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Author Topic: [Hobbit] Gigra  (Read 3656 times)


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« on: July 08, 2015, 07:49:00 PM »


NAME: Gigra
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941): Born in the summers of T.A 2803, Gigra is 138 years old.
PLACE OF BIRTH: The Iron Hills
RACE: Dwarf
GENDER: Female

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:She has fiery orange hair, mainly gained from her mothers side of the family; which she keeps long, and braided in intricate ways, her favourite being wrapped around her head and out of her face, especially when she has customers as it keeps it out of her face as well as out of their way. Her beard is well kept, and not as intricate as her hair, only beaded just to keep it neat. Her beard is the same fiery colour as her hair.

EYE COLOUR: Gigra has very kind, warm and loving indigo blue eyes.

BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT: Gigra is quite tall for a Dwarven lady, her heigh being something she gained from her father, and this is probably a factor into why she thought she would never find a suitable husband. Standing at 4'9", she towers over some of the girls in the establishment, but that makes her quite intimidating whenever they have to band together against unpleasant customers. She is a very curvaceous lady, with assets quite large, but that doesn't make her the most wanted of the ladies.

OVERALL APPEARANCE: When she's not wearing nothing, Gigra often presents herself in fancy looking dresses, which she took when she took her leave of home. Often, she would wear dresses that revealed skin, her favourite being a red and gold number that she often wears to welcome those into her establishments, though, she has been known to wear a purple dress which revealed more. With her dresses, she is known to wear a gold looking arm cuff which sits nicely on her upper arm of her creamy skin, almost flawless skin.

DISTINGUISHING MARKS:Unlike a lot of her 'sisters', Gigra has not taken to tattoos, and instead, has let her natural marks show through, such as her beauty spot on the back of her neck and multiple freckles over her shoulders, which, aren't too dark. The only other distinguishing mark she has is the missing part of the top of her right ear, as well as a scar on the skin beneath, which she gained in a scrap with a bad customer, but she covers this with her hair without too much issue.

WEAPONS: The other thing, besides her dresses, that she managed to steal away with from her parents home, was a little dirk that her father had often kept on the bedside table away from her hands, though, there it didn't stay for too long. She has also been known to be more than capable of using hair ribbons as a weapon should she so need to, then again, give her anything, even a cup, and she would be able to use it to her advantage.

FACE CLAIM: Christina Hendricks

STRENGTHS:Gigra has been well known for her imagination, which, can often get the women out of trouble, and sometimes, she finds her imagination a great help to the children, taking time out of her day to tell them stories to keep them entertained as well as using them to give them hopes of a better life beyond the walls of the house they live in.

Gigra has a very mothering side to her, which is her greatest strength, meaning that she happily takes in orphans and looks after the children of her 'sisters' when they are unable to do so, in such cases of being with a client or something similar. She wishes for a better life for her sisters, and is overly fond of Astir, showing her mothering side to her more often than not.

WEAKNESSES: She wouldn't readily admit it, but her weakness is how nosy she can be, and sometimes, this can get her into trouble - especially when she finds out secrets she's not supposed to know. She's been threatened plenty of times because of secrets she's over heard, but she cannot help but be nosy. She tries to use it for the bettering of life for the women in her care, but it doesn't always work.

Some people might say that Gigra is a little bit cut-throat when the children are threatened, and her quick assumptions that people are out to hurt them is definitely one of her weaknesses. The combination of assumptions and cut-throat attitude is nothing to scoff at, but, sometimes it could definitely draw away business.

ASPIRATIONS: Gigra aspires to build a better life for her 'sisters' and is adamant that they will get there with a lot of hard work - she saves any money she can and plans on getting the girls out of the business one by one and into happy homes with their children, though, it might be an awful long time before that happens.

To watch her little girl grow up into a better life and have a much more happy home than what Gigra can currently give her - if there is one achievement in life that she can have, it would definitely be this one - even if her daughter doesn't marry a prince, she just wants her to have a respectable life.

FEARS: After what happened to Kvasir, Gigra fears harm coming to any of the other children in the houses care - and wonders what might happen to their parents should the men get a little more rough - though, Gigra has been known to welcome "brothers" into the family on occasion.

Another fear Gigra won't admit to is autophobia; for even a woman as bold as her might be drawn to the fear of being alone, especially after living in such a full house. Whilst she wants everyone to have better lives for everyone, she doesn't want to be left alone all the same.

PERSONALITY: Gigra is, without a shadow of a doubt, a bold, brash but caring lady with a can-do attitude and a lifetime supply of imagination, which she often uses to draw kids away to magical places where they can finally find themselves. She is a fantastic story teller - and tends to have a wonderful soothing singing voice for the children when they can't sleep. She was a willing milk-mother to those who struggled to feed their own children, as well as taking in any wandering woman who needed a home. She was never forceful, or demanding, and never told them that they had to join the career path she'd chosen, but some picked it willingly, and others just use her home and roof as somewhere to stay until they find their feet again. She is a very good mother figure, or at least, she tries to be for all, and even though some of the ladies are only a couple of years younger than she, she still tries to mother them all the same. Protective doesn't even begin to cover how Gigra is with the children, especially if any of the customers try to hurt them, at which point she can quickly become vicious and cut-throat to the extent where murder would cross her mind.

In a way, Gigra is selfless, in that she wants to give them all better lives, especially the children, who she hopes will not end up anything like them, or at least, the situations that seemed to get them all to that point. When she is not being riled up by punters, she is generally quite playfully, and often spends times with te children where their mothers cannot due to work commitments. She is highly respectful to her 'sisters' and 'brothers' alike, making sure they know they are loved, even if it is only by Gigra. She has enough mental strength to withstand a lot of abuse, but she won't tolerate it towards anyone else, and so, if she finds anyone else being hurt, she is normally one of the first to deal with the problem; and it's rarely pleasantly.

HISTORY: Gigra was born to Giskr and Egra of the Iron Hills in the summers of T.A. 2803, a bonnie little red-head, she was born quite small, though, this would later prove insignificant due to the fact that she would grow taller than both her parent's by the time she was 50. In her younger years, she was a quiet child, generally keeping herself to herself and wandering around the house aimlessly, as her parents tried to convince her to speak - but speak she did not. It wasn't until she hit her 20s where she finally spoke. It had never been a problem of her being mute, it was that she spent more time listening and then practising her speech alone. Her first words were a correction to what her parents were saying, who had insinuated that she was possibly mute, in which she simply replied "not mute, just not talking.", though at that point, she wished she had just kept her gob shut and pretended she was mute until she really had to speak.

When she came of age, the suggestions of an arranged marriage came about, and that was when Gigra decided to take her leave; taking all her dresses, and her fathers dirk, and went off on her way; running away from home wasn't exactly her best decision, but at the time she believed that it was better than being forced into a marriage with someone she didn't know. Taking off across the Earth, the young dwarf woman ended up in Ered Mithrin, and it was there she set up shop. It hadn't been her idea, but that of an older woman, who had taken her in and kept her until she could no longer afford her upkeep. Taking the advice of that woman, Gigra decided that selling her body was the only way she was going to be able to do anything with her life, for nobody would hire her for anything else. She managed to get a home, where she took in others quite like her, just young women who had run away from any potential marriages that they couldn't stand the idea of. She loved having people to share her life with, though, she feared they might find better lives – little did she know that one day someone might find her first. Some of the girls that came to her were quite young, and instead of making them work, she tried to raise them, though, she had absolutely no experience in raising anyone.

She met a young man, a regular to her establishment by the name of Taudri who became one of her regulars, but he wasn't just like any other regular, no, he had taken quite the liking to Gigra and promised her one day that he would take her out of the life when he became a soldier and they could have a happy family. A year went by, and Gigra found she was with child, giving the good news to Taudri, who made more effort in his training to gain a little more coin, but it was not to be. It was shortly after the child was born that Gigra found that Tau had been arrested, and was being charged with deserting, which did not bode well for the young lad – and later he was executed on the false charge. It was another soldier that had given him the charge, due to the fact he found out what kind of relationship he was really having with the lady of 'the night'. Deprived of her chance at a new life, she promised herself, and her baby girl (Tagri) that she would take care of them both as best as she could with her own profession, though, it was no world to bring her child up in. Not long after that did a young woman by the name of Astir appear, and Gigra took a liking to her almost instantly, and later, she would find herself taking well to her children as well.

Bringing us to the present day, Gigra is still working in her house, making sure to look after all the women there as well as their children, being a milk-mother to as many as she can and all the while maintaining business. Gigra has become very protective of her big family and finds it hard to let any of them go, fearing the day when she might be all alone again; but, she knows that she would rather they all had a better life than be stuck with her until the day that they died. She has never forgotten the young man that she lost and the life that could have been, but she has let it go, knowing that sometimes dreams and people disappear, but family remains, which is what everyone in the house is to her. It is one big family for her, and she will do whatever it takes to make sure they are all safe.

AGE: 22
COUNTRY: United Kingdom
EXPERIENCE: I think we all pretty much know this by now? Seeing as I sit on a throne of feels with a crown of tears with Cass.
OTHER CHARACTERS: Elrania, Ruairmli, Ruby Goodbody, Adair, Bombur, Lainon, Annis, Ioreth, Sela, Filmore Took, Vark
Previously played: Goblin King, Galadriel, Rosewyn
CONTACT: Just come to my throne >.> cough Or PM. PM is good. I have skype too.
HOW DID YOU FIND US?: I'm a permanent resident – unless Cass hands me a notice to evict. She wouldn't do that. Although Blue might.
No thank you

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« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2015, 11:38:00 PM »
Ahhh, she's wonderful Pip!  I'm so happy to see Gigra come to life - Kvasir and Ástir want all the threads. ~

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