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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Vark  (Read 3078 times)


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« on: May 12, 2015, 07:08:00 PM »


NAME: Vark
NICKNAMES (IF ANY): He has no nickname, and unfortunately, has forgotten the name his brother gave him when they were younger.
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): 11th November T.A. 2911, an autumn child; Vark is 30 years old.
PLACE OF BIRTH: A village half a day's ride from the ruins of Tharbad.

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE: The world has been unkind to his hair, grey streaks tainting the dark browns in his bristly beard - though, the greys have yet to seep into the wavy dark locks that sit atop of his head. Often his locks will fall in front of his face, and so, it it not unknown for him to wear it back in a short ponytail at the back of his head, especially if he is working. It is messy when worn down and unruly - having grown without much cutting for years, mainly due to Vark wanting to be able to scrape it all out of his face.

EYE COLOUR: Vark's eyes are dark, caring, adventure-filled russet brown eyes.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Standing only at 6'4”, he is 4 inches shorter than his twin brother, but, what he lacks in height and brawn, he makes up for in intelligence. Though he is not quite the giant, he still has enough weight to be able to throw it about in a fight if he needs to; his muscles still nothing that ought to be messed with. Like his brother, his muscles were gained on the farm, though Ivorak gained advantages when he was sent to work in the forges.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: He found no need for heavy armour or weaponry, for he never left the farm until the 'accident', and so, Vark only ever wandered around with a greying tunic and deep brown breeches. His boots have seen better days, having been battered by the weather, for all the time he spent outside farming with his father. After the incident on the farm, however, Vark managed to get hold of old brown leather bracers and a cloak to keep the sun and rain off of him whilst he was wandering, as well as finding an old sword amonst the ashes that had, somehow, managed to survive - opting to take it for protection.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS: To see one of Vark's distinguishing marks would require him to take his tunic off, and even then, the marks are barely noticeable. On his right chest, scaling over to the top of his arms are stretch marks gained by the up in workload when Ivorak was sent to the forges; having to take on his brothers workload as well as his own, and being the 'lesser' in muscles, stretch marks were bound to happen to the young man. His other, can be seen through his tunic, as the devastation to his right arm was so bad, that it the burns had wept for weeks after.

WEAPONS: Unfortunately Vark was given the short end of the deal when the sword found amongst the ashes was merely a short-sword, though, it meant he didn't need the power in his arms for a two handed sword, or a broad sword. Though what his father was doing with a short sword was beyond him, Vark had actually managed to get a-hold of another weapon, one left behind by Marroc, and whilst it was just a small, thin bladed dagger, it would no doubt come in handy.

FACE CLAIM: Joe Manganiello

STRENGTHS: His brain is his most powerful asset, and whilst he isn't as highly intelligent as say, Elves, he certainly has enough to keep him alive and pull him out of tricky situations. It's the one strength of his that keeps him getting work when otherwise generally he might not be able to find it, and it's the only thing that's kept him safe on the road.

His way with words is another strength of his, for he knows exactly what to say and when to say it. This doesn't mean he sweet talks, and he won't ever lie to a soul, but, when someone is in need of comfort or someone needs motivation, he definitely has a word or two that might help them along their merry way. He may not be as eloquent as he could be, but, his words are powerful never the less.

WEAKNESSES: Weakness-wise, Vark would say that because his muscles are as not well refined as his brothers, that this makes a weakness, for he is not so handy in a fight. This isn't to say he couldn't get out of a fight, but generally it's not his hands and brawn that gets him out of it - and more his brain and quick thinking that draws him out of the situations he could be thrown into.

He has a nasty habit of second guessing himself, and this in itself is a weakness, for sometimes, he will have had the right solution the first time, and the second solution he opts for is the wrong one and get him into trouble. If he trusted his first judgements, then he wouldn't get into as many scrapes as he does.

ASPIRATIONS: He aspires to travel to the ends of the Earth, as well as learn the tricks of being a Ranger; so that he can stay on the road for as long as he can. He is yet to find a suitable trainer, but when he finds one, he'll snap up that opportunity quickly.

Not necessarily to find a family, but to fall in love – and whilst these sounds cheesy, it seems to be something the twins share. Whilst Ivorak might be looking for the family aspect, Vark isn't keen on the idea of having sons, for fear of turning into Ulfric, so he will settle for falling in love.

FEARS: After losing the farm to a fire, he fears for his family, for Ivorak, where-ever he may be in the world; which is why he set off out onto the road in the first place. If he could just find his brother, then perhaps this fear would go away.

Whilst Ivorak may not be aware of this, Vark has Athazagoraphobia, which is the fear of being forgotten, or forgetting. Which is why he will often find himself repeating things under his breath to himself so that he does not forget himself.

PERSONALITY: Vark is, first and foremost, a cerebral individual, ensuring that most of his decisions are made with his intelligence alone and not his feelings - for even he knows sometimes that feelings can cloud what would otherwise be a pretty solid decision. Yet, despite this, he can be quite the thoughtful individual, but only when it is more appropriate. There isn't a healthy balance between these two things, for he tends to use his knowledge before his feelings, but when the thoughtfulness side shows, he does resemble Ivorak a little bit. His intelligent train of thought makes him a good secret keeper; in the sense that he will only ever keep a secret if it is vital that he should keep his mouth shut, and he will take into consideration who the person is that is passing him the secret in question. He's also known for being polite and somewhat sincere when greeted by strangers, and even more so after he met a kind stranger that gave him somewhere to stay when he could not afford it. The kindness that was shown to him softened him a little, and that was perhaps for the better, as when he started picking up work, he was more polite to those that hired him.

The determination to find his brother shows in everything he does, trying to gain enough money to sustain him once he hits the road properly to go on the hunt for his twin, having been inspired by a Ranger back in a tavern in Bree. A Ranger that had given him a glimmer of hope that not everything in this world was cruel, and that his brother was out there somewhere - he just had to have hope. Since this meeting with the young woman, he found himself a lot more open-minded and optimistic, with a new found natural-drive to succeed at all of his ambitions. His tolerance could do with a little more work, but he is sure that with enough time and effort, he may up his tolerance of those that speak in tongues and leave him reeling for he hardly ever trusted that their words were kind.

HISTORY: Vark, the first born son of Ulfric and Kala, was the first of the two twins to be brought into the world, quickly followed by his brother, but despite this, he uses the time difference to his advantage. They had never met their mother, unfortunately due to her dying shortly after giving birth to the pair, but they were left with no one to care for them except Ulfric, who, for a father, was rather cold towards Ivorak and Vark. Most of their father's money went into saving their mother, but to no avail, as she passed away a few days later - leaving their father bitter, and blaming the two babies for the untimely death of Kala. As their first birthday came, there was a great flood that took away their father's farmland. Sustaining two boys was now difficult, for Ulfric had three mouths that needed feeding and not an awful lot he could do about the sodden farm land - and yet somehow he managed all the same for years, keeping the three, not necessarily with bellies full, but certainly with at least some sustenance to keep them going through the winters.

Despite the short time difference between the twins, Vark became Ivorak's idol - and that to him was worth a lot, for realistically, as he grew up, it gave him confidence that somebody had faith in him. He managed to talk Ivorak into all sorts, as he seemed to shoot up, growing taller than his older brother, and that meant he was perfect height for climbing up into trees and collecting fruits that often they would not be able to get at home. These were the boys mini-adventures - ones where they would venture out further than permitted before coming home and pretending they had done nothing all day. Vark often spent his afternoons with Ivorak sat beside him, trying to teach the younger twin to read and write, but unfortunately, it did not stick as well for him, despite all the best intentions in the world. Ivorak felt the belt more than Vark did, and unfortunately, whilst he did not agree with the excessive discipline, he said nothing. When his brother was sent away, however, Vark became the centre of his father's attentions, and that did not end up fairing well. Ten years old was no age at all to separate the twins, and yet, Ulfric did it without even blinking, putting the pressure on Vark to help get the farm back into some kind of working order. There was hope when his brother lost his job with the fletcher, but he was packed up again and sent to a healer for training there - though, this was something Vark would have preferred to do than what he was being taught at present. There had been many a time he'd thought of packing a bag and taking his brother to seek their own fortunes, but the courage was lacking.

The older Vark grew, the more he started to resent his father, but, he kept it quiet and did whatever he could to make his life easier; often having to put down a book on the barked orders of Ulfric and help out to make the home sustainable. When Ivorak was sent to the forges, Vark could not help but be happy for his younger brother - finally getting what he wanted from the beginning, leaving his twin behind. He didn't mind, for he was never a bitter or jealous person, and rather enjoyed seeing Ivorak get what he wanted for the first time in years. Time passed, and Vark was still very much stuck under Ulfric's thumb, until that fateful night in T.A. 2940, where somehow, their farm was up in flames, Ulfric standing looking on at the burning site, his own son having fought his way out and gaining the burns up the arm where his tunic had caught fire - burns that have never healed. The next day, Vark had gone back to look at the destruction, finding a dagger and a short sword that had been left behind, taking them for his own and it was in those moments he decided he was free of any obligations to his father. Packing up what little he had, he headed on out into the world for adventure, like he had wanted for all these years, but he had never found a window of opportunity.

Vark made his way over to Bree, looking for work and a place to stay, finding himself in the right tavern at just the right time. The tavern owner had told him there was no chance of him getting a room for free or even some scraps of food, but thankfully for Vark, luck had shined upon him that day, as a woman had overheard the conversation, and, after a quiet word with the tavern owner, she told Vark that he had a room for a few nights, and a few coins to buy him some food. He was thankful, but he did not know the woman's name - other than the name presented to him by the locals, Fletch. He heard that she was a Ranger with a heart of Gold and to never look the gift horse in the mouth, so he gratefully took this gift, finding himself work around with the local farmers who needed someone to cart produce from one place to another. To this day, Vark moves from village to village, picking up little bits of work, making his way slowly down to the Gap of Rohan (something advised by the Ranger as he had mentioned wanting to pass the mountains and beyond), and one day hopefully finding his brother for a long awaited reunion.

AGE: 22
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
EXPERIENCE: I think we all pretty much know this by now? Seeing as I sit on a throne of feels with a crown of tears with Cass.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, Adair, Bombur, Lainon, Annis, Ioreth, Sela, Filmore Took
Previously played: Goblin King, Galadriel, Rosewyn
CONTACT: Just come to my throne >.> cough Or PM. PM is good.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I'm a permanent resident – unless Cass hands me a notice to evict. She wouldn't do that.
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« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2015, 07:21:00 PM »
Oh Pip, he's perfect!  Thank you so much for taking Vark up, and for making him your own.  I can't begin to tell you how happy Ivorak is to have his brother on site.  Enjoy him! <3

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