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Author Topic: World on Paper  (Read 1308 times)


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World on Paper
« on: May 12, 2015, 11:06:00 AM »
Rian didn’t belong in the Archives.

 Had she worn a full-length dress and slippers that tore when you looked at them wrong, braided her hair (alright, that was done regardless) and slipped in meek and silent, she might have got through without too many odd looks. But she wouldn’t have belonged. Kvas might have, a little, or might at least have enjoyed it – written words were more his domain than hers, though she liked books well enough. Not simply because he had been forced to adopt them – even when speech had flowed free and fast and easy from him, he had liked to read. Back when, to her, letters had been things seen in lessons and hated for the way they took her from what she wanted to do and tried to make her different.

 She had come to like them first for their usefulness and then for their own sake – words were still words, stories still stories, even when they were bound on paper rather than spoken aloud – but this place wasn’t just organised for the love of books. There was something restricted in the chained shelves, the bowed heads. The silence was oppressive. And when a street urchin with hungry eyes tried to follow her in, a scribe turned him away with a harsh whisper. Perhaps he was only after unguarded pockets and valuable paper, but perhaps he wasn’t.

 Rian was clad in breeches and boots and she certainly didn’t fit in to the carefully controlled atmosphere. Shifting the loose sheets of paper under one arm, uneasy, she cast green eyes over the entrance area and found a young-looking archivist not currently carrying anything. Perhaps he could help her; she had no idea how to navigate this place and couldn’t see a map anywhere that would, ironically, tell her where the maps were. And he looked a little less arrogant than some others who seemed to work here, wandering past with armfuls of books and scowls.

 The thief caught his eye as she approached and bowed with a slight smile. No point in being impolite, she just needed directions and then she’d be out of his way. Her voice was a husky whisper, unable to be disguised when it was low. “Excuse me. Are you in the middle of something? I’m looking for a map. Of as much of Middle Earth as is possible.”



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World on Paper
« Reply #1 on: July 19, 2015, 09:39:00 PM »
The Archives were not the peaceful heaven everyone thought them to be. Sure, there were no troubles with cave-ins or danger of being hurt by molten steel. Yet it was a tense, quiet little hole in the ground where everyone had to be doing their job perfectly, or else they would be asked to leave. The door being left open for too long on some days might lead to mold growing on certain sections of the Archives. Carelessly misplacing a book was crime. There was a neat system to be followed, but once you had gotten used to protocol and had absorbed routine by heart, one could find the rest that Ori himself often wished to achieve. It was, after all, his rightful place. Not in a mine or in a smith, like most Dwarves would think. No, it was restoring old works, or cataloguing them, or keeping records. The soundness of history when kept in neat little boxes.

And even though visitors were to be expected, whenever someone who wasn’t an Archived tried to make their way through the stone maze, it was an event that the archivists didn’t usually feel prepared for. Ori’s eyes were one of the many that fell unto a young Dwarven woman that appeared that afternoon. The attire itself felt off - it was for travelling, for work, and this was the last place boots and male attire (at least, male attire on Dwarven women) should be expected. The young Dwarf looked over to Ori, who then returned to the desk he was supposed to be ordering. It was all very basic documents that summarized the organization of the place, which was supposed to be open for anyone to see. But his looking away didn’t stop the green-eyed Dwarf from approaching him for help.

“Excuse me. Are you in the middle of something? I’m looking for a map. Of as much of Middle Earth as is possible.” The Dwarf whispered to address him, which Ori appreciated greatly. The young scribe looked around to see if anyone was bothered by the newcomer - and yes, several Dwarves were turning their way - but Ori knew how to solve that. “It’s - it’s not very urgent,” admitted Ori. “I’d be happy to aid you, we have several maps around the Archives. Of course, you’d need me to tell you exactly where you wanted to go.” The maps of the Archives made a decent section, thank goodness not a very delicate one, but still large all the same. “I just need to…”

He was about to look about the place to see if anyone could take the post for him. Everyone in sight was busy, it was plain to see, and did he really need a replacement for such a quick help? The maps section was large, yes, but once shown there it wasn’t so difficult to leave. Maybe this could be a quick detour, and he’d be back at his post before the Archive deputy was there to give him trouble for abandoning his post. “I...guess we can get on with this quickly enough,” he whispered in reply to the newcomer, even as his eyes were trained to the hall opposite to the door in fear of any authority that could come from there. “Don’t need a replacement. Follow me.”

His face had dropped a few shades in color, but he managed to lead the visiting Dwarf. “Do note, however, that you can’t take the maps. You can order a recopy, which we take money for. Where - where would you be heading?”

Played by Jo


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