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Author Topic: [Hobbit + LotR] Dénor  (Read 3337 times)


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« on: April 27, 2013, 05:20:00 AM »

Dénor Dúnhere

NAME: Dénor
NICKNAMES (IF ANY):  none - Pest... parasite... anything else you can think of...
DATE OF BIRTH AND AGE (AS OF T.A. 2941):2935, expected to live till 2954 as he is not in ‘captivity’.
RACE:  Avian

HAIR COLOUR AND APPEARANCE:  while Dénor doesn’t exactly have ‘hair’ his feathers are always nice and preened, free of annoying bugs. He is lightly colored with a black top that speckles out around the tips of his wings, tail and his underside.
EYE COLOUR:  Orange/red color, usually more red when upset and more Orange when he is calm.
BODY TYPE AND HEIGHT:  Dénor is prime for his species! He is well built and despite being only two to three inches larger than the female of his species – which range to be particularly large, it was chalked up to a hatching deficiency by the breeder. – He can be seen as a threat to any predator large or small.
OVERALL APPEARANCE:  see Hair color and Appearance, I see no need to repost it twice.
WEAPONS:  Dénor has no use for other weapons than his long black talons and beak.
FACE CLAIM:  Vincent Price<3

STRENGTHS:  His loyalty and his mind.
WEAKNESSES:  Deals, harm to his master (Ginger), his loyalty
ASPIRATIONS:  To simply be... and have fun doing so.   
FEARS:  Death, though he may conceal this fairly well.
Dénor is a well rounded bird with a mind of his own! If there is anything you should know about him it would be only a couple of things: He is Loyal to his ‘Master’ Ginger, He is easily loyal to others and not prone to betrayal unless it is vital to his survival. The owl has an ‘allergy’ to death unless he goes head first into the situation without realizing it, which can happen rather easily if he isn’t on his guard.

Loyalty – No one needs to school Dénor on loyalty. He’s as loyal as they come and he’s not afraid to commit, yes, murder if it protected what he holds dear and close to him. Liver and all! He isn’t sick or sadistic, yet, and he still has his wits about him. Using his noggin, as it is said, to make sensible and logical steps to keep his feathers in order. It also doesn’t take long for him to make a bond with someone, no matter who they are. If he plays his cards right he’ll have his claws clean should anything go wrong.

Sensible, Logical and superior thinking – Sensible is what Dénor does best… in his mind. Since gaining speech he has often thought of himself a superior being and therefore sensible in all he does. Causing bar fights – which he does rather frequently! But do not let this fool you, when he is out of the pub he can be quite the… arrogant type. Which isn’t in the description, but with superior thinking comes arrogance right? The process of logical thinking has always been with him, if something makes no sense he will question it and give his opinion if it is welcome of course.

Anger Management – Is something that he doesn’t have. Easily annoyed and frustrated if things don’t go his way, Dénor is prone to just taking off at any given moment, with Ginger chasing him to make sure that no harm comes to him. This has caused his master to get hurt and into dangerous situations from time to time. Once he cools down he can the most manageable and agreeable talking bird you could come across!

How he speaks – How Dénor speaks is rather important! I don’t mean with an accent, but the way he calmly goes about things – unless he is agitated by other members of his species! – He doesn’t raise his voice unless it is to add emphasis to a word or a phrase that he means it to be taken seriously. He finds amusement in sitting on the side lines and watching others fall on their face. Sarcasm isn’t too far out of his vocabulary either and wit is something he must always keep about him!

Insanity – Is something that is far from his mind, though it might sneak up on him in his arrogance and might cause him to become something he was never meant to be. This is a long ways off yet, if he is lucky he will be dead before he can reach this stage, though I doubt it.


Hatched in Rohan, Dénor was raised by a loving family and taken care of by Ginger who became his mistress and learned the art of Hawking along with Dénor, which the cause of next to all his loyalty to the one he calls ‘his master’. At first it wasn’t so bad, listening to Ginger go on and on about things that bothered her, and he even had some sympathy! The most exciting thing that happened to him was when she started taking him out on the road, seeing Middle-Earth and all its beauty! He still thinks it is beautiful, but not everything was dandelions and blue skies. Three years into doing all this traveling with Ginger he started to see a pattern with her complaints, it irritated him that he couldn’t respond and he decided that it was about time he did something about that!

The first nine months had started a wild streak of just flying off into the abyss of Middle-Earth, his care for his master’s safety was still strong, but he was too frustrated, you might say, and caused lots of trouble in a bar which almost got his master killed. Someone got too close to him and he snapped. Since then Bar Fights have been his favorite thing about traveling with Ginger, anywhere they go he leaves her the moment they enter town to find a decent pub and just stay there till Ginger is finished with her errands. He liked causing trouble, it is sort of a difficult thing to explain and even he can’t explain why he likes it. Maybe it was the chaos of the moment, the thrill of watching humans try to destroy themselves in a drunken stupor. Either way he found that it amused him so!

It wasn’t till the beginning of the year 2940 and 2941 that Dénor’s attitude and inability to speak started to truly grate on his nerves and he started looking into ways that someone might accomplish this. Though, his mind was cunning, he found the ways not! He was simply not made to be able to acquire this amazing gift that would allow him to grow his mind. ‘Tiny Bird Brained Idiot Bird’ most of his avian foes called him. More determined than ever he decided that while Ginger was in Gondor he would seek out a witch in hopes that she might help him. An Elven Witch would have been more appropriate but Dénor, no matter how hard he tried, could not get Ginger to follow him into woods ruled by her own kind. With no luck in Gondor he and his master left. Luck befell him, one day though, as they came across a band of traveling Gypsies, wanders and most of the Dwarven kind mixed up with the silly race of Men. A Dwarven Witch Olga, whom had a long and nasty history, befriended Ginger (for a very short time, mind you) and took a liking to her feathered companion.

Olga asked questions and Ginger answered them innocently and unawares of what Olga had in mind. “Would you like to find out?” She asked Ginger one evening as the sun sank behind the pines. “Yes, I do think I do.” Ginger and Dénor entered into the old Dwarf woman’s traveling wagon. It took nearly a pint of Ginger’s own blood, a gold piece of Dénor’s, the tongue of a Rohirrim (which she said she had in stock luckily) and the soul of an Owlet (to which Dénor gladly retrieved the live Owlet without thinking twice) and lastly a plant that was said to possess magical qualities. Olga mixed these things together and stuffed the liquid portion into the dead Owlet, and Dénor devoured it ravenously. (You see, Eagle Owls eat their own kind it is a known fact.) What Olga didn’t tell Ginger was that the spell was unbreakable and that it lasted till the day Dénor would die.

Since that day Dénor has been less than quiet and has learned the tongue of Rohan, his native land, fairly well from listening to Ginger talk and listening to others. His adventures are just beginning and he knows he is going to live to the fullest extent of his life until the point of insanity…

YOUR NAME:  Hades.
AGE:  nearly 20!.
EXPERIENCE:  A while, I think!
OTHER CHARACTERS:  Ginger Dúnhere, Anárion & Thorin Oakenshield
CONTACT:  PM, Cbox... even Email...
As the night progressed and nothing happened, Dénor sat in the darkness of the witching hour. His orange eyes glaring out from the tree in which he was perched, observing everything that was to be observed. This was his territory, no one who came in or out went unnoticed under his watchful orange gaze. As time passed slowly the large owl decided he had better move on to a different part of his territory. But, just as he was about to stretch his wings and take flight there was movement down below in foliage of the green forest. Shifting his head he looked down to see what the moonlight would reveal to him. But of course, I should have known! Wretched wolves.[/i] The glowing white pelt, silver by the moonlight, moved swiftly through the forest. It was only a pup, a meal to Dénor! Like deer… or even his own kind. Everything was prey when you were a predator at the top of the food chain no matter what animal thought it was above him. Ugh, unless you’re a horse… then you think you own everything! Selfish brutish beasts.[/i] Dénor added to his last thought.

Dénor’s selfish streak normally came out of nowhere. His narcissistic attitude had always been a part of him since the day he hatched. He was now looking ahead to see if more wolves were following this one. Floating swiftly down to a lower branch in an attempt to get a better view he thought of how his master was doing. Hopefully there are no large brutish Orc-wolfs attacking the camp at this hour.[/i] Pausing, the Eagle Owl cast his hearing about the forest. Nothing could be heard above the sound of the crickets and the wolf-pup moving down below. The pup doesn’t seem to be a threat. He observed quietly.

It wasn’t until a brisk breeze blew through the trees that Dénor gripped his branch tighter to keep from toppling over the edge and falling to the forest floor. Then, he heard the sound of feathers accompanying the breeze. Curiosity gripped every inch of Dénor’s being, would this intruder be eaten by the wolf-pup down below? His orange gaze searched for the familiar movement of birds wings and the four legged animal. Ah-ha! This was thrilling! A wolf was about to take down his prey! Intense were his orange eyes as he watched the pup reach up and take a well aimed snap at the bird. Unfortunately the large bird managed to stay just out of reach of the beasts jaws.

Dénor straightened up his eyes gave off of an approving, yet seemingly disapproving, look as the eagle – he now deduced – gave a frustrated chirp and landed in a tree not far from where the owl was seated. Blinking slowly he ignored the wolf trotting off to pout about missing a possible meal and focused on the eagle. Thunder and hail, it hissed, What are you looking at? Dénor didn’t like the tone of this eagle. It irritated him! Should he respond? Was it wise?

What am I looking at? Dénor’s hoot was smooth, yet gruff sounding, I was merely musing over… your failed hunt. Or, was it the wolf’s? It was hard to tell from where I am perched! Amusing none the less. Snidely said, this was all Dénor could think to reply to. Soon enough, though, a hoot of laughter – short lived – escaped him and his eyes glowed in mockery. If anything I’d say that was poorly handled!

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« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2013, 06:53:00 PM »
I am delighted to see this application, it has been a long time coming and, on a somewhat unrelated side note, I love the image you made for it!  Ahem, anyway, you have truly brought Ginger's egotistical companion to life and, for better or for worse, granted him the power of speech.  I look forward to seeing what mayhem ensues!  (Feel free to go ahead and get started, I will sort Dénor into a category just as soon as I figure out where he is going...)

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