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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Veizla  (Read 3182 times)


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« on: December 20, 2014, 01:43:00 AM »


NAME:  Veizla.
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  Some of the ruder punters who haven’t bothered to learn her name simply refer to her as ‘wench’.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941):  10th of April, T.A. 2876 (65 years old, equivalent of 21).
PLACE OF BIRTH:  Ered Luin, the Blue Mountains.
RACE:  Dwarf.
GENDER:  Female.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  Veizla’s hair is a honeyed blonde colour (a shade darker on the underside) and long in length, normally falling to her shoulder blades.  She is proud of her wavy locks, as is to be expected of any Dwarf, and can be quite daring with the styles she adopts.  An undercut on the left-hand side reveals her scalp more often than not (which some Dwarves think indecent) though sometimes she permits the hair to grow back short and neat.  Veizla is also capable of growing a full beard (it also comes in a shade darker than her tresses).  Like her hair, it is something she experiments with, and while she wears her facial hair short, she tends to cut it into unusual patterns.  Once she begins donning the undercut, her facial hair will taper off at her left ear.
EYE COLOUR:  Pale blue, with an obvious limbal ring.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Standing at 4’4”, Veizla has a small bust and hips that are narrower than the child-bearing ideal.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  Most often she can be seen in simple garments befitting one of her station.  These tend to involve either an underbust or demi-scoop corset over the top of a creamy linen blouse, paired with long skirts.  Though she does not possess a great deal of jewellery, she almost always wears a silver ear cuff on her left ear and regularly dons a couple of chunky silver mid-rings. 
DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  While Veizla has no scars, she does have tattoos.  In fact, she has something of an ink addiction.  The largest is of delicate green vines which climb the left side of her body, starting as roots at her foot then winding all the way up to her head (work on this started in T.A. 2930 and finished in T.A. 2933 – you can see some of it in the above picture).  The vines also cover her arm from shoulder to wrist and the same green ink was used to form two lines through her left eyebrow.  Her right hand is tattooed with a vaguely floral pattern (her first, inked in T.A. 2925).  Between her shoulders, along her spine, there is a tattoo of a noose, to honour her father’s career (inked in T.A. 2926).  Her right shoulder and upper arm is inked with a tribal pattern that curves inwards and under her right breast (inked in T.A. 2936; warning for the semi-nudity in this picture).  Veizla has been gradually getting this tattoo added to and plans to eventually have it mirror the vines.  It is not a mark, but it is worth noting that Veizla has a naturally low voice that, while perhaps not all that unusual amongst female Dwarves, means in speech she sounds very similar to her brother.
WEAPONS:  Not for this girl.  Not unless you count her nails, which she wears short and neat, or the pencils she almost always carries on her person.  Veizla is not one for leaving the relative safety of the underground city and has never had need of a blade.
FACE CLAIM:  Natalie Dormer.

STRENGTHS:  She can down a pint faster than most men. Honestly, it’s a wonder to behold. While this talent is largely useless (save when it is utilised to make money through drinking games) Veizla does, most fortunately, have other more practical strengths.  The first is her intelligence, for this lass is as sharp as a tack and has a keen eye for detail.  In fact, she does not rely simply on what people tell her but also on what she gleans from their appearance and their body language.  By observing she is able to deduce much.  On top of this, Veizla is level-headed and normally able to approach situations objectively, in an almost detached or indifferent manner that leaves her emotionally stable (she is not one for ever lashing out in hurt or anger).  There is something about the maiden – perhaps that she generally conducts herself quietly and softly – that inspires trust.  She carries people’s secrets, never divulging them lightly, taking comfort in them as a means of possible future insurance.  It’s a good thing she was gifted with a marvellous memory, for she is able to recall even the most seemingly inconsequential details of days gone by.  Last of all, Veizla is ambitious and hard-working, more than ready to put in hard graft to make her way in the world.
WEAKNESSES:  While Veizla likes to jest about the nosiness of her Great Aunt, she is just as bad.  The lass enjoys prying (indeed she knows much about many of the punters and Lin’s boarders) and it might just be that one day she will stick her nose into the wrong business.  Similarly, she can be something of a gossip, though she has the wit to keep her best cards close to her chest.  Veizla also has a tendency towards seriousness and her sense of humour is dark, dry and often snide.  Stemming from this earnestness is her tunnel-vision, for almost every decision she makes is weighed on whether it will help her one day find success as an architect.  Beyond this, the maiden has done little planning for her future, and indeed is holding off marriage until she has a foothold in her chosen profession.  With no weaponry training, she has little to no means of defending herself physically.
ASPIRATIONS:  Above all else, Veizla aspires to be an architect – preferably one of some renown.  It is hugely important that she make her own way in the world and stand as an equal among the men of this field.
FEARS:  Veizla fears that somehow her toil will fail to bring reward, that her life will be wasted.  Similarly she worries over being shoehorned into marriage.  Spending days washing clothes, cooking, cleaning, shopping and otherwise being a broodmare seems awfully mundane and suffocating.  Worst still would be to fall in love, as her Great Aunt Lin did, and be forced to box her dreams away.


You would be forgiven for describing Veizla simply as ‘quiet’.  Generally, she won’t speak much unless spoken to, though she does enjoy banter with the punters and her friends.  While the words that pass her lips are often carefully chosen, her mind runs a mile a minute, and her eyes tell her as much as her ears do.  The power of observation and deduction have been all but mastered by this lass and her gaze picks apart all it lands on.  Handy for one as nosey as she.  Veizla may also come across as oddly assertive and independent, determined as she is to make her own way in the world, and this occasionally borders on aggressive.  She can be rather vocal about her perceived injustices and she often grumbles about the world order and how men have everything handed to them – it only makes her more determined to carve out her own place and garner respect through her deeds and projects alike. 

Veizla is generally cool, able to detach herself from her emotions and approach matters objectively.  This has helped her, given that she learned early on that being a female was one tool she had in her hand from birth, and one which ought to be used mercilessly.  Almost always there is some poor soul doting on her, waiting outside the tavern for her to finish her shift.  The lass has largely learned how to feed into the desires of men (and the occasional woman), giving enough to keep them interested but not so much as to damage her reputation.  Kisses may come cheap but her virginity – her bartering tool – will be kept for marriage, should she decide to take that route much further down the road.  Veizla has developed a particular taste for older bachelor Dwarves, as they tend to simultaneously be the most desperate and the most generous.  Do not think this means she does not care for them, she often does, it’s more that she does not love them and that she will always put herself, her needs and her independence first.  Veizla’s apparent ‘success’ with romance means that other maidens often come to her to ask on matters of courtship and love – which works well, given how the barmaid loves to dish out advice. 

Quite artistic, Veizla almost always carries parchment and pencils on her person.  While she sometimes sketches for fun, or plays at designing tattoos, more often than not she works on plans, testing the methods of architecture as taught to her by her Great Aunt Lin.


Veizla was born in T.A. 2876, the second child of Vallok and Elka.  She had been preceded by a firstborn boy, her elder brother Varrel being ten years old at the time of her birth.  Vallok is a butcher with his own shop (the trade has existed in his side of the family for several generations) and on the side works the rather unusual and well-paid job of executioner.  This takes him from home on occasion as he travels ‘the circuit’, visiting other Dwarf settlements to despatch criminals who have been sentenced to death.  Vallok has a reputation as a particularly efficient and clean executioner, having only ever botched one hanging – his very first one.

While Varrel enjoyed the freedom of being male, exploring and playing with friends whenever he so pleased, Veizla (a bright, inquisitive and obedient child) found herself shadowing her mother.  Elka had a degree of independence from her husband, given that Vallok would leave for weeks or even months at a time, and she runs a small pie stand attached to the butcher shop.  By the age of thirty, Veizla was serving customers and helping her mother prepare pies.  Even now, as an adult, the one thing the barmaid can produce in the kitchen is a decent pie – anything more complicated is beyond her culinary capability.  While Elka encouraged the usual female crafts of embroidery, singing and housekeeping, Vallok taught his daughter her letters and numbers.  Veizla occasionally floundered with the former but excelled with the latter, interested as she was in just how vital numeracy was to her father’s secondary trade.  It was consideration of a man’s weight, height and build that allowed the executioner to correctly calculate the height of the drop to ensure a quick death, she learned, and she studied prisoner records with a morbid fascination that her mother disapproved of.  Varrel, meanwhile, was schooled so as he would be prepared to inherit the butcher shop, as well as becoming his father’s apprentice on the circuit.  There was no denying that dispensing death meant money for this particular Dwarven family.

Some Dwarflings enjoyed doodling in jotters, but Veizla enjoyed drawing on her skin.  She spent countless hours in the bathtub as a child, being scrubbed hard by her grumbling mother to remove all splotches and traces of staining ink.  This was the beginning of Veizla’s admiration of tattoos and Elka encouraged her daughter to put pencil to paper (rather than quill to skin, though she still does this when boredom threatens).  One way or another, this artistic inclination led to her interest in architecture and design.  As the daughter of Lin’s sister, it was Elka who organised for Veizla to go work at the Bettle & Chisel.  The maiden would there be paid a small wage, as well as earn room and board within the inn itself, in exchange for working as a barmaid.  The bonus was that she could learn from her Great Aunt the intricacies of architecture.

No longer under her parents’ roof, and now earning significantly more money, Veizla seized on her newfound independence and quickly gave into her desires for ink, as well as becoming more outrageous in the styling of her hair and beard.  The maiden dotes on her Great Aunt, revels in her lessons, and works hard.  She is familiar with the Bettle & Chisel’s clientele, knows the bar like the back of her hand, and enjoys the attention – even tolerating the occasional wandering or groping hand, knowing that it will often win her a generous tip.

(All mentions of Lin have been approved by Becca)

AGE:  A full quarter century.
COUNTRY:  Northern Ireland. 
EXPERIENCE:  Been here since the beginning... of time!
OTHER CHARACTERS:  I’m not even convinced I can rhyme these names off all in one go anymore:  Aesa, Andar, Ástir, Brandr, Casswyn, Damel, Fíli, Haleth, Ivorak, Kvasir, Liv, Malbeth and Marroc.
CONTACT:  PM, e-mail, Skype…
HOW DID YOU FIND US?:  Find, or found?
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I think she's done.  I think.  *hides*


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Lovely as always, my darling~! I will need every excuse to send Arndis her way...


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