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Author Topic: Jo's Wanted Ads (Compiled!)  (Read 4098 times)


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Jo's Wanted Ads (Compiled!)
« on: May 04, 2015, 05:00:00 PM »

Suggested faceclaim: Charlie Cox (negotiable)

Race: Dwarf
Age: 79 years old
Home: Blue Mountains, Eriador

Flói is actually a canon character but shh don’t tell the admins i'm kidding they already know who dies at Moria, killed by arrow. But don’t let that bring you down, because Moria is a long long way away! I don’t have much on Flói, only that he’s a very, very skilled archer and a close friend of Ori’s. He’s done a few stints at the Archives because of his overruling mother who tries to channel her long lost dream of being a scribe through her son - and while it’s definitely not Flói’s path, at first he’ll be fine with acting the part of the dutiful son. Other than this, I’m not sure what his history is.

I do know a bit about his personality because of his influence on Ori. He’s a good friend, because of his loyal disposition and cheerful attitude, but he tries to please everyone on end, including his mother, which often leads to problems. He helps Ori be more daring than he usually is, and to stand up for the people he cares and the life he leads. He’s like this with almost everyone. Yes, “people-pleaser” can definitely be used as a word against him. But I would warn against it. He’s swift to draw arrows and to get into a fight if need arises.
« Last Edit: September 06, 2015, 12:25:23 AM by Ori »

Played by Jo


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Jo's Wanted Ads (Compiled!)
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2015, 05:04:00 PM »

Suggested faceclaim: Linus Roache (negotiable)

Race: Man (Númenorian with some Rohan blood)
Age: 62
Home: Minas Tirith, Gondor

At first I hesitated to put up Castamir’s father up because Gondor’s pretty much inactive but in the chance that it livens up again here goes Aglarân of Minas Tirith for anyone who wishes to take him up. He’s risen above his name, when he was just a poor Belfalas boy who couldn’t hold a sword. Now he’s a distinguished retired general of the Gondorian army, personal friend of Ecthelion II, and a distinguished member of Gondorian high society. He’s also pretty rich and still is pretty tough for his age, but who can blame him when he used to be a general.

And I think I’ll leave his personality and most of his history to the player. Aglarân’s relationship with Castamir is a secret not even he has revealed to me, but I suspect it may be more amiable than one would think. This would obviously lead to disappointment, but I’m not sure what form it would take in Aglarân. I just...he’s a mystery to me. What I do know about him is that he is not to be crossed, he’s powerful, influential, very clever and enigmatic. I trust whoever takes him to enlighten my understanding of him.


Suggested faceclaim: Zoe Saldana (negotiable)

Race: Man (Black Númenorean, with some Númenorian blood)
Age: 45
Home: Umbar (actually anywhere where the wind blows her ships to)

Orla Blackfoot is the memetic badass of the Corsairs of Umbar by 2941. Chuck Norris has nothing on this pirate. Surviving six shipwrecks certainly had something to do with it. Being the daughter of another famous pirate also helped. But it is her ferocity that has gotten Orla Blackfoot out of the slums of Pelargir and to man her own ships. Never doubt it.

As gathered, her father was a feared pirate himself, who left another girl pregnant at port and expected nothing to come out of it. But Orla grew with the same fire in her veins and when she was just thirteen she sought her father on her own the next time he made port, let him treat her like a pet in his ship for a few years (until she wants seventeen), then convinced his crew to turn against him and slit his throat. Then she killed quite a few of those when they tried to rape her. Those who respected her managed to stay alive. Then she manned the ship on her own back to Umbar and befriended street rats like her to take over and start life as Corsairs on their own.

And that’s still not enough. She’s a feared leader, captain, and she has the luck of the devil. Six shipwrecks, four maroonings and countless assassination attempts haven’t ended her yet. There are places where it isn’t known if she’s alive or if she’s dead. They may never know until Orla herself hits port and starts ransacking whatever little city she finds for the usual - the gold, and the liquor. Bow down to her, or lose your head before her, the true scourge of the seas.

The connection with Cas is minor to her, but major to him. She led him astray to join her crew’s shenanigans whenever she wasn’t at sea and began his life of crime as a traitor to Gondor. She shaped his life and neither of them knew it yet. If anything, Orla was cruel training the younger boy, but she definitely had a soft spot over the little outcast, as if he were a younger brother. But when Castamir was 20 news of her death spread through Minas Tirith, and he cast her out of his mind for the best. Who knows if they shall meet again?
« Last Edit: October 16, 2016, 05:35:21 AM by Castamir »

Played by Jo

Pearl Bolger

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Jo's Wanted Ads (Compiled!)
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2015, 05:09:00 PM »

Suggested faceclaim: Finn Jones (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 42
Home: Stock, Eastfarthing, the Shire.

Cedric is one of two very lazy, shiftless, no-good-dirty-rotten uncles of Pearl Bolger. Once taken up by Eeerie, Cedric was characterized as good-natured and cheerful and friendly, if lazy and unmotivated to find a proper path in life, as well as having an iclination towards drinking and gambling. He and his brother Finnegan are the stain of this little downtrodden Bolger family (and at large, the Bolger family is very well thought of!) but they are both sweet to their little niece Pearl, and no matter what anyone says about them, Pearl is defensive of them always hoping they can somehow land a stable job...


Suggested faceclaim: Daniel Sharman (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 40
Home: Stock, Eastfarthing, the Shire.

Well, this one hasn’t much to tell. Finnegan is one of two very lazy, shiftless, no-good-dirty-rotten uncles of Pearl Bolger. I suppose much is left for the player to take up. Eerie has already taken up Cedric, his older brother, and he’s also interested in Finnegan being taken up.

If Cedric is light-hearted, Finnegan is a bit more moody. He's still as lazy and unwilling to work as his brother, though. Might or might not be a gambler. But despite being more sentimental than the rest of his family, he's still a little ray of sunshine in Pearl’s bleak family. I also imagined Finn to be slightly more sarcastic than the average Hobbit. But whenever he's with friends or his brother Ced, or his little niece (and once with Cousin Celandine), he lets himself lighten up.

My first inspirations for Pearl's beloved cousin and uncles were Dorothy's three companions in The Wizard of Oz: the scarecrow for Celandine, the Tin Man for Finnegan, and the Lion for Cedric, if it makes any difference to the interested.
« Last Edit: February 21, 2016, 10:21:45 PM by Pearl Bolger »

Played by Jo


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Jo's Wanted Ads (Compiled!)
« Reply #3 on: May 04, 2015, 05:11:00 PM »

Suggested faceclaim: Mark Rylance (negotiable)

Race: Dwarf
Age: 148
Home: The White Mountains (or wherever business takes him)

Ryel is a pretty dark character concept that would be a shame to be thrown away. In Anitra's chronicles, he was Annila's (her eldest sister) husband, who took her in after her entirely family died, but scandalously neglected her, and still kept her dependent so she would always stay with him in case he ever needed her for any purpose. That need never came and he left her to Dyen's family and left for new prospects in the White Mountains. He was already a merchant, but the Grey Mountains are a pretty bleak landscape, even economically.

That's not what makes Ryel frightening. What frightens me is that to society, Ryel would look ordinary. No, strike that, he would look trustworthy. He puts on the façade of understanding, sympathizing merchant who may charge a bit high for his wares but who is otherwise empathetic and kind-looking. And in the same tone with which he sweet talked you to get you to listen to him, he will deliver you to your enemies and never feel a pang of regret. Anitra was just a fun pet for him, one he regularly forgot to feed and check on - he had better things to do with his time. He deals swiftly and cruelly with his competition and with his enemies. Never a prey to fury or anger, he'll look like a reasonable, kind Dwarf at first but do not doubt it that he has no heart. The worst of it all is that a good few people in Ered Nimrais will still stand loyally for him. If he had to be more than one day captive anywhere he would befriend the jailers. He’s dangerous.

The only thing I do not know about Ryel is whether he loved Annila or whether he only used her as a pawn. It's one-dimensional to say that he never loves anyone, ever, but it feels cliché to say that he had one beloved who changed his life. But I suppose I'll never know because in my head all he is is a dark figure in the back with a convincing tone and logical-sounding arguments who is no doubt hiding a dagger just for me.

Played by Jo


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Jo's Wanted Ads (Compiled!)
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2015, 05:15:00 PM »

Suggested FC: Maisie Williams

Race: Dwarf
Age: 42
Home: The Iron Hills

She's been recently left by Anadwen to focus on her more active characters, so this is Míla, daughter of Féren, returning to the Wanted Ads.

Míla is her father's daughter. That's the best way one could describe her. She has all the energy one could expect from a young boy her age and limitless curiosity for the world around her. Míla inherited all of her father’s hot-headedness and love for exploration, but none of his learnt wariness before taking action. Therefore, while Féren lovingly taught her to fight and defend herself, she’s mostly a mess about not getting herself into scrapes--how Séla wishes Míla were well-behaved like her siblings, or at least less reckless, as she climbs walls and leaves the house to go to the rather dangerous marketplace to have her share of the world! Her love perhaps isn’t for fighting so much as for physical activity: she often races other children her age and wins, and she’s a master at dancing (quite about the only feminine activity she can hold her own at).

While Féren loves her daughter to no end, after Báren’s death he was terrified that something might happen to his curious daughter, so there was some conflict between them as she was not allowed to leave the estate without anyone older than her, and Míla did not enjoy the new restrictions her father put on her. So there were months after his return that the girl seemed to be walking on eggshells around her father, but eventually Féren’s fear lessened only somewhat, and Séla coaxed Míla to forgive her father for his lapse in judgement. Their friendship was rekindled when he taught her to swim, and she was entranced by the discipline. Just as well, the trip to Ered Luin in 2941 T.A the Silver Hill family was a good adventure for them to connect again.

With her siblings, Míla is particularly cold. She and Báren held their own and tried not to fight, because more often than not they’d both be pretty hurt and that was not the ideal result of a fight, but they’d come to respect one another for the other’s strengths. She was very hurt by his death and was one of the rare times she cried in front of anyone but her mother, and adding to the suspense to whether her beloved father would come back, Míla was almost shocked into silence by the ordeal. With her younger sisters, she likes Dúra to get into some trouble with (even if Dúra is not as avid on going out of the house on her own), and she has the most trouble with Kéra for her sharp wit and being almost preferred by her mother. But she loves all her siblings, and both of her parents, very much, no matter what she pretends that they are holding her back from the adventure of the world.


FC: Raffey Cassidy (twin sister Kéra has been taken already)

Race: Dwarf
Age: 38
Home: The Iron Hills

Last done by Theta, who left the site, I was looking about for anyone that might take Féren's youngest daughter yet again.

The youngest daughters of Féren’s family are Kéra and Dúra. Kéra is the oldest, and she thinks she’s often in charge, but Dúra is as bossy as she is. Kéra as done by the lovely Marbys, is a memorable young Dwarf girl ready to prove herself to the world and especially to her father (as the twins aren't as good with fighting as Míla) However, may the two twins quarrel or conspire against the world around them, the two are mechanics by nature. Not actual machine-lovers but, for example, they will dismantle a toy apart to see how it works. And making trinkets. Oh, yes. The two girls are quite crafty with their hands and can makes toys, and often imagine up different kinds of thingamajigs they could use in real life. Often you will find the two looking around Féren’s home asking for a spare piece of wood or a scrap of an old dented hammer for their little works.

While Kéra is acidic, clever, and socially graceful, however, Dúra is a little more dreamy and absent-minded, being very akin to her older brother Báren when he was alive. (In fact, the two got along so well that when Báren died on that fateful hunt in 2938, Dúra was the second one most torn by the tragedy that hit the family). The youngest twin isn’t very ladylike not because she’s not feminine, but because her head is in the clouds, imaging how she can change the design for this catapult she saw being pulled out of the Iron Hills that could work better. Dúra is more comfortable with designing and figuring out the mechanisms for her thingamajigs in her head rather than how to make them reality, but Kéra is always there to aid her at that. Her head doesn't always revolve around making or designing, however, as she's also an avid reader like her brother was, and she sometimes dreams of visiting faraway lands like Harad or Gondor.

Despite their differences, both twins together are an unstoppable force of laughter and tricks, and when they quarrel, the whole household seems to stop, and Séla is forced to intervene. Dúra's strongest ally is her twin sister, even if her grandfather Dérn and father Féren are always there for her to spoil and joke with. Let us hope the fate of the youngest Silverlet is as sweet as she is.


Suggested FC: Liam Cunningham (negotiable)

Race: Dwarf
Age: 269
Home: The Iron Hills

The head of Féren's house when he was younger now holds a place of honor at Silver Hill, his home. He is the son of Cárn and Rigga, and father of Féren, Tollen, Deknar and Felan. The facts of his history that I have down are these: his father was cruel, cold and domineering, forced him to give up his dream of being a scribe in favor of volunteering as a solider, married him unwillingly to his cousin, Rekna of the Blue Mountains, who wanted nothing to do with him, fell in love with said arranged wife, and now as a retired general is finally learning to become a scribe.

Dérn raised his sons to be righteous and strong, but also compassionate. There’s no doubt Bóren and Dúren’s crimes were a blow on him. But mostly he was a good father figure, balancing out peace and stability at home with cold logic. His rockiest relationship is with Tollen for choosing to live a travelling life, and his most stable relationship is with Féren. He lives at Silver Hill now. He loves his granddaughters Kéra and Dúra most and goes out of his way to spoil them.


Suggested faceclaim: Joel Edgerton

Race: Dwarf
Age: 138
Home: Travels between the White Mountains and the Iron Hills

Fourth son of Dérn and Rekna. By far the most stable presence in Dérn’s family, seeing as he’s fairly cheerful, patient, logical and the least reckless of his brothers. Summed up by Blue, he’s “ridiculously chill”. What does cause conflict between Tollen and Dérn is that he married a bird-trainer, Ilna of the White Mountains, took on her trade too (he’s a falconer), and now travels quite a lot. But usually that’s not a problem because after Rekna’s death, he does his best to keep his peace at family meetings. Forever childless. Despite being gentle and unwilling to fight, he’s still a forced to be reckoned with, even if he is not a general, an ex-prizefighter, or a sellsword.

He’s the one of Féren’s brother whose character concept I have most vague in my mind, but that leaves more for the taker to imagine! However, there is a fixed point in canon for all of Féren’s brothers: when Tollen was 57, in T.A 2860 (for further reference, Féren was 61, Deknar was 53 and Felan was 46), Féren and Deknar ran away from home following a troupe of mercenaries who took a liking to them, all the way to Ered Mithrin. Tollen and Felan decided to “find” them and it resulted in a jumbled household for months. Their parents were so furious all four were sent on a four year apprenticeship to a smith so they could learn to be responsible and sensible.


Suggested FC: Tom Hardy (negotiable)

Race: Dwarf
Age: 134
Home: The Iron Hills

There may be a bit of his niece Míla’s disposition in Deknar, brother of Féren, and fifth son of Dérn. He rarely chooses to speak unless it be of utmost importance, but he has a quiet air of authority that even Féren, Tollen and Felan respect. But unlike Míla, Deknar’s impulsivity has muted down with years of experience. Once a thrill-seeker like his brothers, he jumped between trades and odd jobs (prizefighter for one) once he realized he did not wish to be a soldier. Now he’s a very well-tempered jeweller. And one that lives with his boss Mirna at that (they’re only friends even if they pretend to be lovers, for her sake - something about protection from old enemies of Mirna’s…)

Some more on Deknar and the path to finding his trade: when Tollen decided not to join the army with Féren in favor of marrying Ilna, Deknar also balked at the choice and realized it was not his path either. Confused and without a goal, he did several stints as a sellsword but never cared much for it. He also did very well as a prizefighter even though his mother looked down on the subject. Only when he looked back on the apprenticeship to the smith did he realize he wished to become a craftsman, though perhaps not a smith - a jeweller.

So I have a bit more on Deknar but I refuse to overelaborate just in case the player wants to take liberties.


Suggested faceclaim: Shia LaBeouf (negotiable)

Race: Dwarf
Home: The Iron Hills, but often travels between the East, Rhovanion and Gondor

The last son of Dérn and Rekna is a mercenary for hire (with a disposition for more legal disputes, but sometimes if the pay is good, he’ll do shadier work). No surprise, either, as he’s by far the most reckless and emotional of Dérn’s sons, and no apprenticeship could hammer that out of him. How did a once young soldier end up as a mercenary? Insubordination, of course. Of course Dérn wouldn’t approve, but all his brothers agree the army is the last place for Felan.

He gets along best with Tollen, since he is the least judgemental of the brothers. But he still gets along very well with all of them. He’s the only one of his brothers (other than the now deceased Bóren) that is naturally inclined for love and romance. He is a terrible flirt and a romantic, but somehow he will not settle for a stable marriage. He is also the only one of the brothers that actually does not mind Elves; instead he finds them fairly agreeable.


Suggested FC: Iain de Caestecker (negotiable)

Race: Dwarf
Age: 80
Home: The Iron Hills

Vári is a character concept that would be very enjoyable to see onscreen - he’s a promising, but absentminded young Dwarf lieutenant with a dark past but always a cheerful way to see the future. How dark is his past? His mother was an Orocarni Dwarf who married an Iron Hills Dwarf against her family’s permission, and when Vári was just 20, he saw his father, mother, and two little brothers killed by his mother’s siblings, and he only survived when he faked his death. So the answer is pretty dark. It also led him to become a soldier, but not out of revenge, but out of a desire to protect the homeland he has left. And how bright is his view of the future? Well, he’s an unfailing optimist to the point of annoyance for some. This, coupled with his unpredictable absent-mindedness, is what makes him dislikable to so many, especially some in command.

But when he’s focused, he’s one of the best soldiers one could ever have. He’ll follow orders to a T, unless distracted, and is also a terrific leader when he sets his mind to it. He’s a double-edged sword, really. A lot of people dispute his high rank as a lieutenant but he’s earned it by going into the most dangerous missions and coming out alive. Also, it’s more a personal headcanon that can be edited, that Vári is actually autistic, but in the severe lack of doctors who can tell this in Middle Earth, he’s just seen as odd and curious. The greatest triumph in his life has been the success he's had with this particular battalion of only six Dwarves and him: outcasts, shamed as fools, but under Vári's direction, they've been one of the most successful battalions in the Iron Hills with the smallest body counts in the history of the army.

What’s his link with Féren? Well, Vári grew up with his uncle on his father’s side Láil, who in turn always worked close with Féren, and the two have known each other ever since Vári came to live with Láil. In some ways, Féren has been as much a father figure to him as Láil has been, and the general always back him when confronted with other authorities that find no use for the lad. Vári is also the only one besides Féren who survived that little hunting trip in 2939 T.A, again by faking his death. He lost Láil in the trip, too, but at this point Vári can take care of himself. The recent tragedy has pained him, but he marches on. I imagine that in BOFA he will get his time to shine, and be greatly rewarded by his bravery. Perhaps the future is as bright as he has always hoped for.
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Played by Jo

Isaac Brandywood

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Jo's Wanted Ads (Compiled!)
« Reply #5 on: July 21, 2015, 05:14:00 PM »

Suggested faceclaim: Mark Ruffalo (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 39
Home: Woodhall, Eastfarthing

Hollis Burrows, the eldest child of his family, is very much his father's son. His father is Bufo Burrows, brother of Rea Burrows, who is Isaac’s Brandywood’s mother. Therefore, the Burrows children are Isaac’s cousins (and childhood companion, more often than not). He's currently carpenter of Woodhall, Eastfarthing, taking over his recently deceased father at the workshop and leading his siblings through every decision they take. He's strong, clever, with a take-charge attitude that's been with him since he was little. The “clever” may not be in terms of academia (none of the Burrows can read) but as in problem-solving. He always comes up with the right plan for a problem. He was always domineering as a child, but now he's more moderate. If anything, he's fairly cheerful and hard-working, tackling any job that comes at him headfirst. He's also very well-liked around Eastfarthing on account of his good looks. Even if these good looks have been embittered recently on account of the struggles they went through when Bufo died.

A lot’s been left open in all the Burrows for the takers, but there is one canon event that’s set for all the Burrows. On 2926 (Hollis was 24, Graeme was 21, Saffron was 19, Eldric was 15 and Isaac was 15 too) there was a thunderstorm over Eastfarthing and the Burrows children + Isaac had been wandering the Rushock bog and were caught in the storm. Hollis had been climbing a tree and broke a leg trying to scramble down, and Graeme nearly had a panic attack, but it was the younger ones, especially Isaac, that kept a clear head about where they had to go for shelter and what they had to do to set Hollis’ leg. Taught Hollis and Graeme a lesson on humility, actually.


Suggested faceclaim: Elden Henson (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 36
Home: Woodhall, Eastfarthing

Graeme Burrows is small, silent and thoughtful, but he and will fight you if you mess with his family. He was always a delicate lad despite being second oldest after Hollis, but making up for his short stature and lighter frame is his fiery interior. As a boy he was determined not to be a sissy, and he would try to prove it again and again by acting very strong, but he eventually matured into the quiet Graeme of today. He currently helps out his brother in the workshop but he wishes to become an engineer. But as he tries to look about for how to make his dream reality, he’s happy at the workshop, as well as living with his family.

As with his siblings, the canon event mentioned above at Hollis’ info applies.


Suggested faceclaim: Julia Stiles (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 34
Home: Woodhall, Eastfarthing

Saffron Burrows is a lady, don't you doubt it, but that doesn't mean she's an airhead. The third oldest in her family, she's manipulative, headstrong, and clever as a whip. As a young girl, she was much disliked around her hometown for her sharp tongue and way of charming the adults into letting her do what she wanted. She's a master of the spoken word (seeing as she can't read), and she can come up with a reasonable lie to cover up anything. Lately she's just one of Hobbiton's favorite debutantes, as she is as beautiful as she is (seemingly) ungettable. Despite not being very high class, Saffron has made herself a “catch” for Eastfarthing society out of pure wit. And even as she fits entire into society and its little adventures, she is still as skilled with her brothers with wood - she just doesn’t really love it further than as a hobby.

As with her siblings, the canon event mentioned above at Hollis’ info applies.


Suggested faceclaim: Jamie Bell (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 30
Home: Woodhall, Eastfarthing

Eldric Burrows is light fingered, even for a Hobbit, and even more merry-eyed. Like a naughty magpie, Eldric grew up taking things that didn't belong to him from right under their owners’ noses. And just like a magpie, he hoarded them for himself. This was all just young foolishness from the youngest of the Burrows, but the cunning never left Eldric. To this day he sometimes takes pride in not exactly stealing so much as having prize collections of objects a few of them being stolen, and despite being encouraged by his brothers to start organizing through his things, he refuses to part with his...hoard. He is also aiding Hollis and Graeme with the carpenter workshop, but he is by far the least ambitious of the three. He is not content with the work he does as a carpenter, but he really doesn't have much of a clue of what he does want to do, so while he does his dues at the workshop, he’s far more inclined to messing about in pubs. He often likes to mess around with the ladies, which Hollis frowns upon.

As with his siblings, the canon event mentioned above at Hollis’ info applies.


Suggested faceclaim: James D’Arcy (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 55
Home: Long Cleeve, Northfarthing

Udolf Goold is one of the most respected citizens of Long Cleeve if not Northfarthing. As physicians are in quite short supply in the Shire, not to mention the North, his services as both a physician and an apothecary are highly valued and appreciated. The ‘good doctor’ enjoys a high living status as he is son of a well-renowned North Took with a lot of money. Apart from this inherited fortune, he also has a lot of work what with his trade. All in all, a distinguished gentleman.

He is currently unmarried and has no children to pass his trade on to, so he has no problem with easing Isaac into his profession of choice. Despite this aid, he really does not think Isaac will make it far into his campaign to come into fortune as a doctor - a tailor’s son surely will become a tailor himself. But his opinion truly doesn’t matter: if Isaac is to go about in the Shire attempting to stitch up a gaping wound or set a leg, he can’t be left to his own devices. Thus Udolf is a stern and perfectionist mentor to him.


Suggested faceclaim: Ruth Negga (negotiable)

Race: Hobbit
Age: 35
Home: Coombe, Breeland

Selma Underhill is the only Hobbit healer in all of Bree-land. Her father, the previous Hobbit healer of Breeland, never planned to let all his knowledge as a doctor be wasted away. He taught his only child and daughter everything there is to know about healing - with several gems of knowledge that only the Dúnedain know, and gave him. He may have done it with the intention of only passing the information to a future grandson if there was to be one, or with the intention of letting her practice, but Selma never knew for sure, as a fire took her home and parents quite recently. In the generous community of Coombe, between Hobbits, Selma was not abandoned to homelessness. And Selma has repaid the favor over many times by using her skills to save Hobbit lives in all of Breeland.

She is one of many people Isaac has visited in his quest to become a practitioner through and through, and Isaac is terrified of her. If she were ever to cross into the Shire with the intention of starting up practice, the Hobbits of the Shire would be far more trusting of a Hobbit who was passed her knowledge from a long line of healers, just as it is all supposed to be. But he’s had to bite back this uncertainty and jealousy for the purpose of learning. Selma just finds him an amusing, green and stuffy little Shire-Hobbit who probably hopes to earn more money than his station, but again, she simply can’t let him go around treating everyone incorrectly. Thus the two have formed a curious little truce - not friendship.
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