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Author Topic: Odds and Ends  (Read 2955 times)


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Odds and Ends
« on: June 16, 2015, 10:48:00 AM »
(Most things, including FCs, are entirely negotiable~)

Eagle – Mature – Misty Mountains – Badass – no suggested voice
“Watch me. And learn.”

 Despite being slightly smaller than average for a female, Rysstre is a little bigger than her mate, Thraegas, 'cause that's mostly how eagles work. They're the parents of Nauroval and Aurhîn. Her name means Through Rain, with dodgy grammar. She's determined, doesn’t suffer fools lightly – except Thraegas, for some reason – and is very difficult to dissuade from her chosen path. She has more vicious, wild, Southern (more like bald eagles) blood in her and thus darker feathers on her body and lighter feathers on her head, but she's quiet and smart, actually less likely to get into a fight than Thraegas. The pair hold down their territory mostly (middle of the Misty Mountains, hasn't been tied down), but can travel if they need to and have their whole lives before they met and claimed their patch of mountains to do whatever the player wishes.

Eagle – Mature – Misty Mountains – Dramatic – Alec Baldwin
“If I don’t come back, I’ve fallen asleep on the wing. Tell your mother to come catch me!”

Thraegas is more of a noble Northern eagle than Rysstre, though neither are pureblood. He's social and chatty, flies quite conservatively – bold in speech, not in the air. A good hunter rather than a fantastic one like his mate, and quite content to acknowledge this and rely on her. His name means Over Mountain, and he does like heights and pretty views. Thraegas is the one who would flop down on top of his squabbling eaglets instead of trying to reason with them, muffling their arguments in massive wings until they gave up and went to sleep. It was adorable.

For Rian

Dwarf – >150 – Grey Mountains – Tailor – Christine Baranski or any of the ladies turned up in Cass’ fantastic search here
“One day you’ll look back and see this foolishness for what it is.”

Dyen is not a good parent. Or at all nice. Scroll past if you want someone happy, fulfilled and friendly. There are bound to be some in here who fit that…

 Dyen is the mother of Raelan, Damel and Rian, and Anitra’s aunt. But the relationship that most affected her was being married to Raek – she really, genuinely, loved him. That might not be true of the others.

 A short and simplified life story, which you can adjust if you want to – Dyen was born in the Grey Mountains and brought to the Iron Hills to be married. Her suitor was to be arranged, and she didn’t like this fact. She had quite the infatuation with a dashing young noble’s son, who seemed straight out of a storybook, much brighter and shinier and more exciting than the stoic, poverty-driven men she knew.

 Then she married Raek, a soldier who lived by the book. It wasn’t what she had hoped for. But Raek was kind, and reliable, and he lacked the dazzling glimmer of unreality of the first man, who shortly got himself hung – just another murdering thief. Her judgement had been bad, her parents had known best, and it later influenced her determination to choose a partner for Rian. He was remarkably brave and ever so chivalrous, and he would challenge people who dared question his intent to marry a girl of the squalid Grey Mountains and beat them – for her, grinning broad and rock-solid and determined. And she fell in love with how things should be, building her foundations in Raek’s seemingly immoveable steadiness.

 She bore him children because he wanted them and she liked the idea, and loved them because he did, and when he died it tore her apart. Her foundations had cracked. The happiness and hope was ripped out of her, replaced with a harsh bitterness and an unhealthy dose of eternal dissatisfaction. She clung to tradition and structure in memory of Raek, but it didn’t help. The Iron Hills held only memories that mocked her with their brightness, and she returned to the settlement of her youth, bringing children that she now cared for out of duty and almost resented. Raelan, so jarringly different to Raek for all that he looked like him, so full of uncertainty and mistakes and hesitation, who she partially blames for not trapping Rian while they had a chance. Damel, who is obedient and dutiful and happy in the box of structure that he will not leave, like she will never be. Rian, wild and rebellious and unreachable, refusing to accept that her family knew best, determined to have the impossible, who ran away and (to Dyen’s mind) got herself killed so long ago. Anitra isn’t hers so she escapes somewhat – she appreciates her dead sister’s child attempting to help, distantly, but doesn’t quite trust her silent footsteps.

She made tapestries in the Iron Hills but turned her needle to making and mending clothes in the Grey Mountains, work that she had scorned as soon as she escaped it. I realise that I have quite a lot of detail for her, and don’t want anyone who’s tempted to take her up feel pressured to follow all of it, so rest assured – most of this can be worked with.

Dwarf – 94 – Grey Mountains – Ball of Angst – Marc Warren (or any of these)

Obligatory warning: Raelan, too, is not a nice person. (And Blue has too much detail for him.) But Raelan has the potential to possibly sort of redeem himself from some perspectives.

 He’s introspective and self-critical; notices flaws. A lot of them. His own, those of others, those of society itself. And most of the time he wants to fix things – but he’s absolutely terrible at it. And he’s so used to finding things wrong that when he does make a good decision, he second-guesses it and overcorrects an imaginary flaw and makes everything so much worse. And then sometimes he convinces himself that flaws that urgently need fixed aren’t real, and lays blame on people who don’t deserve it. Basically, his judgement is terrible.

 At least that’s how he feels. In truth he has his fair share of success and things to be proud of, but he fixates on the negative and worries relentlessly. It’s not worth thinking about that he’s actually a pretty good soldier (he’s had to be, to survive this long in a scouting company with an incredibly high mortality rate) – tactical and quick and versatile, good with a wide variety of weapons, a sensible amount of cautious, and ethical in how he does his job. He’s fast – as fast as Rian in a sprint when he’s not wearing armour. He’s selfless and he really does try. He wants the best for his family and he wants to make things right.

 Actual facts: he's seven years older than Damel (~2), twenty two years older than Rian (~7), making him about 94 in 2941, equivalent to 31. As he was 13-equivalent when Raek died and the family was uprooted this event likely affected him a lot. His appearance is closer to Rian’s – blonde, green-eyed and lithe. He may also have lost the tips of two fingers to frostbite one winter, but you don't have to take that.

 He discovered that Rian was running with thieves first and proceeded to be stiflingly overprotective. However, he kept the secret until asked directly. He's strange like that - part of it was his desire to fix things by himself, part of it was honour, and part of it was knowing that Rian is smart and she genuinely cared for her street scamp friends (cough, Kvasir) so he began to worry that she was right to. In the meantime he fought to keep Rian safe and restrained, not trusting her judgement and not wanting to lose her like they almost had in the fire. This went on for years. When she ran off in 2919 (after getting engaged against her will – her disappearance meant that the family had to return a considerable deposit to the furious would-be groom) he worried himself to exhaustion, joining every mission out of the mountain that he could get his hands on because he was sure that she’d be making a run for it and getting lost in the wilderness. Months later, he heard from Damel that she had sneaked into the forge under the name of Briosk and a few days later heard the name again when he and two others caught up with a thief. While the others prepared to take her right hand off in recompense, he skulked in the shadows and weighed. If Rian lost a hand, she would have no choice but to settle. He could keep an eye on her, Dyen could find her a decent husband. A hand was a small price to pay for her safety.

 But she escaped and he didn’t catch her. (Later that night – if you want to take it – the two soldiers with him were killed by orcs/wargs and it would be logical that they’d likely have found and killed Rian, too, so he likely thinks she’s dead.) He was still in Ered Mithrin less than a year later when Kvasir was exiled - an event which he witnessed. While he took part in the beating and felt that Kvasir deserved it, should never have been let in to the guard in the first place as a dirty little thief who had corrupted his innocent sister, there was also a small part of him that remembered that Rian cared about Kvas more than she cared about him.

 In short, Raelan is conflicted, full of regrets and self-disgust and makes terrible decisions, but he could develop into a sort of nice person with lots of feels on the way. Maybe he already has in the 20 years since Rian’s last seen him. I imagine that Rian leaving/‘dying’ shook him to the core, that he sort of knows that being angry with Kvas was uncalled for, and that he is more than slightly a mess. Aaand I know that this is a lot of detail and most of it can be worked with.

Dwarf – ~211 – Ered Luin – Runs the Bettle & Chisel – Donald Sutherland/Sean Connery/Patrick Stewart

 Lin’s beloved husband, owns the tavern, for more information or to take him up go here. If anyone takes him they can have fun trying to get Rian to believe that there are male dwarves over the age of 150 who do not deserve to be shot. Ask Becca about this one, but figured he could go here too~

Dwarf – Any Age – Ered Luin – Bartender – James Corden
“What’ll it be?”

 This lad helps out Lin's husband with (you guessed it) running the bar. He's basically the most normal person in the whole Bettle and Chisel bunch. Not much else on him. He's presumably pretty close with the rest of the tavern staff – Lin, her husband, Veizla, the other barmaids – and I think he's saving up for something big, like his own tavern or a trip somewhere, but he’s comfortable where he is and would need considerable encouragement to actually get around to spending  his savings. Also he defies the easy-to-talk-to barman trope with every fibre of his being. He's friendly enough, but hopelessly blunt and slightly oblivious to social cues.

Dwarf – ~80-120 – Ered Luin – Ex-thief amputee – Tom Burke
“I’ll help you hide the body.”

A criminal, totally and unashamedly. Or used to be one, anyway. These days his terribly exciting job (that, by the way, was sarcasm) is maintaining the street he lives on, which includes several other taverns and businesses besides the Bettle and Chisel across the road and backs on to a market square. He keeps the torches lit and rubbish swept up and checks that the ventilation's working.

 Jefian is what happens to lovable rogues who actually face the consequences of their actions. He used to be a thief but was convinced out of that career by the loss of his right hand when he was still fairly young – these days the forearm has a harness attached to it, which enables him to carry out a fair few tasks with various attachments. He sees no point trying to act innocent with a massive physical label like that marking him for what he was – there’s also a vindictively large P, for prisoner, clearly visible on the back of his remaining hand – and still has fairly dodgy morals, just less opportunity to make use of his lenient conscience. Losing this job will probably mean that he starves, so he really doesn’t want to get caught doing anything too illegal. Plus, Lin will probably throw him out, and he quite likes where he lives. He introduces himself without a ‘son of ___’ section because he has been legally disowned – Jefian is clinging to the bottom rung of the social ladder.

 Because of his job and his obvious past misdemeanours, many treat him as nothing, which has left him with a vengeful streak a mile wide for anyone he deems snobbish. The rich are also disdained for somewhat jealous reasons – he’ll never be able to afford a proper prosthetic, or nice things in general. They also overlap a lot with the noble, snobbish crowd, which doesn’t help either group. That said he's actually pretty nice once he decides you're alright and once you get used to the excessively morbid jokes and bad hand puns. He is well used to his missing limb. The fact that most people are squeamish about it is hilarious to him.

 Rian finds it incredibly nice to chat to someone who doesn’t act intimidatingly respectable and may count him as a friend. Birds of a feather and all that. He also (if you want to use this, naturally you don’t have to) enjoys talking to Ralaiva, one of his fellow tenants who is a LOT more respectable than he is. The enjoyment is not mutual. He may habitually tease/flirt with her and Lin may or may not probably mistakenly ship them. In general, he still possesses the capability to be charming, and is good craic. 

For Kophas

Dwarf – 90-120 – Blue Mountains – Outsider – Lesley-Ann Brandt

This one doesn’t have a name yet. She can be taken to be a little monosyllabic and grumpy, and I put her up not because she’s a friend to Kophas but because she hates his guts.

 She’s a Stonefoot who was born and possibly spent part of her life in the far-off Red Mountains, all the way on the other side of Rhûn. Her family, or a remaining parent, or whatever, was exiled and she grew up on the long and halting journey westwards. Her interaction was mainly with tribes of Easterlings – some of them introduced her to keeping birds, and she knows a few of their languages pretty fluently. Soon enough, and before she even reached fifty, she lost whatever family she had left. (The knock-on effect of this, if you’re into Khûzdul true name headcanons, is that she doesn’t have one. There was no one there to give it at her 50th, and it’s unlikely that she’s trusted anyone enough to tell them and ask for one since.)

 She was formally trained in Rhovanion by a pair of travelling dwarves named Tollen and Ilna, falconers themselves, sometime after 2874. If they sound familiar that'd be because they're Féren's brother and his wife from Jo's wanted ad.

 And then she moved on somehow to the Blue Mountains, where she fought hard for her position as a falconer. Prejudice against her sex and her roots – the Orocarni are so far away, there are Ironfists there who hate the Longbeards, and who’s to say she isn’t one, who’s to say she can be trusted? – make her fear that someday she’ll lose her job. There isn’t that much need for falconers in the Blue Mountains, and it doesn’t help that some idiot noble’s son showed up to further oversupply this meagre demand. She is an outsider, and is sure that the master of the mews would rather keep Kophas the son of Anlaf, the councillor, than her. And for him, it’s practically a hobby. Not a livelihood like it is for her. This is the root of her dislike for him.

 (A note that Kophas does change his aspiration a little and diversifies what he does to earn money – she’s welcome to be part of the reason by talking some sense into him, and maybe even to have moved on from disliking him, but it’s fun to not only ask for friends.)

 She didn’t quite master Westron for a looonnng time, and still prefers to avoid it when possible. This is part of why she can be seen as quiet/solitary/grumpy. Even her Iglishmêk is of a very far-off dialect and is practically incomprehensible to Ered Luin's community. And so she prefers to communicate in Khûzdul. There’s a noticeable difference in how she speaks depending on the language – in Westron she is slightly tense and overly formal, monosyllabic and to the point, and has a slight accent that she cannot eradicate despite her best efforts to fit in. In Khûzdul she is more animated and natural, much more talkative. If ever she finds opportunity to speak the tongues of the East that she learned in her youth, that are less stiff than Khûzdul, she is like an entirely different person – quicker to laugh, much more skilful at turn of phrase, speaking fast but sure and flowing, at ease with herself.

For Eskr

Dwarf – Getting old, refuses to accept it – Iron Hills – Badass – Melita Jurisic
“That ram is worth more than you are. Stop petting him.”

 Eskr’s family line takes goats as their symbol. The main branch (that actually makes a business of the animals) split off a generation or two back, and Ellit is the current matriarch. She never married. Her little brothers were lucky enough to, and then unlucky enough to die shortly afterwards. Their wives remain part of the business, and the three ladies (plus maybe a few of their now-adult children, you’re welcome to work them out if you take her) are formidable. They maintain their estate with the help of a crew of farmhands. Ellit no longer breaks young rams for riding but she used to and she’s an excellent rider, knows most of the herd inside out, and makes major business decisions. The business of breeding goats is actually pretty complicated – she has to ensure that quality is maintained without inbreeding, buy in new stock without accidentally bringing in diseases, etc. Eskr makes her these massive, really pretty charts to help keep track of bloodlines and demonstrate pedigree to buyers.

 Eskr and Ellit didn’t really know each other much until he had his massive absence and his life direction pulled a 180. They were vaguely aware of each other as distant relatives (Eskr did learn to ride on the farm, and spent a decent chunk of time riding, but they just never really found opportunity to talk) and Ellit probably thought that Eskr was a moron. Which, to be fair, he kinda was. They only really started talking when he returned and she commissioned him to do breeding charts and found that he had wised up considerably. They’re something between friends and adopted siblings, and Ellit has gifted him with/insisted that he pay a drastically reduced price for (but didn’t give him the option of refusing to buy) several mounts over the years, maintaining that he’d be better to ride goatback than sulk about in a cart for most of his journeys. Eskr loosens up and actually spends time outside – WILLINGLY – on her farm and I’d love to have the chance to play that.


Erebor Raven – Mature – Iron Hills – Rumour spreader – Emma Thompson
“Heard the news?”

 The ravens of Erebor are known for being extremely intelligent and loyal. Kraa (name is up to you but I felt like providing something) is definitely the former, and definitely not the latter. She’s clever and careful but completely amoral, caring only for being able to line a nest with gold by any means possible. Oh, and having fun along the way. She’s a mischievous rumour-spreader, who twists and misleads using the messages she’s been given to carry from one end of the Iron Hills to the other. She makes sure that people suspect things baselessly and catch the wrong end of the stick, gives bad advice and sets people against each other. And she has a LOT of fun doing it. Although I can’t personally offer you plots with any of my characters in particular (except maybe Eskr?) I’ve chatted to some other Iron Hills players and you’ll be able to stir up trouble regarding amnesiac Ruairmli who has been calling himself Nusin, (it's a long story) spread misinformation about Féren’s disappearance (Eskr comes into that!), possibly get in on the daughter of a long-dead soldier stirring up his name and getting beaten up, along with a mute exile (that’s Rian and Kvas, in the above linked thread). Plus of course whatever else you can think up~ - Reserved by Tin.

Bat Catcher
Dwarf – Grey Mountains

Okay so. This one is complicated yet simple. Essentially, the biggest and most recognised (I think) neo-Khûzdul dictionary has some interesting little titbits of worldbuilding scattered through it, and one of them is that there seems to be a fair bit of bat-related cuisine in the Grey Mountains. Sausages, wings… It’s actually pretty logical – raising traditional livestock can’t be easy when there are orcs everywhere and the landscape is super harsh. Seeing as Gundabad – that place that bred giant monstrous bats for war – isn’t all that far away, we theorised that perhaps the bats the dwarves eat are less violent, fluffier relatives of the war bats. They’d still be pretty huge. So, interested in having this job and providing much-needed meat by means of glue-coated-chain-netting them as they fly out in the evenings, shooting them down, taking ladders to the roofs and quietly stabbing them while they sleep, or whatever other creative hunting method you can come up with? (Poor adorable bats.) Sign up today XD

Dwarf – Grey Mountains – Canny whistler warrior

Ah yes, livestock would be hard to raise. You’d need to be quite sharp to do it, capable of getting a small herd to safety very quickly, perhaps protecting them as they went. A light-footed, agile little badass. Perhaps communicating with other herders through whistling since hands are too busy slinging rocks or knives or climbing to worry about Iglishmêk. Wouldn’t that be fun?

Limb Maker
Dwarf – Anywhere – Prosthesis Smith

 Gimli knows what a nervous system is. Dwarf medicine must be fairly advanced. Their engineering is also pretty amazing. They must also suffer a lot of amputations between war, mining and machinery – care to help out those who have lost limbs by providing them with replacements of leather and metal? This character would probably be either a smith or healer most of the time, but specialises in this area. Technology-wise, can probably manage steampunk-y body-powered prosthetics (controlled by movement of remaining flesh, not electricity/nerves/anything fancy like that). Come on, tell me this wouldn’t be a cool profession.

 Plotswise, I may be able to offer you Kophas at some point >.>

Dwarf – Anywhere

 Have you looked at dwarf boots? HAVE YOU? They’re amazing. Someone has to carefully stitch all that awesome together. THAT SOMEONE COULD BE PLAYED BY YOU. And I’ll 100% throw Rian at you because Rian really likes nice boots.

Human? – WE JUST DON’T KNOW – Bree – Carrots – Peter Jackson

 Somehow, this man – this normal human inhabitant of Bree – lived about 77 years possibly more without much noticeable aging. Is he a Ranger? He must have Númenórean blood in him. Why does he love carrots so much? Does he ever feel like in another life he might have had a great deal of control over the world? Does he have multiple identical brothers scattered throughout Middle Earth?

 (In all honesty, if you DO take him up, keep him canon-compliant, but really WHAT IS HE.)

Dwarf – Iron Hills?

(For the record, the above stone is this. Which ain't a prophecy but anyway. And Jo originally came up with this concept! But I have permission to put it here.)

There will be a dwarf named Durin VII, the last of the six reincarnations of Durin the Deathless. And he will lead the dwarves back to Moria and retake it.  Pretty awesome, right? Yeah, this is not a wanted ad for him. He doesn't do that until a few centuries into the Fourth Age. But his actions were canonically foretold in advance (sources conflict a little, either at the Battle of Azanulbizar or at the close of the Battle of the Five Armies). And someone had to foretell them. And if you ask me, that's as interesting, if not more so.

 It's entirely up to you whether this dwarf is respected and their foretellings are trusted, or treated with a generous dose of suspicion. Did they fight in the battle? Do they trust their own foresight? Are they part of a long line of soothsayers (did their ancestors start foretelling this at Azanulbizar?) or are they the first, and do they have any idea what's going on? Do they see only this detail of the future, or other things too? What are they going to think in future years when Balin (who is certainly not Durin VII) goes to retake Moria? Do they known Dain and Thorin III Stonehelm, from whom the reclaimer of Khazad-Dum will be descended, or are they low on the social ladder - could they even read their prophecy if someone kindly wrote it on a rock for them? Do they talk in rhyme? (Please tell me they don't talk in rhyme.)

Taken by Raven.
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Odds and Ends
« Reply #1 on: June 19, 2015, 01:45:00 PM »
Sorry to bump this so soon, but added Jo's awesome idea for a Dwarf soothsayer~



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Odds and Ends
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Added Raelan~



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Re: Odds and Ends
« Reply #3 on: October 26, 2015, 01:26:58 AM »
Just to report that I wish to reserve the soothsayer for Raven!


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Re: Odds and Ends
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