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Author Topic: Apples to Pears  (Read 1346 times)


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Apples to Pears
« on: April 22, 2015, 12:48:00 AM »
{As I've mentioned in stuff, Fritz does market escort trips to help sheltered, deaf Líknví communicate and haggle with the merchants of her sector and such and both pull their own sorts of trouble along, so, simple idea that probably won't be, let's see where this goes shall we! Kinda opened to group I'd guess, also wasn't sure about Muradel being about yet? Also yes, I'll add Lí in as and when needed ~}

It wasn't like he had anything "official" or was anything "official". Kvasir and dear Líknví's friend and...unofficial-guard-of-nobility-and-such-status-safeguards-on-trips-and-such.

Yeah, you could emblazon that...

Translator to Both really. For Kvasir's made up signs once and Lí's more official set but still encountering illiteracy of that sort. And her hesitant nature that sometimes shut down.

It would concern him, her needing to defer it seemed, and the trust issue this could bring and advantages taken if she wasn't actually very cautious with trust given.

All the more humbling that she seemed to genuinely enjoy these trips, as her small smiles said so much more than signed or low spoken words.

It meant something, hearing those tones. Lí talked to a total of three people. Himself. Kvas and Rian. Wouldn't even speak around little Muradel, for her sake and so the younger girl wouldn't have to hear it, she said. Fritz bit back pointing out that to also be under Kvasir's wing, as it were, the girl had to be use to much.

Líknví had had no choice with him, he supposed. The first tones he'd heard out of her had been frightened cries back in Bree.

Still thinking of that low-life excuse of a Dwarf who'd been the problem brought a serious frown to the young smith's face!

But the day seemed to dispel such heavy thoughts, being pretty bright and crisp as could still just be told by the winds some crevice would let in.

It was Autumn, and a few days before Fritz's own birthday come the Fifth, but that was inconsequential and he in fact strained to keep Líknví from discovering this fact. She'd do something with it, he knew she would, something that would only make the Noble's son feel bad as she humbly made an apple and pear pie (one gift for Rian and Lí now knew his favorite...) to go along with his more official tiered cake or such! Never-mind that after the milestone of Fifty cakes got a bit less impressive.

In fact he should have been suspicious, carting a small basket load of each, except it was completely random and not all her doing, and they didn't seem pie destined, more the opposite!

Today was a new experiment!

Some of the pears Fritz himself had secured on a hunting trip and later scouting with Einar. Dags had come back with some of the apples after a jaunt with Fíli (Fritz would rather not think on it other than to recognize it was how a few apples reached his home), a few from Lí's own, left over after she had to make an apple and blackberry pie for Kvas in early October and also just for munching so thankfully they probably weren't squishy and brown by now.

Matter of fact they were all a not bad section of fruit, that should maybe be kept about the house, Líknví's at least maybe, but coin seemed more substantial than squishy fruit, if not immediately.

Hard to say exactly how the idea had come, or from which truly, the young Dwarves just chatting with hands on a trip back and Lí admitting to a failed bid of adding a cleaning job (ended when she ruined a very nice rug!) to mending in ever trying to aid out the income of, well, a household that was Kvasir looking out for both her and Muradel.

Matter of fact she probably tried too hard, she was suppose to be the Dependent wasn't she? But what did sheltered, Noble's son Fritz know of it? Nothing he told himself, yet a try at cheering up had turned serious possibility.

Fritz had seemed to just be avoiding the serious issue when he jogged ahead and by way of a smile shot back got Lí to follow in an impromptu race across the market like Dwarflings, ah they sort of still were!

All just good fun...if Fritz hadn't rammed straight into an apple cart run by a very dour woman, spilling her wares. Líknví was better than he (often was just in general!) and stopped to help pick them up, maybe that was why the cross woman only pelted and insulted him, dropping Cephas' name doing little to no good with this section of merchants!

Grumbling as he continued to walked Lí home, wiping apple juice and pulp from his face, he said something that might have been insinuating they could do her job better, he didn't mean it, but once the words left his mouth's formation they seemed to sit in the air whether Líknví actually heard them or no.

They were not fruit sellers and were not about to turn into ones, for one Fritz knew one cohort he would never be able to like in the business...but if in the course of an afternoon they sold two pieces of fruit and Líknví could take that money home more cheered than with frustrating needle work, it would all be more than worth it.

Ok...and maybe on Fritz's end the thought of spiting said spiteful lady, even if just a small bit, wasn't a down side exactly...

Ah, all in jesting, he was mostly and majority just helping out a friend. The young smith was more than halfway tempted to try said stall outside on actual travelers beyond the mountain, but Líknví was more than nervous on that prospect whether he be well armed or not even before he said it he knew, so they settled for away from the major sector of merchants (and no he wasn't avoiding the apple lady not taking kindly to competition...) and somewhere in the flow in and out and with the outside sounds audible and breeze able to be felt more, a bit anyway.

Stall running had it's perks, it was like loitering for profit, and the two young Dwarves mostly just passed the time signing or in Líknví watching as Fritz attempted juggling two pears then one pear and one apple.

Fritz wasn't sure if Lí had told Kvasir where she was, with him was maybe enough, but he had snuck off without a word to his family on day's plans--his mother would have had fits at knowing what sector he went to, again!--So he could only hope if any he knew did happen by none would mock or be annoying or embarrassing (his own family especially held this power even when they "got on well" as he'd been told he and his were anomalies for doing and Mahal help him if Dags found him and was Encouraging!)

Mid-day sustenance also wasn't an issue if your co-stall runner was alright with you eating the wares, and while Líknví glanced to him she didn't stop him from demolishing a pear and even just smiled as they waited to see how the day would look.



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