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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Ioreth  (Read 2945 times)


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« on: December 16, 2014, 11:47:00 PM »


NAME: Ioreth

NICKNAMES (IF ANY): 'Reth is the only nickname she will respond to in regards to her family and closest of friends, other than that she tends to go by Fletch.

DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): She was born T.A. 2901, which makes her 40 believe it or not.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Outskirts of Bree.

RACE: Dunedain, Man

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Ioreth has naturally dark hair, her brunette locks taking a raven undertone to them in certain lights and depending on how long she has been out in the sun. It is always kept in a plait to the side, or occasionally it's pinned up and hidden under the hood of her cloak so that neither friend nor foe can define her in one way or another. If left to grow and down, it is generally found to wave slightly, but whether that is years from having the plait or that was her natural hair way back when she is uncertain.

EYE COLOUR: The eyes of this Ranger are a cold, calculating light grey/blue. 

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Standing at 5'9", she is quite tall for an average woman, but an average woman she is not, in any of her looks. Ioreth is slender in body, muscular in arms and legs; though it is more athletic than anything else. The muscles in her arms have built up from her archery practice and skills that she were taught from her father, and the muscles in her leg have been from all the running training she has been through. Better over prepared for the world than under prepared.

OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Ioreth cares very little for her appearance and seldom changes the look that she presents to the world. Starting with her black, leather weather worn boots up to her knees, and dark grey trousers tucked neatly into them. She wears her mothers black leather chest armour and wrist guards on top of a murky brown tunic shirt of sorts. Her cloak is the darkest of greens that she could find, and very rarely is removed from her person. The hood on her cloak is large enough to cover the top of her face, and should she need it, it can cover her entire face in a dark shadow.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: The ranger has only one scar, on her left forearm there is a large burn that she has had for as long as she can remember but the story behind her burn remains a mystery, though, her father is adamant that it was a young child who decided to play with a cooking pot that caused the burn.

WEAPONS:  Her weapon of choice is a bow that her father acquired for her, made of a dark wood that is rarely seen, and arrows to match. Where he acquired the bow is beyond Ioreth, but he mentioned elves and presents so she did not question it any further than was necessary. Her bow is not her only weapon, however, as she believes it is only practical for long range, and also carries a broad sword that she chose not for how it looked but for how it would fare in a close combat situation.

FACE CLAIM: Jennifer Lawrence

STRENGTHS: Her indifference to cold weather has always been a great advantage of Ioreth's, for when she is travelling, should she stumble upon a snow storm, she would feel the cold, but not a terribly as anyone else might without a cloak. This means trips up mountains and cold evenings are nothing she cannot tolerate, nor will she ever complain about them.

Her keen attention to detail is something that Ioreth prides herself on, such as in any given situation, she will know where all exits are, how to get to them, how many individuals are in the vicinity and what they look like individually. She never forgets a face, and will also be able to link names and details to those faces. This shows a keen memory as well as the attention to detail.

WEAKNESSES:  Her main weakness is that she is dangerously impulsive, though, this is something she is trying to work on. She will act often before anyone has chance to speak, and this could prove problematic should the situation be either fragile or dangerous. Luckily she is aware of these issues, but there has been times where she would have attacked before querying a persons actions. This will get better with time.

She is brash and says exactly what she thinks no matter how harsh it is nor whom she may offend in speaking, but this is because she exercises the belief to speak freely no matter who's company one is in. This is not to say that she is not secretive, but if she does not like someone or something about them, she won't pretend otherwise.

ASPIRATIONS:  She aspires to be as vigilant and expert in hand to hand combat as she is with a bow and arrow.

When she is old and hopeless, she wishes to settle down somewhere, not necessarily with someone, but to stay in one place and to stop her endless wandering; not any time soon though.

Creatures she cannot see, but can hear. This can be any creature should it be pitch black outside and stop her from seeing the foe - even if it is an Orc and she has keen hearing, it is not often one can kill something they cannot see.

Losing her mind is something she fears the most, for she's heard it said that spending too much time alone can cause a sickness of the mind that is irreversible, and this is something she would not be able to bear.

PERSONALITY: Brave, brash and clever; these are all traits that Ioreth holds to her name and all traits that are common within her family. She will speak freely, and neither care for, nor retract any statement that may hurt someone's feelings if it is the truth that she is speaking, but that doesn't mean everything she says is hurtful. With her truthful attitude it is often found that Ioreth can also be quite kind and sensitive in a strange sort of way, where she will tell someone the good points about themselves that they may not have noticed themselves, but that she has noticed within a matter of moments. Ioreth wouldn't say she was intelligent, but clever is definitely something she is; she's not knowledgeable but she's certainly a little world-wise. She is humble, and never really thinks very highly of herself, but that is a given, for whilst she is brash and quick to judge others, she is just as quick to judge herself. Due to her ranger side, she is quite secretive about her life and the people she has met, for nobody ever needs to know everything about one person, unless of course that person intends to spend the rest of their life with them.

Sarcasm is not something she understands when others use it, but it's definitely something she uses without question and with ease. Ioreth has a great determination within her to achieve all sorts of weird and wonderful things in her life time that others may not find practical or worthwhile, but she is open to anything that the world might throw at her. Anything from living with Elves, to camping with dwarves or even so much as settling in villages of Bree and drinking with the Hobbits from time to time, these are all things she can safely say she has done or would like to do, and if that makes her foolish then so be it. She is very reflective on all of the things in her life, so she knows where improvement is needed and where sometimes a little bit of care and attention can be well received.

HISTORY: Born to a Ranger of the North and his wife, Ioreth is the only daughter of Ohltar and Ivorneth brought into the world during a cold winter in T.A.2901. Not long after having moved to Bree, Ivorneth discovered she was pregnant with her first, and unexpectedly only child. It was at the wishes of Ohltar that his daughter be trained whilst growing up, for the intentions for the family was to always be on the road, but whilst Ioreth was growing up, Ivorneth did not agree with this. She allowed for her husband, Ohltar, to train her daughter, but she refused to travel until Ioreth was capable of defending herself without her parent's protection. As she grew, Ioreth became rather fond of the Hobbits that were just over the hill in the Shire, and would often find herself wandering out far to go and see them. This was not something that either parent approved of, but neither wanted to discipline her on the fact; she was training well and that was all that mattered - she was more than capable of defending herself from the age of fifteen.

Ten more years passed, and her father trained her up as best he could before Ivorneth and Ohltar decided it was time for the family to travel and move on; Ioreth, however, disagreed with this idea. Unable to control their daughter, the Ranger and his wife left her behind, but it would not be long after the fact that she followed suit. She traveled to Rivendell in search of her parents but was advised that the wanderers had made it all the way to Rohan, and this was a journey Ioreth was unwilling to take. In her stubbornness, the young woman decided to settle in Rivendell for a few years, keeping out of the Elves' way as best she could, but appreciating their hospitality all the same. She knew the world was dangerous, but to what extent she never really knew, until she decided it was time to finally go after her parents at the age of 32. Taking what seemed to be a detour over the mountains in the hopes of reaching Lorien, she stumbled upon what she could only describe as a foul looking creature that needed to be put out of it's misery quickly and swiftly - to which Ioreth obliged. Her original plan had been to stop in Lorien for a short while before making her way back across to Rohan, but she never made it to Rohan. News had come that her parents had moved on from Rohan, but to where, nobody could say, and this left her with no other choice than to return to Bree and wait for word.

Bringing us into the present day, and Ioreth is 40 years of age, and has not ventured out too far from Bree since she turned 33 and no word has come from her parents, which she assumes are either dead, or have settled and forgotten about her; neither of which she is bitter about. She plans to venture out once more, but this time not in search of her parents, but to see the world the way they had, and to visit the places she dreamed of visiting since she was little, but she knows venturing out alone is a dangerous thing, and so, she is trying to find a band of people who will venture out into the world with her. If she has to do it alone, however, she will, because she does not want to waste any more of her life waiting around for other people to decide her fate. Her skills as a Ranger have only enhanced themselves over the years, despite her lack of 'adventure', and will be put to the test when she gets the chance. She has no intention of settling down and committing like her mother and father did, but if someone should come along, the would have to agree to travel no matter what life or personal circumstance threw at them, and that would be that. Ioreth knows better than to settle for anything short of that; and she knows that it is better to be alone, than to settle for less.

AGE: 22 now, yep. This is a thing that happened
COUNTRY: Yorkshire counts as a country right? (UK.)
EXPERIENCE: Do I really need to answer this now? I've been here a year tomorrow. That's all that matters :P
OTHER CHARACTERS: Oh I don't know... I think I have Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, The Goblin King, Adair, Bombur, Rosewyn, Annis, Lainon, Galadriel.
CONTACT: Carrier Markiplier. (Cass will get this)
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Originally google, but I already moved in. My toothbrush is on the sink and everything.
See Elrania, Ruby, The Goblin King or Bombur. Bombur's was best.

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« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2014, 12:50:00 AM »
Eeee, she's wonderful Pip!  And not just because I adore her face claim. ;)  I can't wait to see her in action! ~

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