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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Séla  (Read 3536 times)


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« on: February 24, 2015, 02:36:00 AM »


NAME: Séla

NICKNAMES (IF ANY): Her name is far too short to even require a nickname. She doesn't even accept nicknames from her family, though they do often call her 'Sé' given half a chance.

DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Having been born in the summers of T.A.2792, she would be 149 years of age.

PLACE OF BIRTH: Ered Mithrin (though she did not stay there long)

RACE: Dwarf

GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: Séla has naturally extremely dark brunette locks, though, it is often mistaken for black, it is in fact brown. If it is not curled and flowing carelessly down her face and back, it is rolled up into a bun, with plenty of plaits threaded into it. Some times, she will find herself threading flowers or jewellery of sorts into it. She sports a small, well kept beard, which is plaited on both sides, held in place by little beads that ensure that they do not undo during the day. The beard is the same colour as her natural hair colour.

EYE COLOUR: The eyes of this dwarf are a bright, clever deep green.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Standing at 4'10", she is ridiculously tall for a dwarven lady, but this has its advantages, ensuring that she towers over all around her, and thus, only evidencing her well held posture when out in public. Séla is curvaceous and she knows it, but that does not necessarily mean that she uses it to her advantage, but if she should ever need to throw her 'weight' around, she could. She is not fat, no, not even in the slightest, but she is rounded in all the right places.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: Séla is very well kept, and ensures that her hair and dresses are well maintained for whenever she is out in public, or even if she is just at home. She does, however, have her own favourite dress, a black number with brown leather details for a corset and the likes. The corset has buckles, and tightens up at the back also, but these details tend to be masked by the cloak she wears, of a wonderfully deep brown colour. There is a hood upon her cloak, should she want to slip it up and sneak around.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:  The greatest scar she has, is the one she bares on her shoulder, that was gained on the road between Ered Mithrin and the Iron Hills, where her parents and her were attacked by a couple of stray orcs, which had seemingly come out of nowhere. The scar has stuck with her all her life, to the present day, but she makes very little fuss over it, and her dresses cover it up wonderfully.

WEAPONS: Despite her almost majestic and ladylike looks, Séla is not a force to be reckoned with, and knows very much how to wield a weapon. Her weapon of choice is a ball mace, which she has no issues with using, and very seldom goes anywhere without it. Though, if she does have to abandon her mace, she will be sure to carry her prized dagger with her for the protection that she needed when she was out and about in the world. She is more than capable of close combat situations, and even knows how to fight with her bare hands (or forehead) as the case might be.
FACE CLAIM: Vera Farmiga

STRENGTHS: Her lack of fear to get her hands dirty is definitely one of the great strengths of this dwarven lady, for when her husband needs a little hand, she is more than willing to help out. Fights, information gathering, anything generally like that, and she tends to always get her own way. No doubt she'd be top class if she was ever interrogating anyone.

Her cleverness and sharp tongue go hand in hand as a strength, coupled with her inability to trust very few people, allowing for her to concentrate on the more important things; like finding out people's weaknesses, and making sure to hold on to them should she ever need them. It's her cleverness that allows her to find out the weaknesses and her sharp tongue that stabs them whenever they get on the wrong side of this brunette.

WEAKNESSES: Pride is something Séla clings onto for dear life, and this is something that could potentially be her downfall. It is something she has grown up with, and something she will continue to show until her death, and nobody/nothing could take her pride away from her, for this woman has plenty reason to be the proud lady she is. It's not often one can say you are a fighter as well as a pretty face.

Her incorrigible temper is not something to be contended with, and yet, this is something of a weakness for her, for she is sometimes unable to keep a cool, calm, calculated head, and sometimes her behaviour could lose her the answers that which she initially sought. It could also lose her some of the closest friends she's ever had, and that would be something irreparable.

ASPIRATIONS: She, quite like her husband, has the aspiration to keep the whole family alive for as long as is humanly possible, and at whatever cost.

This proud woman aspires to see the day that her children give her plenty reason to be proud, for they have drawn up in the world or the likes. Séla would like to see them moving up in ranks, and keeping on the family tree, so that their name might live on throughout history.
FEARS: After the death of Báren, Séla fears that the rest of their line will be killed off in a similar manner, and that they may not even make it into the turn of the age before their line runs out, and this does not only span to her children, but to her husband as well.

Madness is another thing this dwarf fears, for if madness should ever consume her, then she would lose all intelligent thought and that isn't a thought worth thinking about, for this lady relies on her cleverness to get her through the world and keep her status and ranking.

PERSONALITY: An independent, strong, sharp-tongued woman, who knows how to get her hands dirty, and yet, all the same abides to societies rules; Séla is a very complex and wondrous woman. Disregarding those who do not hold the same intelligence, for they cannot hold decent conversation with her, people would suggest that she might be snooty, but quite the contrary. She just has very little time for anything unless it is following the same train of thought that she is running through at the time. Having been raised in a high-middle class society, she is well-read and clever, using all of this to her advantage whenever she can. There are few people she trusts wholeheartedly in the world, but those that are trusted, are the ones who get to see the better sides of her, and that means she can be a very dangerous weapon in another persons arsenal. Everything she does is strategic, like playing a game, every move counts and every move effects the next play - and she knows this game very well; and that is why she put herself forward for Lord Dain's council. Every piece has its part to play, every part is important, no matter how small - and this dwarf knows it. Without something to challenge her, without the task of strategising, Séla feels her brain will fall into madness and she will lose all knowledge she has gained through the years.

Despite all of her harsh behaviours, Séla is a warm, loving, devoted wife and mother; who would do anything for family, no matter what it cost them, even if it meant putting everything she had worked so hard for on the line, then she would do it in the name of family, though, it is true that her brother may be the exception to this rule. Well deserved, seeing as the he was trying to auction her off when she kept refusing all her suitors. She cares very much for her children, and will see a day when they grow up to be something wonderful, but she will never force lives upon them that they do not want, for she herself is stubborn and did not want that from her own parents. She picked the man she was going to marry, and every move she made in life was thought through right down to the very last detail.

HISTORY: Daughter of Merron and Dúla, but not their only child, Séla was born in T.A 2792, in the Grey Mountains not far from the Iron Hills. Being the younger sibling of Dúlron, it was no shock to the world that he was protective of her, but it was hardly for selfless, family reasons, as the young female dwarf would find out later in her life. She was barely even out of being a baby when the family made the move; mainly because her father was desperate to make something of their family, and whilst they were high-middle class in Ered Mithrin, a change of scenery was due, and so, they took off to the Iron Hills to spend their fortunes and make their name a little more widespread than what it was. Little Séla never wanted for anything, for everything she could ever need, was already hers, all she need do was ask her parents for it. They spoiled their children rotten, but Dúla and Merron made sure that their children were armed, with both intelligence and the ability to fight, though, it seemed Dúlron didn't quite take to the book reading. Séla, however, took to both rather well, and so more time and effort was placed in her.

A few more years past, and as Séla grew older and began to gain more friends in the world than she could count on two hands. Every single man that her parents brought before her was turned away quicker than they could speak, for she did not need to hear a word from them to know they were not going to compete with her intelligence, and in her life, she knew she needed challenges. Jealousy consumed her brother, Dúlron, and thinking it through, he began trying to auction her off, planning to send her off to wed whoever was the highest bidder, yet, being the duller of the two siblings, Séla cottoned on long before and put his scheming to a swift end (though, with what means is another matter, for its something she rarely talks about), and since that day, the two rarely speak unless they absolutely have to. Through a friend at the forges, however, who was keen to take on the challenge of finding her a husband, he brought forward Féren, who piqued her interest in ways no other man ever had. She never thought for a second that the man she met through a friend would later become her husband. Their courting was strange to say the least, the subtle courting, the indirect flirting, and the constant game of who was the cleverest eventually lead to Féren to ask his family for permission to wed the well-off woman, much to Séla's delight, for this was a whole new game for her - something she would later learn was new and exciting for her.

Four children were born of Séla and Féren, a strong boy and three girls, which is all they could ever hope for; Mahal had definitely smiled upon them, and only continued to do so when her husband became a trusted friend of Dáin; and whilst this put him in more danger than she would like, she could hardly complain, for he was doing what he needed to for his family. The Mithril cloak that he was gifted with was a worthy prize to his name if ever she ever saw one, and that only broight comfort to her.

When she was 134, their son was murdered by a savage Orc pack, and her husband was left severely wounded, and was lost to his wife for four long months. Séla, however, learned not to rely on her husband, and to keep her family in the better state that they were used to, she offered her services to Dain, and soon, she was accepted into their council. Whilst this was not a warrior role, it was the strategist role - the role best suited to this lady, who played the game and played it well. Surprisingly well for someone who had never fought in any battles and wars as a matter of fact, but that did not mean that she would not be able to should that opportunity every arise. It was her drive to survive that had kept her and her daughters alive in the absence of her husband, and whilst her their home had been relatively unguarded, upon his return, he found it fortified beyond recognition. Séla wasn't taking any chances, not any more - and she should have not stood for it when her son was alive. She had had no time to grieve for him, but she made the most of the time that had presented itself to her. There was not a moment where she thought her husband was dead, for she knew him better than that - she knew of his strengths and weaknesses, and only she could exploit them in any way shape or form.

Bringing us into the present day, Séla still has a seat in the council, though, with her husband and children all safely in her home, she very rarely visits, and has requested they only call upon her in the direst of needs. Her husband became the rising army general and worked in tandem with his wife for the army. Their daughter, Míla, whilst still quite young, seems to have gained the adventurous state, and it is this mindset, that has her mother preparing to teach her to arm herself with knowledge and weapons, for she knows she will not always be around to protect her. She has every intention of keeping her family well off and making sure that everyone gets what they want in the end, and she is still reluctant to trust people, but she is trying to keep a more open mind, for she knows some day soon her children will want to be wed off, and if they were ever to go off her choices, they would never wed at all.

AGE:  22, naturally, I like my even numbers.
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
EXPERIENCE:  Do I really need to answer this now? I've been here a year and two months now so we're good!
OTHER CHARACTERS: Oh good lord, you want me to list them all? Fine. Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, Goblin King, Adair, Bombur, Rosewyn, Lainon, Annis, Galadriel, Ioreth. Yep. I think I managed to do that in order too!
CONTACT: Just holla.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: Originally google, but I already moved in. My clothes are slowly making their way over here too. Shhh. Don't tell Cass.

Go read Bombur's. I'm quite proud of that one!

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« Reply #1 on: February 26, 2015, 12:51:00 AM »
Ohh, I love her, Pip! So strategic and awesome. I love this family and can't wait to see them interact~

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