. Her mother had cared for such affairs about as much as Dis did, which was to say not at all, but duty didn’t always end at the tip of a sword certain obligations still had to be met.  After her mother passed away, Thrain had been more than content to leave such matters in the hands of his only daughter. It was not that the men of the royal family were not invited so much as that they rarely cared to attend and yet someone had to put in an appearance if only to keep their people happy. Only if the entire affair was too far below their appointed station would Dis politely send her regrets. After the fall of Erebor, most of the parties obviously ceased, there was little enough work for the dwarven people much less grand halls to have such parties in but as Thorin worked to settle them all in the Blue Mountains and Ered Luin began to take form, the need to regain some of their former glory became a pressing matter.

That meant that the royal family had to retake their position as the leaders of their people and quickly enough the other noble families fell back into old habits as well. As Ered Luin began to grow, families began to haul out their dusty standards and the age old struggles of wealth and power began anew. Dis was admittedly frustrated with it all for while she was grateful that her people were finally finding their feet again, she could do without the mad struggles for power and political intrigue that always accompanied any royal family. As heirs of Durin and direct descendants of Thror himself, Dis and Thorin were safe from most of the jostling and cattiness that others had to deal with and their place was cemented even further after the victory that Thorin had snatched before the very doors of Moria but others were not so lucky and Dis had no stomach for watching it all unfold. Still, she had duties to perform and, every bit the royal her grandfather had been even if only in her own mind, she held herself to a certain standard and would not allow Thorin’s reign to be marred by causing political tensions with other non-dwarven races.

Thus is was that Dis found herself once again getting ready for a formal engagement she was positive would be about as dull as watching grass grow. She brushed her hands over the front of her gown and adjusted the gilded belt at her waist. It wasn’t her finest dress but it would do. She wasn’t about to go all out with layers of petticoats and tons of jewelry just because some minor noble got it in his head that he should invite the ruling family of Ered Luin to a party. She would show up, make some polite chit-chat, and then try to extricate herself as quickly as possible from those who would seek her favor in an attempt to raise their own station. Dis checked her reflection one last time and tucked a wayward curl back into place. Her hair was pulled up into a series of cascading curls  interwoven with braids which formed a complex net-like pattern down her back. Gold beads glinted all along the braids and from the tips of her long sideburns.

Satisfied that she presented enough of a picture of royalty to satisfy their visiting noble, Dis quickly made her way down to the main gates where a pair of guards fell into step beside her. It wasn’t that Dis was unable to defend herself but her dress would hamper her movements and she wasn’t foolish enough to underestimate the stupidity of someone trying to rob a wealthy woman on the road. She grumbled quietly to herself about the fact that she’d had to accept this invitation. She had little time anymore for such nonsense what with them all trying so hard to build Ered Luin into a shadow of the glory they’d known in Erebor but asking Thorin to attend in her stead so she could work on supply line contracts was out of the question. Thorin wasn’t much for these kinds of ordeals and frankly she worried that he’d lose his temper and cause an international incident.

The carriage that bore her to the doors of the party arrived all too quickly for Dis but she silently steeled herself, put on her best royal smile, and climbed out into the night air. The man responsible for checking the guest list quickly bowed and ushered her inside, and with a nod, Dis sent her guards off to enjoy themselves for the next hour or so at least. She would send for them when she was ready to leave but she wasn’t about to subject them to standing around in this boring affair along with her. Her skirts ruffled around her as Dis made her way to the main ballroom where the affair was being held and upon her entering, she was forced to suppress a sigh when a page at the door announced her far more loudly than she’d hoped. There was a great drawback to being one of the most socially powerful dwarves in the area, second only to her brother, as every eye turned in her direction and she could already see which dwarves were going to be trying to vie for her attentions.

The visiting noble hurried over to make his introductions and welcome her to his ‘grand gala’, a term Dis tried not to roll her eyes at, and she smiled politely, nodding at all the right moments as he launched straight into a diatribe on how glad he was that his kingdom was going to be setting up mining trade contracts with Ered Luin. Dis made every effort not to inform him that it was not in his power to make such trade contracts and that Thorin had already met with the people who held real power in his lands; she couldn’t afford to insult him given that a cross word from her could potentially cause a lot of headaches for her brother later. Dis managed as much polite discussion as possible but while she chit-chatted and “mm-hmm”’d through all of the details of the most boring, self-important drivel she’d heard in quite some time, her eyes were busy scanning through the crowd to see who all was in attendance.

A young dwarven woman in the corner, standing near the wine, caught Dis’s attention. She was a young woman, lovely and demure, but the way she held herself said that she was distinctly uncomfortable, or very possibly bored to tears, next to the older dwarf who had been talking her ear off.  Dis excused herself, claiming she was parched, and threaded her way through the hall. The entry of the town’s mayor fortunately distracted many of the people in the room so she was relatively unmolested on her way. As Dis finally pulled up before them, she caught the tail end of what the older dwarf was saying. Ah, yes, how riveting the consistency differences were between granite and marble. Boredom it was then. Dis smiled as the older man finally realized she was there and his words trailed off. “I hate to interrupt,” she said sweetly, but with no real allowance for argument, “but it has been a very long time since I’ve been able to have a conversation with my friend here.” Dis gestured to the young woman before her as if they knew each other. “I would greatly appreciate being able to converse with her for a while if I could be so bold as to steal your intellectual partner.”

The older dwarf blinked at her for a moment before seeming to realize who he was talking to and he bowed out respectfully. Even if he’d wanted to protest, there was little point. One didn’t get into an argument with the ruling family in the middle of a high class affair, it was political suicide, and so as he meandered off to find someone else to bore, Dis swept in to take his place. She lifted a glass of wine from the table behind her and turned a warm smile on the much younger dwarf. “You looked terribly bored,” she said knowingly, “I felt an intervention was in order.”


OOC: OH GOD, I'M SO SORRY!! I don't know what happened! Dis wouldn't SHUT UP. I'm sorry if this is too friggin long. Also, please let me know if you want me to change any of it. I wasn't sure if you wanted to keep the old man around for longer. XD


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The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
« Reply #2 on: April 09, 2013, 01:57:00 PM »
Oh gods, help me! Aesa thought desperately to herself as a small, involuntary whimper of desperation fell from her lips.  Unfortunately the elder took this only to be an indication of her interest, nodding agreeably as though Aesa had made some coherent and profound point, and not halting in his deluge of information and dull facts.  The maiden vaguely hoped that he would soon run out of steam but, with each passing moment, it became more and more apparent that he scarce needed to even hesitate or pause to breathe.  There came brief relief, however, when the page announced the arrival of Dís, sister to the Dwarves' noble leader and King, Thorin Oakenshield.  Aesa's blue-grey eyes widened appreciatively at the sight of the mother of the heirs, for she looked nothing short of beautiful and her gown was both magnificent and luxurious.  Fortunately not even Aesa's vocal partner had the audacity to speak in the hush that followed.  

It was all too short and as soon as the murmur of conversation began to rumble back into life the Dwarf was off again.  “Where was I?” he enquired but without really asking.  There was a flash of an opportunity just then, where Aesa could have excused herself, but she had nobody else to speak to.  Unless she could use fetching herself more wine as an excuse?  Glancing down to the goblet she clutched in her hand Aesa was embarrassed to see that barely a sip remained.  The man was driving her to drink!  Unfortunately her hesitation cost the maiden the chance to extricate herself, for the moment had passed and her partner in conversation was off, spewing more drivel as he now outlined the classification of coal by degree of its hardness, moisture and heat content.  

Glancing about Aesa (who would not normally advocate such poor behaviour but she really did need to discreetly distract herself somehow) could easily detect those that would be vying for the attention of royalty tonight, for they had began to preen themselves the very moment that Dís had entered the room and they were even now shooting longing, calculating looks in the Royal's direction.  Aesa marvelled at such audacity, there was no way she was going to swan over and introduce herself to the King's sister!  

A small sigh, then, as she turned her attention back to the elderly Dwarf beside her.  Anthracite, bituminous, subbituminous, lignite.  The words swam hazily around in Aesa's mind as she struggled to digest what he was telling her.  I will be a mining expert at the end of this, the maiden thought to herself and, for a few moments, daydreamed about being in the mines, soot sullying her dress as she marched about and ordered the hard-working miners who stood head and shoulders above her.  It was a silly notion and it made the corner of her mouth pull up into a hint of a smile.  “Ah, so you know of the differences in the composition of both granite and marble?” the gentleman asked.  Really asked, taking Aesa by surprise and leaving her utterly flummoxed.  The maiden's mouth dropped open and she struggled to think of something to say.  Anything, just let it be clever or witty - but nothing came!  There was no need to fret, however, for he started up again, ploughing on regardless and then, merciful gods above, she was saved as they were interrupted by a sweet, unfamiliar voice.  Turning to see who had spoken, Aesa looked bewildered, but, hearing was Dís was saying, she quickly pulled her face into a relaxed, warm expression that seemed to correspond with the Royal's assertion that they knew one another.  As soon as the reluctant, elderly Dwarf shuffled off, Aesa's young face collapsed into one of utter gratefulness and overwhelming surprise.

“Oh my, that was...” she trailed off and shook her head, looking stunned and feeling stupefied, but then Aesa brightened, coming back to herself a little and a relieved smile danced on her lips at her unexpected rescue, “You saved me!  I feel about fifty years older but at least I am not yet dust - though I could surely tell you all about its composition.”  Dís' warm smile had helped put her at ease but then it suddenly occurred to the maiden that she had ignored social protocol.  “Oh, forgive my lack of manners!”  Gripping her skirt in one hand (the other was still clutching the confounded goblet) Aesa curtseyed and bowed her head. “My name is Aesa.”

(OOC: Never apologise, your post was amazing and I am very glad Dís saved Aesa when she did!  I am sorry my instalment is significantly shorter, I hope there is enough for you to work with here - if not, do let me know!)


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The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
« Reply #3 on: April 09, 2013, 05:05:00 PM »
Dis smiled as the various emotions played across the young dwarf’s face. Her relief was palpable and the commentary about being able to tell the composition of dust at that point drew a hearty laugh out of Dis. She knew well how boring some of those conversations could be and she couldn’t name the number of times she’d gotten caught in them during the days when her father had let her sit in on some of his meetings. She taken on many other responsibilities, especially after they had lost their ancestral home, but fortunately it still fell mostly to Thorin’s broad shoulders to deal with the details of mining. She wasn’t sure how he could stand it. She was usually bored to tears in no time and had been scolded more than once as a dwarfling for fidgeting relentlessly. Shoring methods, rock consistencies, densities, geological timelines as shown through the sedimentary rock (though some of that had proved interesting enough), how to tell onyx from black tourmaline, and so on. It was enough to make her head spin.

Only the gemstone aspects of mining ever really interested her but she did so love to see the miners at work. There was something innately magical in seeing great rivers of gold running through rock and crystals glittering in the flickering candlelight. So many incredible gems had come out of the Lonely Mountain and Dis could still barely recall them from her youth. Rivers of diamonds and topaz, turquoise and emeralds, more gems than she could count all rolling out in lines to the jeweler’s workshops where they would be categorized, cataloged, weighed, and examined before they were woven into items of such beauty as could be found nowhere else. Ered Luin had borne its own harvest of gems but it was still not to be compared with the land of her birth and Dis felt again the pang of loss. She was brought from these brief musings by the polite introduction she was offered and she mulled the name over in her head a few times. Aesa. It wasn’t familiar to her but the way the girl was dressed, and the fact that she was here at all, said she was a member of one of the noble families.

There was adornment on the girl which had seemingly been heaped on, a sign Dis had come to recognize as a sign of a lower ranking family, for they seemed to try and establish their status by coating themselves in as many riches as they could. Still, Aesa was lovely and it was her demeanor more than any accessory which had caught Dis’s attention. Most other families she could think of who had something to gain by a close friendship with a Durin would have been infinitely more interested in impressing her but there was an earnestness about Aesa that was more than just her young age. This girl didn’t seem to have any aspirations of climbing the royal ladder and her bright personality had already begun to endear her to the older dwarf. “It’s wonderful to meet you, Aesa,” Dis said with an equally polite tilt of her head, “So what on this good earth have you done wrong to end up in this dreadfully boring situation? Young women like you should be out living and stirring up all sorts of fun trouble.” She glanced around the room and didn’t see anyone approaching them so it was a safe bet that the girl had no other family nearby. “Did you have to come here alone?” she asked just to verify.


OOC: Your post was fine!! XD


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The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
« Reply #4 on: May 22, 2013, 01:04:00 PM »
Dís' mirthful laughter only put Aesa further at ease and she chuckled a little at her own silliness too.  The maiden knew Dís by sight, of course, and had on occasion espied her from afar just just as she had King Thorin and, on lesser occasion, the Princes Fíli and Kíli.  Those roguish boys seemed to have sense to avoid stale functions such as this and were (so Aesa was told) much more often found socialising in the taverns – a place where Aesa was truly, categorically never allowed to go.  Still, she had never been in such proximity to a Royal before and certainly had never spoken to, or even dreamed of speaking to, one directly descended from Durin the Deathless.  Silly as it may have sounded if said aloud, Aesa had no idea that Dís would be so kindly, so good-natured and, well, so normal.  There was nothing pretentious in her nature and the only obvious indication of her ultimate social status was her refined, sumptuous dress.  It was more understated than Aesa's own, for Issa had slathered her daughter in the family's finery for this event, but its superior quality was obvious by sight.

Aesa smiled widely at Dís' blatant honesty regarding the nature of this formal engagement.  Boring, stuffy, drab, tiresome - it was truly all of those things – though Aesa could not help but think that things would liven up now she was in the company of Dís.  And not because Dis was royal, oh no, but because she was refreshingly witty, direct, approachable as well as remarkably down-to-earth.  Yes, Aesa could gladly pass time talking with this woman!  At the mention of how young women ought to be off to stirring up trouble, living as Dis had put it, Aesa allowed herself to imagine being presented with such an opportunity – it would be a wonder and a delight!  As it was neglecting her embroidery or sneaking out to the hillside was the height of Aesa's adventurous misdemeanours, and they really weren't that adventurous!  Dís' question, then, caught her a little off-guard and Aesa faltered for the briefest moment, her hand fluttering to trace the necklace that weighed heavily around her neck in a gesture of uncertainly (admittedly a bad habit - if Issa had been here she would have swiftly smacked her daughter's hand away and chastised her for fidgeting).  Honesty amongst maidens could be a most treacherous thing, at least amongst those squabbling to reach the top of the social ladder, amongst those desperate to find favour.  At the slightest sign of weakness, it seemed, they would determinedly knock you down and climb into your place.  But Dís was surely above such nonsense and Aesa decided to follow her intuition – though if it blew back in her face her mother would have her hide.

“Oh yes, I am quite alone.  My mother would have loved to have been here - this is her idea of bliss, I do believe - but to be perfectly frank with you it was difficult enough to have my name added to the guest list.  My mother, Issa is her name, apparently had to call in several favours and pull none too few strings to get me here.”  Aesa could not keep the lack of enthusiasm from her gentle voice and, shaking her head a little, she paused to sip her wine before adding mischievously, “Will you have me ousted as an imposter?  You know, after the riveting conversation with that entertaining gentleman I do think I would almost leave willingly.”  Aesa wrinkled her nose playfully at the mental image of her being frogmarched out by the guards.  Ah, but if that were to actually happen she would be forced to move to the Iron Hills and her mother would simply never forgive her!  She ought to behave,to be serious, Aesa mused, and yet something about Dís invited her to be open, honest and entirely herself.  It was refreshing.

(OOC: I am sorry it took me so long to reply to this!  How does sometime in March T.A. 2915 sound to you for this thread?  That would be several years before Aesa meets Kíli. ~)


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The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
« Reply #5 on: May 31, 2013, 12:32:00 AM »
Dis noted with interest how Aesa's hand flew to her necklace when the question of her company, or lack thereof, was brought up. It was not unlike someone reaching for a noose in Dis's mind and she saw the glittering finery as less of a status symbol for this poor girl and more of a fetter, a chain and collar that were meant to bind her solely to the world of the aristocracy. Dis herself had no such need for those kinds of symbols for her own place in royalty was unshakeable and without question. No one could steal her bloodline or the actions and heritage of her proud family.

Judging from the extreme manner in which the girl had been laden down with gems and a dress a tad too fancy for an engagement such as this, it was a fair bet that her family were of a lower noble status and someone in her home wanted her noticed in the worst way. Aesa's demeanor said it wasn't her though. There was no mad scramble to catch royal attention, no attempt to seem perfect, only a simple honesty and quiet earnestness that left Dis feeling positive about her. There was promise in this one perhaps.

She might not be able to change the silly struggles for attention which others might put forth but if she could change the next generation, one person at a time, then she might be able to forge a better future for all of Ered Luin with more skill than simply coming at the problem with blunt force. Sometimes the most powerful changes started with small measures, a fact which Dis had learned over her short life.

Aesa's words confirmed what Dis had figured already to be true. The girl's mother was apparently the sort to try and lift her status through these silly games and social maneuvering but it was pleasant to see that Aesa didn't subscribe to the same ideas. At the mention of all that Issa, a name Dis wasn't the slightest bit familiar with, had done to secure Aesa's place at the party, it seemed a true shame that anyone had gone through so much effort just to torture their child this way. "Lucky you," she muttered in sarcastic sympathy.

It was bad enough that she was forced to attend such humdrum events but that was one of the prices of her station in life. If only the people struggling for power had any idea what life was really like for a high nobleperson, they would likely be less interested in getting to the top. It wasn't all gemstones and curtseys. Dis's days were filled with early mornings, tough decisions, constant movement, constant planning, and playing a game of chess whose outcome could save or starve the inhabitants of her home depending on the choices she and Thorin made. With all that in mind, it seemed all the more a shame to foist such aspirations on the shoulders of a young vibrant woman like Aesa when she should have been out breaking hearts and making trouble.

Dis doesn't even hold in her chuckle when Aesa asks if she's going to be thrown out of the party. The girl sounds far too pleased at that idea. "Oh, only if I could convince the guard to throw me out with you. I'm afraid you're stuck with me here till then," Dis winked, "I'd hate to suffer through this alone." Her smile crinkled the corners of her eyes. It was nice to finally have someone to talk to at one of these affairs who wasn't so interested in gaining favor and if it weren't for the fact that it would feel a bit too much like punishing the girl, Dis would have made sure to invite her to more such occasions just to keep the dwarf princess sane.  

She glanced about the room taking in the random assortment of people there. Most were walking around with backs so straight and butt cheeks clenched so tight that Dis could only assume it was to keep the sticks lodged firmly up there. Humans had a tendency to see a good time as something entirely different from dwarves but even dwarven royals, at least those outside the direct Durin line, seemed to prefer stuffy conversation walked around with the mindset that they had to appear as what they felt was how royalty acted rather than the truth of matters. If only they knew that their princess had spent much of her youth in wrestling matches with her brothers...though admittedly they always won.

Sure she carried herself as a noble when discipline and calm were needed, all of the Durin line had a presence about them that radiated majesty and pride, but that changed behind closed doors. Just last week Kili and Fili had started a food fight in her kitchen while she was trying to make cookies for Thorin and Balin and after becoming admittedly irritated for the first few minutes, she eventually joined in. She had to wonder how long it had taken Kili to get the raw egg out of his hair but then again he was old enough to do it on his own so the cost to Dis's time was far less than it would have been in his younger days.

As she looked around her now though, she couldn't imagine any of these people had ever enjoyed such silly and frivolous behavior. Such a shame. Life was meant to be lived. As her gaze settled back to Aesa she doubted highly that this girl would ever have been allowed to enjoy such mischievous behavior and that simply had to change. The tragedies of her past had instilled in Dis a true understanding of how short life could really be and she wasn't about to see this poor girl waste it. A sly conspiratorial smile stole over the princess's face as she cast a sidelong glance at her companion.

"What say we liven up this party just a little?" Without waiting for an answer as she was sure Aesa would follow along out of curiosity if nothing else, Dis made her way along the room with all the grace and poise of her station. To her left, a proud looking dwarf with a full red beard was gaily chatting up a pretty if stuffy dwarven woman. Judging by the giggles and blushing of the young lady, Tana, Tara, Tilla, something like that if Dis could recall correctly, the male dwarf was putting on his most charming and flirtatious of attitudes. Unfortunately, Dis knew well that he was married and she cast a knowing look back at Aesa as a 'watch this'. "Good evening, Paler," she said by way of greeting, "do say hello to your wife for me."

And just like that, the calm had been disturbed. Dis didn't even slow as she passed them but from the corner of her eye she had seen the young woman go cold and stiff, the humor and flirtation draining from her face as Paler's marital status became clear. In her wake she could hear the beginnings of a stammered and lame explanation as well as the low growled notes of a woman who had just seen a chance at raising her own status get dashed now that marriage was no longer an option.

Dis turned slightly and made her way toward a potted plant in the corner and an amused smirk played over her lips. "Tell me, Aesa," she said with a grin as she turned to face the girl, putting the plant just behind her back, "do you know what this plant is?"


OOC: Don't worry about the time it takes to reply! I'm just thrilled when I read your stuff so I'll happily wait for it. ;) I tried to give you some stuff to work with and I am thinking up ideas we can do for these two to throw this party all out of whack.


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The Wondrous Intricacies of Rock Composition
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(OOC:  I know you said not to mind about how long it takes me to reply but... over a year is a joke.  I am so sorry!  A livening up of this little shindig sounds like fun. ;)  I hope there is enough here for you to work with – I've missed writing with you, Otter love! ~)

It hardly felt as though she was conversing with a royal at all, Aesa thought in the kindest possible way as the raven-haired royal sympathised and demonstrated a shining sense of humour.  The maiden was really quite delighted to be 'stuck' with Dís, as the princess said herself, and it was evident in the way she relaxed by degrees, the tension that pinched her features sand narrow shoulders slowly ebbing away.  Naturally Aesa followed Dís' gaze to the crowd around them – until from the corner of her eye she saw the mischievous smile on her companion's face.  She blinked in surprise, wondering if she had misheard.  “Liven it...?”  Aesa echoed incredulously and not without a degree of nervous excitement, following the princess as she moved to walk through the hall with both grace and presence – how was that even possible?  Was it in the Durin bloodline, an inherent majesty she was born with?

The exchange between Dís and Paler saw Aesa's blue-grey eyes widen, though she managed to hold her tongue until the man – thoroughly aghast and now receiving an earful from his attempted conquest – was behind them and out of earshot.  “Oh my goodness!”  Aesa breathed, lifting a hand to cover her mouth momentarily.  “He's married?!”  Her eyes were agog and she was grinning, half in disbelief and half in wonderment of this woman whose company she was sharing.  Many of the ladies she socialised with – acquaintances that was, not her friends – tended to have about as much personality and colour as dirty dishwater.  The princess though, she was vibrant, not faltering once in her confident stride, and the auburn-haired maiden was spellbound.

Aesa blinked at the question that followed, glancing over Dís' shoulder to take in the plant in question.  It wasn't a test, of course, but the girl was still rather starstruck and the answer came more slowly than it ought to.  “It's...”  Wide eyes ran over the plant's flowers, which were sparse and appeared as pale purple trumpets with velvety petals, set amongst deep green heart-shaped leaves.  “It's a moonflower of some kind, isn't it?”  Aesa narrowed her eyes uncertainly, the ghost of a smile about her mouth, and ran the pink slip of her tongue over her bottom lip as she shifted her gaze back to the princess once more.  Have a little faith in yourself.  Flowers were her great love, after all.  “If it is, I can tell you that many of them are poisonous when consumed, cause itching on contact and smell bitter when the stems are broken or the leaves are crushed.”  Then, almost as an afterthought, she added sweetly.  “They are very pretty though.”  A chuckle, then, gentle and low.  “I have the distinct feeling that you're planning something.”

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