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Author Topic: The Folly of Underestimating  (Read 2814 times)


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The Folly of Underestimating
« on: April 30, 2013, 01:37:00 AM »
{As stated, we'll figure out the best place to bring in the boys later once these two knock eachother about a bit}

The fields and paths near Ered Luin were known to house and hold quite the variety of wild game. And well it should, even such often times lacking in intelligence creatures such as the dwarves whom had made this their home would not be so dumb as to stay where game was not always available.

It was a trick that served many a predator, Nyx knew, and if any were deserving of advantages lower creatures used, it was she a warg; where civilization of any kind came up, there food was to be had for those who knew how to look and be crafty about utilizing the buffet available.

Of course it was more than just the game these dwarves sometimes hunted which Nyx put in the group of up for consideration of a meal, dwarves themselves could be a most substantial catch if one could manage it.

The only thing better would be to somehow, all on her own as a lone hunter, manage to take out the guards and then have at the whole of the mountain herself. She'd be set for months, even if the little appetizer even inside no doubt had their annoying hammers. It was a reckless thought, even on her end, but a dream all in all, so it could be reckless as flights of fancy were wont.

Meantime, she supposed she should continue to sniff about for anything useful or any left over kills she might be lucky enough to stumble upon. It was unlikely given how dwarves usually carted whatever they got inside their mountains, but opportunistic had to hold it's own share of optimism with it or the frustrations of lost chances would be too great at times.

While seeking out such, a noise hit upon Nyx's senses and the warg paused, both taking in the ground vibrations as well as scent to determine size and what it may be. The gait and vibrations thereof seemed to fit with a deer, and the warg could soon see in her minds eye the path it no doubt took.

She scanned her surroundings and found a boulder seeming of just the right size to hide behind and therefore take the animal by surprise when it ran by her; by all accounts this seemed to be where it headed by the noise and feel, aiming straight that way, and the warg rushed to be prepared.

Just as she'd reached the boulder, with time to spare even by her estimating, the most tell tale of the vibrations stopped, as well as the underbrush and other such noise, and the world fell to silence.

Not quite silence, but silence where that main focus was concerned. Frowning, as near she could manage, and this mainly showed by her eyes slitting, Nyx crouched lower to the ground and was prepared to slink that way to investigate this when the deer, now not making so many vibrations, made it to the clearing and now hobbled along, still her way, but hindered.

She skittered back around the boulder and watched as it came her way, favoring a good back foot over one with an arrow in it. A Dwarvish looking arrow, or else she just guessed the most likely given the area.

Nyx's cunning worked fast, both to not waste any opportunity and not cut short what may turn to more opportunity. As the wounded deer made it over to her boulder, Nyx leapt upon it with all the skill she could muster to not dent it too badly. She couldn't give away too much if she wished to also await the hunters coming for their sport and she walking away with all of at least two maybe more of deer and dwarf (again, an assumption on her part, but the nearing smell seemed to now confirm it as well).

Only a few of her massive and many teeth were needed to quickly suffocate the animal, and while the neck bore marks, Nyx hoped the hunters wouldn't guess at too much before she could use the bait properly. She set it back, laying now dead before the rock, arrow still in it's foot and cared now if the dwarf hunter thought himself that skilled or not. She just needed him to pause long enough.

It was a risky move on just leaving her prey out as well, but Nyx had a watch on that should any other predators come by as well and ruin this first plan.

She lay flat along the rock, near as she could manage, and only peered over as much as she needed to wait for the proper time and the hunters to take the bait.



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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #1 on: May 02, 2013, 05:42:00 PM »
The rigors and strains of rulership were numerous and deeper than most understood when looking in from the outside but only those close to the Durin family truly understood how much weight lay on their shoulders most days and the responsibility didn’t stop with Thorin. There was a time when Dis was a young girl where she could recall carefree days filled with adventure and exploration. She had followed her brothers everywhere and playtime was always just a couple of lessons away. She’d been introduced to royal responsibility early once her grandfather had sent her off to act as a representative at various social functions but even then she was turned free to pursue her own joys in life once the party was over.

All of that had changed in the space of an afternoon when their ancestral home had fallen in flame and ruin, leaving its people cast out into the wilderness with naught but the clothing on their backs and a remembrance of the lack of aid that came their way when they needed it. Dis had been forced to grow up quickly then. She could no longer afford the extravagancies of youthful play or chasing adventures and her days soured into a succession of taking care of the wounded, organizing the women folk and cataloging what supplies they had while Thorin led them on from the brink of death into greener lands. The days stretched into weeks, months, and years while Dis watched her mighty people claw their way back out of the gutter.

Thorin had done well by them all and her gratitude and pride in her brother was without end but Dis had not been idle in her part either and much of her days was spent handling the minute details that Thorin need not be bothered with. Normally that role would have likely fallen to a queen but as her brother had never married, and by the looks of it that might not change, Dis had taken on the role her birthright had demanded. She couldn’t complain really, she loved her people, her brother, and caring for them had always been her first priority but lately her rooms had begun to feel stifling. She had put aside adventure in favor of motherhood and replaced her sword with a pen most days.

As the days grew long, bright, and warm, Dis began to yearn for an opportunity to stretch her legs beyond just going out to parties and the occasional trip to the market. Her sons were almost entirely grown now, young men in their own rights, and she couldn’t be prouder of them but it also freed up a little of her time now that she no longer had to look after them so much. They would always be her babies no matter how old they got but her days were no longer filled with picking up toys or chasing after them to wear enough clothing when they went outside. With nothing to hold her back and most of the duties on her plate having been filled for the day, Dis decided firmly that an outdoor trip was needed.

Thus it was that the next morning found her riding out in the woods beyond Ered Luin with two other dwarves in tow. The guard she had with her were old friends and were mostly a formality as she didn’t want to hear complaint from Balin, or worse Thorin, about her venturing out into the forest alone. Their company was appreciated though and the trio had managed to gather a nice assortment of wild game for supper later. It had been years since Dis had been able to hunt like this and she thrilled at the wind in her braids and the twang of the bow in her hands. Their stout ponies galloped along in the wake of a young buck which Hedig, one of Dis’s companions, had managed to wound, and she laughed along with them at the thrill of the chase.

The forest opened out onto a small clearing strewn with rocks, moss, and the rotting remains of an old tree which had toppled some summers past and taken many of the surrounding trees with it. Here the trail seemed to end and their ponies skittered to a halt at the top of a narrow dip in the ground. There, just beyond one of the larger rocks in the area, the dwarves could make out the limp form of the now dead deer. Dis stared at it for a moment with a frown. It had been running awfully fast to just keel over and die suddenly. Years of having to be skeptical, as young ones often made a person reconsider the truth of a situation, had caused her to pause but Hedig leapt down with a triumphant cheer and hurried across the space to retrieve his prize. Dis couldn’t help but laugh at his enthusiasm as she dismounted her own pony and Tatnok, her other companion, followed suit.

The two of them slowly picked their way down the slight dip in the earth and headed out toward where Hedig was leaning over the deer’s body and Dis paused halfway there to look around. It was beautiful here, peaceful, with sunlight filtering down through the leaves and casting shimmering yellow rays over everything it touched. Dis reached up to slide one of her braids back into the larger plait which ran down her back. She had swept her dark hair into a neat woven design to keep it out of her way while hunting but the ride had shaken a couple of the braids loose. She would later thank that fact for her continued survival as her pause would save her life. She had barely finished tucking the braid away when she heard a startled cry and her head snapped up in time to see one of her friends and companions fall beneath a flurry of claws, fangs, and fur.


OOC: Let me know if you need me to change anything!


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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2013, 04:40:00 AM »
The plan and trap seemed to be working and soon the Dwarven hunting party came after and following their deer. Nyx waited, every muscle tense and commanded herself to stillness the way only a predator good enough to still be alive could.

She couldn't be hasty...that had spoiled too many hunts before. Let the dwarves take stock of the situation and only leap out if the situation seemed about to shift and her loose advantage of the dwarf all together.

It was only one that seemed most anxious to come straight below the rock and investigate; and Nyx was left with that crucial predator decision of going for what she could get now or awaiting more of the dwarves to come.

Each ran risks. The two unaccounted for could become hostile defenders, if she caught them both unaware...

A turn from the dwarf, back to his comrades seemed to show the situation leveling away from her having the advantage. Or at least it would if she didn't act! Leaping out quickly, Nyx pinned the dwarf beneath her great weight and the momentum she'd gained from the lunge.

The dwarf cried and scrambled and beat upon her, reaching for an axe just out of it's reach. Nyx could not afford to let him get any advantage on her. Dwarf necks were infuriatingly buried under mounds of hair unless one caught a young one or woman (though telling those apart was not as easy as it should have been had the stout warriors been any normal sort of being!).

This dwarf too also sported a barrier of such, and it took a few bites to clear through layers of just hair, yet soon Nyx found her mark and the dwarf's flailing ended.

Raising her head, Nyx's hard gaze fell on the other two dwarves standing there, and she could only hope maybe their companions death inspired fear enough to make taking them easier.

More likely she would have kicked a sleeping dragon and they would be enraged, but it wouldn't be the first enraged dwarf she'd faced (even if there were two) and she didn't allow too much thinking time before lunging straight for the two. She found a firm hold on the other male dwarf's arm and growled ferociously as she aimed to deepen it injury like she had with his friend.

As always, if you need anything changed or what Dis not to be handed a slight reprieve to start with, just say. I figured maybe it helps the baiting, but however you think best too :)



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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2013, 05:36:00 PM »

Dis’s scream tore through the forest in echo with Tatnok’s as the unexpected warg leapt on top of him. She had barely cleared her sword of its scabbard when the burly dwarf’s arm stopped flailing and fell limply to the ground at his side. Pain and rage ripped through Dis at the sight. She’d known him for many years and now he was gone, the life ripped from him with uncaring jaws. The warg had clamped down on his throat with enough force to snap his neck once its fangs had made it past the barrier of beard and armor and now it turned to claim new prey.

Tatnok spun around and screamed at Dis. “RUN!”

She hesitated for a moment but then the warg lunged at them and  Dis made her decision the instant the beast clamped onto her friend’s arm. There were many things she’d been called in life but a coward was not one of them and she would not abandon her companion so easily to a gruesome death. Behind her, the ponies screamed in terror and she could hear the thunder of their hooves as they crashed and tore through the forest. There would be no easy flight from the beast now, not that it mattered much since she doubted her Marybell, her mount, would have been able to outrun the warg anyway. At least this way the startled ponies might make their way back to Ered Luin and alert others to the fact that something had gone wrong.

Dis charged headlong at the warg with a fierce khuzdul battle cry on her lips. Her sword slashed down along the bridge of the beast’s nose but it hit bone without killing the blasted thing. Tatnok had little chance of fighting the warg off with one of his arms in its mouth and already Dis had heard the bone break. She dipped and tried to run the creature through but it was faster than her and before she could sink the sword home, it had turned on her. One bat from its paw sent her flying back several feet and she hit the ground with a huff of breath.

She looked up in fear as the warg approached but Tatnok, loyal to the royal house of Durin to his dying breath, threw himself in the path of the monster to draw its ire. “No,” she whispered as the dwarf went down swinging and crying for her to flee. Dis knew she couldn’t linger now. She would not stand a chance against a fully grown warg of this size without any assistance and her bow had been hooked over the horn of her saddle so her hopes of a long distance fight were non-existent. Dis scrambled to her feet and put her back to the warg. The forest sped past in a blur of green as she ran and she could hear Tatnok scream his dying breath behind her. Her heart clenched at the sound but she had no time for grieving now lest she want to leave Thorin an only child.

Her thoughts turned to her children, to her beloved Fili with his studious nature and strong will, to her sweet Kili with his bright smile and vibrant laugh. They were almost grown fully now, they wouldn’t need her to care for them anymore but what impact would they know to lose their mother with their uncle as the only family they had left? No, she had to survive. She had to see their faces again somehow and so she ran as fast as she could. The beast was fast and there was no way she would be able to flee all the way back to Ered Luin without it catching up. She would need to hide or find some way to lose her scent into the forest.

Dis dropped to her rear and slid down a steep embankment into a ravine whose bottom was covered in a thick carpet of ivy. She made her way to the left, back in the direction of her home, her eyes darting about for anything that could help her. Up ahead she could see a rotted tree that had fallen halfway into the ravine and it lay now at an angle with its  roots high up on the opposite bank. The walls here were steep and she knew the warg would have to travel farther down in either direction to find its way back up if it followed her this far so she crawled into the hollow belly of the tree and began the arduous climb up toward the other end.

OOC: Ok, I took a little liberty just so I wouldn't be handing you a tiny post. >__> Please let me know if I need to change this in any way and I'll be utterly ok with that. Feel free to beat Dis up some. I figure this will be a lot of cat and mouse until the boys show up so it's going to be Dis trying to stay ahead of Nyx. With the log, if you think Nyx would come down into the ravine, I thought maybe Nyx could try to get into the log or otherwise break it just enough to claw up Dis on the inside but be thwarted from being able to actually get her out. That'd force Nyx to have to go the long way and Dis could get enough time to try and set up a trap for her. XD

Let me know if that works for you!


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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #4 on: May 08, 2013, 02:30:00 PM »
Her guess of what could happen turned out to be on track, as Nyx felt and heard the other dwarf (female...she thought, it was still a bit tricky to determine with these creatures) charge toward her and begin attacking in apparent defense of her friend.

With annoyance, Nyx felt the dwarf's blow to her snout rattle down enough to jar bone, not to mention the slash no doubt left, but wargs were not called hearty and feared for no reason. Snapping and slashing, Nyx took the sort of bait and figured if this one wanted a fight so badly, she'd give it! She had yet to learn some of her harsher lessons, especially where dwarves were concerned. That her mother fell in a battle with them was only recalled in subconscious enough to form a hatred and stubborn attitude that in wiser years she would learn to perhaps let go.

Once knocking this new attacker backwards, Nyx turned her attention full to her and approached, snarling of proper intimidating factor as well as just the rage her kind seemed both born with and which hadn't been helped by a harsh pup-hood (as she would classify it).

The dwarf's other companion whom she had first advanced on, now played the hero as well and got between Nyx and her new prize. Either or, they were both going down in her book!

He called a command of flight that tone would have translated whatever he spoke it in, and the other dwarf took off. Nyx knew to deal with this one first and then go after the other, that had turned around on her before, ignoring the defensive comrade. Snarling, she leapt at and upon this one now too, biting more near the shoulder than his arm.

He put up as grand a fight as his friend had, flailing and hitting and slashing at her with either some short knife or other weapon he was able to utilize, but it wasn't deep or quite annoying enough to dispel her, and being so near the throat already, Nyx found her way around armor and beard this time and soon stopped this one's flailing as well.

A rush of satisfaction, and the cockiness that came to semi-youths with it, took hold of the warg, and she lifted her head to glance in the direction the last dwarf had taken off in. She had two full prizes of three, it was a fine hunt to any warg, yet Nyx couldn't help also wanting to fully finish the job, if only to answer the slashes that one had left her with as well.

Kicking her second prize over nearer her first, and fully intending to come back and give them a warg's definition of a fine warrior funeral, Nyx bounded after the final one.

She followed the scent over towards a ravin, and continued sniffing about, as scanning it provided no answer to where the dwarf was. Her scent was still here, though. The warg wandered about, nearing the top of the tree, yet with nothing but roots on this side, and the scent wasn't yet to that part yet, still the story was starting to play out as the scent spoors and displaced marks of dirt in the ravine told of what had happened.

It seemed trap worthy, going into a ravine that would require work to get out of, yet the scent only seemed to show the one dwarf, and her within the log. Slowly and carefully, Nyx made her way down and over to the log, sniffing at it and then giving a slash to test her theory of this being the dwarf's hiding spot.

She stuck her nose at the base, yet found she could not get in in much amount that way. So her prize though to escape that way? The log was even too wide for Nyx to fully bite in half, she found, yet the dwarf was trapped, foolish thing.

Nyx continued her barrage on the log, now focusing on splintering that wood between slashes and bites, and she felt some give, just not enough, yet trained that stubborn determination of her kind upon the barrier.

{Nah, it's all still fine, and I can work with most anything and assumptions aren't off of what a warg would be left with to do :) I figured cat and mouse was how this was going to have to play out as well, and similarly will leave it to you on exactly how thick this log is and what kind of damage her slashing and biting is able to inflict :)}



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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #5 on: May 08, 2013, 06:34:00 PM »
She’d barely managed to get up more than five feet when she heard the telltale snuffling of the warg at the base of the tree. Dis’s heart all but stopped in her chest as she braced herself inside the hollow log and waited to see if it would sense her. Wargs had notoriously good senses of smell and so it was little surprise when the wood around her echoed with the sound of claws being raked across its surface. The fact that the log shifted slightly when it was hit was of great concern to Dis since she was as good as dead if this creature wound up knocking the whole tree off its precarious position.

She looked down between her legs just as the light below her was cut off and a wet nose was pressed in from the bottom. The beast’s lips were pulled back as it tried to wedge its head in and its long white fangs glistened in the meager light from above, still tinged around the gums with the blood of its victims. Dis was surprised at the anger she felt in that moment. Those dwarves had been good men, worthy warriors, and somewhere there would be families expecting them to come home.

She knew well what that felt like and as she watched it disappear again, she swore it would pay a dear price for its arrogance in taking a dwarven life.

With new determination, Dis began climbing again. She scrambled upward within the log, her fingers sinking into the soft rotted wood which crumbled in some places and rained down on her. The log began to shake in earnest then as it seemed her movement had spurred on a more aggressive attempt to get to her and for a moment she wondered if this was what snails felt like in their safe little shells when birds came trying to pluck them out. Having no intention of becoming anyone’s dinner, Dis pressed onward. She hadn’t gone far when the softer wood she’d just pushed past began to buckle and cave under the desperate clawing of the warg.

The darkness of her hiding place was pierced with a shaft of daylight as claws and teeth finally began to break through and Dis scrambled to get up out of the way but her hand sank into soft wood and It broke away in a crumbled mess. Her weight dropped down far enough to come into reach of those claws and she bit back a scream as her right side lit up in a horrendous burning sensation. She could feel her clothing snag and pull on the claws that had raked her but she kicked out and felt her heavy boot connect to the soft tissue of the warg’s nose. The claws were withdrawn just enough to let her begin the climb again and she accepted the tearing of fabric she could hear as a bit of her hunting jerkin gave under the insistent tug of the claws.

The burn in Dis’s side didn’t ease any and she could tell from the spreading warmth there that she’d been cut fairly deeply. She couldn’t stop yet to bind it though and she pressed on, ignoring the pain that lanced through her side every time she scraped against the side of the log.

Daylight yawned before her and the dwarf rushed as fast as she could toward it. The log around her was shuddering dangerously now as the warg frantically clawed and bit at it in its search for its quickly escaping prey. Dis’s fingers closed at last over one of the thick gnarled roots and she tugged herself out of the stuffy log into the open air of the forest. The smell of leaves and earth filled her nose as she clawed her way out and she rolled quickly to give the log a few sharp kicks. Below she could hear the sharp retort of the wood starting to cave under the punishment it had taken and a scrambling noise had her worried the beast was trying to claw its way up the log. She slammed the heel of her boot into the wood a few more times until finally, at last, the half rotted wood snapped in the middle and the log toppled down into the ravine in its entirety.

Dis lay panting for only a moment as she looked up into the glittering daylight in the trees. She couldn’t linger though. Wargs move exceptionally fast and she knew it wouldn’t take long for the beast to start making its way down to where the walls were shallower. The dwarf rolled to her feet and began her flight once again. Her fingers pressed into the sticky cloth at her side as she tried to stem the flow of blood there but she hurried through the woods regardless. She had to figure out a way to turn the tables some. She couldn’t keep just running for forever unless she could slow the animal considerably.

The idea formed in her head as she was running and Dis began scanning the areas she passed through for anything that would work toward her plan. She’d gone hunting several times before and knew well enough how to make a snare trap. A spot up and to her left caught her attention and Dis ran toward it hopefully. Two trees had formed a gap between them and long vines dangled from a few of the branches. It was onto one of these that Dis grabbed ahold and she wrenched it from the tree with a sharp tug. The movement sent waves of pain through her side and she growled but bit back any louder noise lest it give her away. If this beast thought she was going to be easy prey, it had no idea what it was in for.

Swiftly Dis formed a slip noose into one end of the vine, tugging and testing the strength of it against her leg. It wouldn’t hold for horribly long but it would work well enough to buy her more time. She would have to hopscotch this way, setting traps for the beast any time it came too close so she could get enough of a head-start to set the next trap and so on. Slowly she might be able to make her way back toward home or, more importantly, it bought her a better chance of running across someone who might be able to help.

Dis laid the noose out onto the forest floor and carefully covered it with ground debris. The other end she pulled through the gap between the trees where she bent down a fairly sturdy sapling and tied it to the end. A leather strap from her belt served to keep the tree under tension after it was staked into the ground with a small folding knife she carried in her boot. Dis moved quickly to cover all traces of the line and then eased herself down on top of a rock just beyond the trap. She hefted a palm sized stone into her hand and balanced it on one knee. When the beast was in place, she would simply toss the stone at the knife, knock it free, and release the sapling. That would cinch the vine noose around the animal’s leg hopefully and it would find itself yanked toward the trees. If things went well, the beast might even get a bit battered up from slamming into the gap and being too large to fit it but at the least it would keep the warg busy with trying to chew through the vine noose while Dis put more distance between them.

With nothing left to do but wait, the dwarven woman pulled free her leather jerkin and began binding the thin row of jagged cuts which ran along her ribs.

OOC: Hope this works for ya!


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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #6 on: May 22, 2013, 01:52:00 AM »
Naught but a thin enough barrier of wood lay between Nyx and her intended target of the final dwarf to have attempted escaping her, yet it seemed this thin barrier was enough and time and time again, the Warg found her strikes across the wood and attempt at breaking it or breaking further within with her teeth thwarted.

A low growl of frustration and annoyance joined her hunting noises, and she determined even more fully to get at and end this dwarf as if it were her fault specifically that Nyx was having such trouble!

It had to be, though, given the dwarf was not still trapped for want of trying. Nyx paused her attacks only long enough to take in the sounds from the log and keep a track on any progress perhaps being made. The dwarf was climbing towards the top of the log. As if that was going to help.

Nyx had almost begun to doubt one of the lessons trial and error of hunting had taught her and worry over ever getting this log split before her prize escaped. Yet tenacity often paid off, and Nyx reproved this to herself now as she  gave one final surge to try and capture the dwarf. She felt herself grip at least clothing and this spurred her on. Only the sharp connection of the dwarf's heel to her nose made the warg let up, and Nyx growled lowly yet again. Another lunge proved useless as the dwarf was now well on her way to escape. Not only that, but the steep sides of the ravine they had entered were to be reckoned with even if her pride would wish otherwise.

She would not suffer her prize to escape, though, and must only turn said tenacity of before to now escaping as quick as she could and continuing this chase. This proved easier in thought than deed, though, and Nyx's over-zeal and pride caused wasted time in trying out the side she was on at least a few times more than she should before realizing that that way truly was barred.

Even attempting to use the now useless log proved futile as it wouldn't support her in any way proper for her following the same way the dwarf had escaped.

She would have to use the other father side...there was nothing for it. Growling yet again, this whole thing being far more frustrating and time consuming than it should have been, Nyx bolted for the lower ledge and even then found she had more than a few tries to finally get a good enough grip to launch herself out of the pit and finally on towards her prize.

She was already somewhat tired from this first exercise of getting out, but refused to let herself slow and bolted on after the scent with all the speed she had at her disposal. Even so, the dwarf had had a very fine head start and she followed scent still fresh but too far for her liking.

Her prey could be halfway home by now! Well, maybe not since she was chasing it the opposite way or round about at best, but still, the time was not something she should be allowing!

Charging onward, Nyx soon enough smelled the scent getting stronger. After such a head start, and with no sheer walls of rock visible to give a possible dead end, the warg should have paused over this fact longer and thought on why the dwarf would be this close and therefore have stopped running if she had, again, had such a head start and nothing seemed to have hindered progress.

If Nyx thought on this, she assumed her prey and tripped, and she must therefore find it fast before it stood again. She would learn yet again this day. Pausing in a clearing where the scent let up and changed, she sniffed about before imagining she caught something on the wind. Even as she lifted her head in that direction to investigate what seemed a flying projectile, the snap of it hitting something off to her side and not her sounded even as the trees gave an odd snapping.

Before Nyx could try and figure out what it all meant, she felt her world spin even as she took stock of the feeling of something on her leg. It all happened so fast and by the time she was realizing what had happened, she was already upside down in a snare trap!

If the warg was frustrated before, rage surged up now as she shifted her weight, trying to get down! More infuriating, it wasn't working, and Nyx came to realize she would be required to shift her weight up and attempt to bit through the vine. While wargs could be agile, they were also heavy things, and she was no exception even if not weighting as much as some of the males.

All of this was trickier and more complicated than it should be, and worse, put her in quite a vulnerable and almost laughable position as well. Nyx finally worked her way free by both her own jostling about compromising the trees, and finally loosening the vine enough to finally snap it, yet she plopped painfully and grace-lessly on the ground.

Thought of the dwarf not being worth it came to Nyx as she stood, but she had been too humiliated now to let it be. Growling, she charged towards where the projectile had come from and scent still lingered. Obviously nothing was there anymore, but it had been not too long ago and Nyx bounded with double speed after her infuriating prey.

{It more than works, and I wasn't sure exactly what the plan was next, so left it a bit}



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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #7 on: May 29, 2013, 01:33:00 PM »
Dis sucked a pained breath between her teeth as she bound her ribs with the tattered remnants of her shirt. The wounds weren’t too deep, her internal organs were thankfully intact, but they were ragged and bleeding fairly heavily. If she didn’t stop the blood loss quickly, she was going to be in a lot more trouble than she already was.

Her leather jerkin was tugged back into place over the bindings and she pulled it tight to act as yet another bandage; the salvation of her modesty was only a side benefit. If she knew it would save her life, Dis was perfectly ok with running home utterly nude though she doubted her sons would forgive her for scarring them that way.

She’d barely managed to tie shut the last strap of her jerkin when her ears picked up the unmistakable sound of a large animal crashing through the woods. The warg was making no attempts at all to move silently, so intent was it in its chase, and so she had plenty of head warning of its arrival. At least there was something to be grateful for in knowing that this warg was apparently going to give her the benefit of announcing its arrival with the snapping of tree branches and the crack of sticks below its paws. Better that than a silent and stealthy hunter that could sneak up on her before she could set a trap.

Dis struggled to her feet and stood resolutely looking out toward the space where the noise was coming from. She tossed the stone a couple of times in her hand, her eyes narrowed in determination. Let it come. Let it try to steal her life. It would find that dwarves were not a prey item so easily cornered and that the cost of claiming one might be higher than expected. There was a small hope that this trap might even dissuade the beast, perhaps it would decide she was no longer worth the effort, but Dis wasn’t about to count on it and she was already picking out the direction and route she would take next when the beast finally burst through the leaves.

It pulled to a stop and sniffed the air in search of her and Dis wasn’t about to let the moment escape. If she didn’t act quickly, she was as good as dead. With true aim, the stone left her hand and clattered against the folding knife. The tree went taught and then snapped away in the opposite direction, pulling with it a very surprised warg.

Dis resisted the urge to laugh at the sight of the beast hanging upside down and the look of surprise and then anger that crossed its face but the humor of the situation was greatly diminished by the flash of long fangs and sharp claws. A sympathetic twinge in her side reminded the dwarf that she’d met those claws once already and if she didn’t want to see them again, she’d better move.

She bolted as fast as she could, snatching up her fallen knife along the way, and made a beeline in the direction of home. There would be a very limited amount of time before her pursuer would be out of that tree and back on the hunt so it was imperative that she find another hiding place or some way to buy herself more time.

The trees whipped past and Dis could feel her lungs burn in protest from all of the running but she knew she couldn’t slow. Her skin had become sticky with sweat and debris from the rotted log still clung to her arms and hands. She could only imagine how dirt-smeared her face had become already but pride would do her little good if she couldn’t get away from the monster chasing her.

Dis was so lost in these thoughts that she was caught entirely off guard when her right foot suddenly dropped out from under her. She scrambled madly to keep from falling and as she hit the ground, she realized she was on the very edge of a hidden sinkhole. Vines and debris had covered it over the course of years and had she not misstepped, she would never have seen it. Her right leg still dangled down into the dark and Dis rolled carefully to her left to pull it back out. She wasn’t sure how stable the ground around the sinkhole was and she didn’t want to risk falling all the way in.

For a few moments, the dwarf considered trying to hide herself within it, it was only about ten feet deep, but she immediately thought better of it. The warg would no doubt smell her and the last thing she wanted was to be cornered at the bottom of a sinkhole with no way to climb out and a warg right above her.

Dis smiled slowly as an idea formed in her head and she hurried to recover the section of vines she had broken through in her fall. Leaves were pulled over the more tattered vines and she smoothed them out the best she could. Her preparations would have to do as she could already hear the rapid approach of the angry warg and she leapt to her feet. Dis tore off one of her pouches from her belt and tossed it gently out toward the center of the sinkhole. Fortunately the vines held with their little tempting target sitting near the middle. If things went according to plan, the warg would hopefully want to sniff at the item she had dropped and that would lead it right out onto the vines.

To anyone who didn’t know better, the sinkhole was all but invisible and while it wouldn’t kill the warg, she didn’t have time enough to set up sharp spikes at the bottom of it, it would at least hopefully slow it down.

“Hope you break a leg,” Dis muttered as she rushed off once more into the woods.

OOC: Sorry for the delay in posting. Hopefully this gives you stuff to play with. Feel free to run with it however you like. I figure I’ll hit up Cass and Simba to see if either of them want to start the hunt for mom.


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The Folly of Underestimating
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As she began her pursuit after the audacious dwarf, Nyx was annoyed to note the first of what she could count an injury of any significance. She had fallen hard when she landed, and while nothing was broken or even sprained fully, pain shot through her at every bound.

Logic would tell her to watch it, even if skin had not been broken, but like the dwarf (only unknowing) she also could not afford to slow if she wanted to come out on top. To any who didn't know, Nyx seemed like any other Warg after blood, but blood was icing on the cake of the simple pleasure of comeuppance or revenge as it stood. Elves and Men fit in the comeuppance category, they just viewed themselves as above her on a sentient level they were not alone in. Orcs and...Dwarves. Well that was different.

They killed her mother.

The orcs had ridden her into their battle to be a casualty and it had been a filthy dwarf axe to steal her of life.

Nothing short of killing all of them would do for payment. That was why she was pondering not even returning to eat the other two kills, they were nothing but a belt notch...if Wargs had belts to notch.

Pride and Revenge also spurred her on. Of course thinking of said dwarves also having a family was not something likely to come to her mind any more than she would worry over tiny squirrel families.

Following the scent trail yet again, Nyx bounded off with all she could pull, hoping to overtake the dwarf. That, again, proved difficult and the female dwarf's scent was always just ahead of her., along with the faint scent was one stronger, one closer. Nyx didn't have any illusions as to this being the dwarf herself, she was too skilled a hunter for that. Yet every clue should be examined.

Finding the scent, she snuffled her way over and took it in. It was a discarded bit of clothing or such...all the same to Nyx and about the only good the bits of covering did was to be even more advanced markers than scent spoors alone.  Yes, truly modesty did get in the way of survival, but the Warg would not have the "sentient's" changing anytime soon. They made her job all the more easier.

Already her instincts were trying to tell her to step cautiously, she wasn't sure why, but erring on the side of caution and only put one foot forward, eager as she was to investigate and not give up the chase, the Warg made her way towards the clue.

The other step proved a mistake, and again, Nyx felt the ground shift from beneath her and her ire rise that much more. In a crashing tumble of grass and vines and Warg, she fell and then smacked the ground...again. The underground of a hole, but ground at any rate.

Growling deeper, she shook herself and stood, hardly giving a moment of pause before, snapping and bitting, she was ripping at this pit as well to get out. It was trickier, being steeper, and only by the drive of irrational rage and want of revenge for this crime of pride as well as the grand scheme crime of her mother's death, did Nyx finally free herself and rush on, now more exerted than she would like, but determined not to let the dwarf try something like this again before she ended her!



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The Folly of Underestimating
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(OOC:  Apologies for holding this thread back, guys!  If I remember rightly Simba wanted to jump in with Kíli too so I have included him in my post.  If this isn't all right Simba, let me know and I will tweak it! ~)

Dís was not the sort of woman that warranted worrying after, so naturally Fíli did not fret when his mother seized a rare opportunity to venture out on to the mountainside for a hunt.  Besides, there was no room for concern for anyone else, not when he was on the receiving end of a riding lesson from Andar.  The prince was a decent rider, about as acceptable on horseback as he was with a hammer in his hand, but it would never be one of his great talents.  Quite how the second-son of Anlaf managed to make his gelding prance and turn and jump with only a whisper and the lightest press of his heels Fíli would never understand!  Andar was quiet, faltering and uncertain in all his interactions, but in the stables it was as though his self-doubt melted away and he could instruct the princes the very best – still gentle and calm even in his guidance giving.  There was something soothing in how the dark-eyed Dwarf conducted himself.

Fíli was astride Stormy this day, Kíli with him for this lesson and aback his own steed, though the little mare was young and green.  Andar insisted that the prince ride her several times a week at least, and take time to groom and care for her where he could.  This, he declared, was the only way Stormy would truly be his and recognise him as her master.  A pony's loyalty was not difficult to earn, Andi assured, it just required a little time and patience.  Sand from the manège clung to Fíli's tunic, from an earlier fall from the giddy pony's back, and he dusted it off as Andar moved poles and blocks around, planning their next exercise.  It was at this moment there was some calamity, voices calling out for assistance.  Andar's face crumpled into a frown and he excused himself.

Left alone for the time being, Fíli cast a small look to his brother, wondering if Kíli had found his ungraceful tumble half as amusing as he had himself, and was about to ask when Andar, pale-faced and pinched with concern, returned.  He was leading three ponies, the reins of one clutched in one hand, the reins of two gripped in the other.  It took a moment for the elder prince to realise why he recognised them – he was never one for knowing ponies by name.  “That's...”  Fíli faltered, eyes narrowing in disbelief.  “That's Mother's pony.  Did she come home already?”  The faintest shake of Andar's head was the answer he first received, the horseman dipping his head with characteristic shyness.  “N-No Fíli.”  Andar added, hating to be the breaker of bad news, knowing that no pony he ever worked with would ever bolt home without good cause.  “The ponies... they turned up at the gate.  Riderless.”


The prince did not think he had ever prepared to depart with more haste than he did on this day.  Andar fetched the princes a fresh pair of steeds, these ones broken in and well used to the treacherous mountain paths.  Fíli had long been in the habit of carrying his weapons with him and, although they were not on his person during the riding lesson, they were close to hand.  Armed now, with an energetic gelding beneath him, Fíli nodded in silent thanks to Andar as the Dwarf pushed open the yard gate and allowed the princes to leave, pointing them in the direction the stablehands had said the riderless ponies had come from.  A kick and the obedient his mount was straight into a canter, the wind whipping through his golden hair.  Kíli would be at his side, Fíli knew, and together they would find their mother.  The sooner, the better.


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The Folly of Underestimating
« Reply #10 on: July 26, 2015, 03:48:00 PM »
((OOC: This is really super late and I'm so sorry. Anyway, if you guys still want to play in this thread, I figured I would push this to where we could have Nyx trying to get to Dis still when the boys arrive. That would let them then take on the warg and then mama-Dis could come out once she realized her boys might also be in danger. Three dwarves all prepared might be enough to dissuade poor Nyx from continuing.))

Sweat coated every inch of Dis’s form as she ran, making her clothes cling to her uncomfortably and setting her wounds to burning ever more fiercely as salt got into them. Still she couldn’t stop running. She huffed and gasped for breath, desperate to keep ground between herself and her hunter.

The warg that had been chasing her was still hot on her heels by the sound of it and while the pit trap had bought her precious moments of lead, it wouldn’t be enough to get her back to Ered Luin safely. If she didn’t find somewhere to hide that the warg could not reach, she would be dead long before anyone could come find her.

She did not know that even then her sons were out looking. For all she was aware, no one had any idea she was in any danger at all and she doubted it would become apparent until well after nightfall when she didn’t return.

That was an awfully long time to wait when there was a ravening beast on her heels.

Dis gasped and gripped her ribs as a surge of fresh pain swept through them. Her makeshift bandages were buying her time but the all the running had torn open the wounds again and the threat of bleeding to death was as imminent as being torn apart by the warg.

Ahead she could see the ground suddenly rise up before her, an outcropping of rock which jutted out from the woods which clung to the mountain side, and she made for it as quickly as she could. Perhaps she could get on top of it, pull herself up out of the creature’s reach.

As she ventured closer though, it was clear that the back side of the rock would easily let the warg climb up after her as it afforded a neat set of jagged stones which stairstepped up to the top. At its base however, there was another source of potential salvation.

Several old boulders had found shelter below the large outcropping and they had become wedged together where they leaned against the larger stone. There was a small opening just where the two stones met and beyond it there was a small dark space that might offer some protection if she could fit into it.

Dis glanced back toward the swiftly approaching sound of the warg and sighed. She had little options left to her now. If this didn’t work, death would be upon her in mere moments. She dropped to her knees and began the arduous task of squirming into the narrow space between the stones. She had to duck her head to even think of fitting and her injuries screamed in protest as she shoved and pushed to hurriedly get inside.

With a final pained gasp, she squeezed at last into the cramped space which lay between where the boulders and the outcropping met. She scooted as far back against the outcropping as she could and rifled around in the dirt for loose rocks she could use to smash any toes the warg might try to shove into her hiding spot.

The boulders were heavy, far too large for a single warg to move on her own, and Dis could only hope the animal would eventually get tired or bored and move away on its own. She panted in relief as she pressed herself against the cool stone at her back.

Now all she could do was wait.


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