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Author Topic: Eye for an Eye  (Read 3467 times)


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Eye for an Eye
« on: January 25, 2013, 04:09:00 AM »
((Because we have a few company members, please help me remember posting order! Thanks!))

Bifur sat, stroking the fire that illuminated the camp on the outskirts of his home of Ered Luin. The forests were thick on the mountain, and every crack and rustle in the darkness made him jump and peer into the gloom and tighten his grip on his knife. He had entrenched his boar spear into the ground across the fire and in the direction of potential enemies, and hoped no friend would come charging into the clearing. Orcs were rare in this part of the mountain, but Bifur had learned early on to never take chances.

Another branch broke and Bifur stared into the shadows, but the firelight made spots dance before his eyes, and besides, his eyesight wasn’t what it used to be. Bifur sighed and resumed his doleful poking of the fire. If any rogue group of Orcs did attack, he was certain they would be no match for his maddened battle rage. Bifur relinquished his grip on his knife and raised his hand to gently touch the axe remnant lodged in his skull, a dreadful reminder of the loss of his home and the reason for this quest. Khazad-Dum belonged to the Dwarves, not the Orc scum that now inhabited it. Last night, like so many nights before, the memories had come flooding back in painful succession, but this time in a fit of vicious vengeance Bifur packed for the long journey to Moria, to avenge his family and wipe out the filth that scuttled through the mines.

But even as he completed his preparations, the madness faded and his sense returned. Although Bifur had every confidence in the courage and strength of even one Dwarf, he remembered how few Dwarves had returned from the Battle of Moria, and he realized he could not go alone. He desperately wished his cousins were here with him, to share in the satisfaction of retaliation, but Bofur and Bombur were off on their own expedition, and Bifur had not seen them for months. They would probably try to talk him out of it anyway. So he had invited another Dwarf, one he knew from the few encounters they had, and whom he admired for his quickness and stealth.

He had sent a message to Nori that morning, inviting him to meet him at the camp and join in the journey. He did not know if the Dwarf would answer, being known to follow his own devices and answer to no one. But from what Bifur knew of him, Nori relished an adventure as much as the next Dwarf, and would welcome the chance to fight (and probably steal what he could along the way). Bifur had scrawled the message on a bit of parchment and sent it to Nori’s home, but now he wondered if that was not such a good idea. It was well-known Nori was estranged from his brothers, and he was skilled at not being found if he wished it. And Bifur’s lettering had never been exceptional, and with his luck Dori or Ori would intercept the message and believe it was for him. Dori was a strong, wise Dwarf, fierce and loyal in battle, but a bit of a fusspot, and Bifur could not see him approving of a vengeance quest. And Ori...Bifur chuckled to think of the young Dwarf. A learner and a dreamer, Ori had barely seen the length of the Blue Mountains and Bifur did not think he would be up to fight a legion of vicious Orcs.

In a flash of insight, Bifur had also sent a message to the young Dwarf Princes, Masters Fili and Kili. Bifur had never met them personally, but they were young and eager, and being nephew to Thorin, bound to be highly trained. Bifur knew they would be anxious to test their skills, and did not think to wonder what Thorin would have to say about their participating. Bifur could see no wrong in their gaining valuable battle experience. All in all, a small but sound company, one sure to slaughter many Orcs, and one Bifur hoped would arrive before dawn. Night was getting on, and soon the night animals would creep into their beds and the birds would emerge from their nests to greet the day. So Bifur sat quietly, ear cocked to hear the first of his companions, and patiently stroked the glowing fire.

Suddenly another branch snapped, the sound loud and near. Bifur froze and squinted into the forest. He thought he saw a shadow, maybe two, but he could not be sure. Taking a chance and once again taking up his knife, he shouted out, “Show yourselves, be you friend or foe!” He reasoned if it was a Dwarf, he would recognize his own language, and if it was not, the harsh tones of ancient Khuzdul would either send him away or send him charging into battle. Bifur tensed his muscles, ready to spring into action, and waited for the figure (or figures) to emerge from the darkness.


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Eye for an Eye
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2013, 02:03:00 AM »
In his eagerness, the Dwarf Prince moved rather loudly through the dense forest.  As per usual, Kíli was not far from his side, though the younger Dwarf's tread was much quieter than Fíli's own.  As they walked they spoke little, instead focusing all their attention on locating the camp at which they were to meet their fellow adventurers.  Adventurers, no less!  Though they were only on the outskirts of Ered Luin, there was still a possibility of Orcs and so Fíli gripped one of his swords tightly, prepared to use it at a moment's notice.  Despite the danger, or perhaps because of it, Fíli's face split with a enthusiastic grin as he glanced over at his little brother, a wordless exchange running between them.  This would be a proper expedition, one during which they would finally have the opportunity to put their hard-practised combat skills to actual use!  Fíli, for one, could not wait.

The young Dwarf recalled the series of emotions that had run through him when he had first pored over the letter, the most overwhelming of which had been the burning desire to be a part of this enterprise.  Moria, or Khazad-dûm, was a great Dwarven city and, although Fíli had never before set foot there, it infuriated him to think of the Orcs that now dwelt in its great halls.  It would be an honour, and a pleasure, to be one of those to make the Orc filth pay for their crimes against the Dwarves.  Oh yes, he would spill their blood!

There was one problem, though.  After the arrival of the letter, Fíli and Kíli had together excitedly discussed the possibilities of what lay ahead.  Both had been reluctant to consider the one thing that might stop them from going – their Uncle Thorin.  Fíli had insisted that he be the one to raise the issue with Thorin, intending to tactfully ascertain what their uncle's feelings might be towards his nephews going on such a venture.  Unfortunately, Fíli was no great wordsmith and, despite proposing the venture as some rumour he had heard (and even then only alluding to his interest in joining it) his uncle had cast him a knowing look - Thorin was no fool.  Thorin Oakenshield had then reacted in the very way that Fíli had expected, stating firmly that such an expedition was for seasoned Dwarves only and not suitable for a Dwarf Prince whose beard was so short that it could barely be braided.  Fíli could only imagine what Thorin would have said if he had known that Kíli, too, was hopeful to join in this quest, for his little brother's beard remained too short to be braided at all.  But what had age to do with it, really?  Thorin ought to know that his nephews were skilled with all manner of weapons, he had overseen their training himself, and surely he could not overlook their passion and bravery.  Fíli had begun to speak imploringly, intent on reasoning with Thorin though he knew in his heart it would be to no avail, and loathing himself for it.  Was it any wonder that Thorin treated him like a child when he sounded so child-like at times, even to his own ears?  But Fíli had been silenced with a mere look and so the discussion had ended.

The brothers had been forced to regroup and to reconsider, though Fíli rather thought that he had known, from the very moment he had broken the wax seal on the letter, that this could only end one way.  If Kíli was prepared to go (for Fíli would not go without him) then they would set off together, even without their uncle's permission.  They were adults, or almost so, and this could be their opportunity to prove themselves as such.  For as long as they remained cooped up in the safety of Ered Luin they would be unable to prove their mettle.  The thought of Thorin's wrath and disappointment both alarmed and concerned Fíli immensely but he had managed to justify his decision to himself.  Fíli was determined to do all he could to prove himself, not just to Thorin, but to the warriors that would form a part of this enterprise.  He would not fail them.

Distracted from this recollection, Fíli's bright blue eyes spied what appeared to be the flicker of firelight through the trees.  Glancing to Kíli he noticed that his little brother's eyes had alighted on this too and so they wordlessly made their way in that direction.  Kíli trod quietly, as had been part of his training in archery, while Fíli strode ahead more eagerly.  It was he, then, who stepped on and broke a small fallen branch just before they reached the line of trees close to the camp.  The shout rang out and the pair knew then that they must be in the right place.  Fíli's joyous blue eyes sought out Kíli's brown – they had made it!

“Stay your hand, brother,” Fíli replied in Khuzdul as he walked into the clearing, sheathing his sword as he did so and then extending his arms out by his sides in greeting - and to show that he was unarmed.  Running his keen eyes over the Dwarf that stood before him, taking in the rusting Orc blade embedded in his skull and the knife that he gripped both competently and confidently, Fíli knew instantly that he must be a valiant warrior.  A true warrior, one who had seen battle and war and who did not merely spend his days practising.  “You must be Bifur,” Fíli exclaimed brightly, placing a hand on his chest and bowing his blond head, “Fíli, at your service!”  As he straightened, Fíli glanced over his shoulder, for Kíli would not be far behind.  It seemed that their eagerness had made them the first to arrive and that suited Fíli just fine.


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Eye for an Eye
« Reply #2 on: January 31, 2013, 08:25:00 AM »
Kíli moved through the forest with a natural stealthiness born of years and years of archery training and hunting. So, while his brother crashed merrily through the trees, the younger Dwarf was like a silent shadow only a few paces away.  Strong, calloused fingers held his bow, an arrow nocked just in case, as though it was the most natural thing in the world.  For him, it really was.  When he went hunting, he often had his bow at the ready in his hands.  Orcs were always a possibility in the forest, and it was better to be prepared rather than caught unawares.  That did not mean his grin was any less enthusiastic thatn Fíli's.

He was thrilled to have been included in this adventure to Moria.  He'd spent all of his life training for battles, just like Fíli, but had been kept cooped up inside Ered Luin under Thorin's watchful gaze.  What was a young Dwarf to do other than long for adventure?  Besdies, Orcs had no place in a Dwarven city and it made his blood boil just thinking about it.

When Fíli had returned with their uncle's firm denial of their desire to join the journey, Kíli refused to just give up.  He wanted to go!  Thorin himself had guided their training. He, more than anyone, should know that they were more than capable of doing him proud.  It burned Kíli that Thorin thought so very little of them and made him only more determined to go.  Kíli wanted to prove that he was worthy of his uncle's respect. Not only that, he could not bear to let down the other adventurers that would be taking part of this expedition.  Besides, with Fíli's whirlwind of blades at his back, he knew he'd be fine.  They protected each other and were a seamless team in battle. It had worried their trainers when they were young, that they could depend (and rely) on each other so much in the heat of battle. However, when each brother was tested alone, they both proved they were more than capable of fighting alone.  It could only be determined that they were strengthened by one another's presence on the battlefield.

Spying the flicker of firelight, he met Fíli's gaze knowingly and stayed close, relaxing his grip on his bow.  He winced when Fíli snapped a branch in his haste, but the khuzdul ringing through the trees had him grinning widely.

Wordlessly, Kíli mirrored Fíli, entering the clearing and slinging his bow across his back as a show of peace.  He deftly sidestepped the boar's spear and took up position at his brother's shoulder.  Warm brown eyes took in Bifur without lingering on the axe head embedded in his skull. Kíli practically glowed with joyous warmth as he, too, placed a hand on his cest and bowed, "Kíli, at your service!"

Nodding at the angled boar's spear, Kíli's brown eyes focused on the leader of the expedition they were about to undertake. "You are well-prepared.  How many of us will there be?" It was second nature to scan the shadows beyond the fire's light for any potential foes, but he also sought friendly shapes.


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Eye for an Eye
« Reply #3 on: February 01, 2013, 03:06:00 PM »
Clinging to the shades created by the trees, Nori carefully approached the firelight he could see in the distance. He had been looking for tracks, and while it seemed safe enough, Nori knew never to take things at face value - he was prepared for anything, clutching to the hilt of one of his daggers, and eyes peeled into his surroundings. His long, dual-handed mace was strapped against his back, under any supplies he had taken with him. All the essentials for long-distance travelling. He heard voices from ahead, which meant he must have been getting close to the rendezvous point. Relaxing his hand from the hilt, he continued towards the familiar tones of khuzdul.

That particular day had started out interesting enough, and while what had transpired had been presumed sabotage, and nothing had been proven in the end, the suspicions were high enough for Nori to want to disappear for a good while. Just until things calmed down. While he wouldn’t actively seek out trouble, trouble always seemed to find him.

He was visiting home - this was one of his infrequent visits he made every now and then, ones either to just take a break from everything he found himself in, or necessity drove him to seek out his brothers, perhaps he needed to stock up on supplies, or a place to stay at while evading the law. Either way the events earlier that day lead him to make one last stop at home before leaving for a longer period of time. It was there that he had found a strange piece of parchment, with information about a venture deep into Middle Earth, to Moria, of all places. While the prospect of delving deep into the old dwarven kingdom and the nasty business within were less than appealing, Nori had then thought of all the spoils, just sitting there gathering dust. What a waste it would be if he didn’t go, and since he was about to leave anyways, this opportunity had come just the right time. He had hastly packed his bag, and in his hurry he had left the bit of parchment on the table. He didn't realize that until he was already half-way there, and decided to ignore the nagging voice in his head telling him to turn back and get rid of it.

He took a deep breath, and walked into the opening, three others already present. He greeted Bifur with a smile, being already acquainted with the old warrior. "‘ello! Easy there Bifur, I just got yer message. I’m not late, am I? I was wrappin’ up business, y’know how it is." He pulled back his hood as he approached the others. "May I say how excited I am ‘bout this venture o’ yours! I can’t wait to get some change o' scenery, not to mention to the spoils!" He laughed, rubbing his hands together. "It’ll be like any regular Tuesday!", he beamed, mentally picturing mounds of unguarded gold, just waiting to be picked up. Not that the motives behind the quest weren't of interest to Nori, he happily involved himself in various causes, he just liked the idea of having something tangible in the end. More substance, and less ambiance. He then turned his attention to the two younger dwarfs. He paused for a moment, taking a good look at the two. ”You look familiar, have we met?" and with that he was trying to remember if he had nicked anything from either of them. "Oh, is this yors, mate?", he produced a leather pouch from inside his tunic, brown leather covered in embroidery. "Because I found it… 'aha, right, never mind, it’s probably just one o' Dori’s". He laughed, taking a better look at the purse. It was riddled with intricate floral embroidery. He shrugged. Definitely one of Dori’s. He put away the purse, then bowed.

"Nori, at yer service."


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Eye for an Eye
« Reply #4 on: February 03, 2013, 05:07:00 AM »
((ooc: Since Jo's going out of town until next Saturday, we're gonna skip Ori the first time around (she okayed it) and go back to Bifur. She'll go next time we get to her.))

Branches cracked loudly under foot as Dori marched his way through the quiet forest. Normally it would be wise to take on an air of stealth, in case orcs happened to be nearby, but as of that moment Dori could not care a lick if he stumbled upon a hoard of orcs. Honestly, it would be the orcs that should be afraid of him were that to happen.

Dori was muttering to himself under his breath, seething as he pushed some branches out of his path. Nori had made one of his infrequent visits to the home earlier that day. It had been like any other visit. Dori made sure Nori got a full meal, and Ori asked millions of questions about his brother's travels in the wilderness. To no surprise, Nori hinted at having to leave the Blue Mountains for a short while in order to dodge some attention from the authorities. Dori had become accustomed to hearing of these things, though he still frowned upon them nonetheless. As Nori was stocking up on provisions to take with him, Dori made sure to let him know of a letter that had arrived for him earlier that day.

Once Nori had taken off, Dori was cleaning up after his (aggravatingly messy) brother, when he noticed the letter for Nori open on the table where they took their meals. Allowing curiosity to get the better of him, he read the letter's poorly scrawled contents, only to find that Nori was going to be joining a dwarf named Bifur on some sort of revenge-laden journey to Moria. This immediately did not sit well with Dori. He had been at the Battle of Moria and knew first hand what those orcs were capable of. Something inside the dwarf urged him to go and retrieve his brother, who he feared did not know what he was getting into. The final push came when Dori discovered his purse was missing, as Dori did not want Nori thinking he could get away with thieving from his own family. He told Ori he was visiting a sick friend who lived in a village further down the mountain and that he would be back in a day or two. Ori was a good lad, and Dori was sure he would stay out of trouble while he was away.

Dori put a bag together for himself before he left, packing maybe a trifle bit more than was necessary for his journey to retrieve his brother. He had also brought along his sword and bolas just in case. He had told himself he was going to go, bring Nori back, and that would be it, but there was something else nagging in the back of his mind. After all, Dori had fought in Moria, and had been there to see it taken over. It would be a lie to say the thought of joining Nori and this Bifur fellow hadn't crossed his mind, but... No. He wouldn't. Ori was back at home on his own. What would he say to Ori if he suddenly left for weeks as a time? No, he was not about to disappear on his youngest brother like that. Nonetheless, it was a matter of pride when it came to Moria, and a part of Dori did wish he could join in to seek out some much needed revenge. Dori was quite the skilled fighter and had taken down many orcs in his day, and the thought of doing so again did sound mighty tempting.

Grumbling to himself as he made his way further into the forest, he eventually saw a light up ahead which he could only assume from what he had read on the parchment was the meeting place. As he grew closer, he stopped at the sound of a familiar voice. "May I say how excited I am ‘bout this venture o’ yours! I can’t wait to get some change o' scenery, not to mention to the spoils!" Dori's eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared at the sound of his brother's voice. Nori was the reason that Dori was not currently sitting in the comforts of his home enjoying a pleasantly warm cup of tea, so to say he was upset with his brother would be an understatement.

Not listening to the rest of what Nori had to say, Dori pushed his way through the brush until he finally stumbled out onto their meeting place. He took notice of a dwarf with an axe embedded in his forehead. Dori could only assume that that must be Bifur.

"Nori, what in Durin's Day do you think you are dong?" Dori asked, his eyes focusing in on his brother. "Going to Moria to fight orcs? Honestly, there must be better ways for you to allude the authorities. I read your note and..." he reached into his pocket only to find that the piece of parchment was not there. Dori could only hope that he had dropped it along the way. He didn't even want to think of what would happen if Ori found the letter. "Well, anyway, I found it and don't think it's particularly wise of you to -" It was then that he saw his purse sticking out of Nori's pocket. "Give me that!" Dori said, reaching forward to snatch what was rightfully his.

"As I was saying, I don't think it's particularly wise for a company of only four of you to-" Dori cut himself off for a third time when his eyes spied who the third and fourth members of the company were. He was stunned to see young Fíli and Kíli in the tiny company's midst. Dori placed his hands on his hips, scowling at the two. "Boys, does your uncle know you're here?"


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Eye for an Eye
« Reply #5 on: February 04, 2013, 01:19:00 AM »
Bifur watched warily as a figure emerged from the shadows, but when his call was answered in his own tongue he relaxed. He kept his grip on his knife, but lowered his arm and raised his other hand in greeting. It was a young Dwarf, finely clad and well-armed, with a mane of golden hair and kind eyes, who had answered him. "You must be Bifur," the Dwarf said enthusiastically. He bowed and continued, "Fíli, at your service!" Bifur inclined his head but before he could reply another Dwarf stepped out into the clearing, so silently Bifur had not known he was even there until he stepped around the entrenched spear and stood before him. "Kíli, at your service!," said the new arrival, with even more spirit than his brother, if that was possible. The two had bright and clever eyes, and although their colouring was quite different, it was clear they were brothers. "Bifur, at your service," he replied and bowed, tucking his knife into his belt. He raised his head and examined the two Dwarfs. They were young. Very young. The blonde one had only two wee braids in his beard, and the taller one had such little hair on his chin it could scarcely be called a beard at all! Bifur realized with a sinking heart he did not know the age of Thorin's nephews, or even of Thorin himself. At times the memories of Moria were so clear it seemed but yesterday, and other times from another lifetime. Truth be told, Bifur did not know how many years had passed since the Battle of Azanulbizar, and he had expected the Princes to be older. But they were well-armed, and, as evidenced from the ease with which they carried their weapons, well-trained. And he had noticed how their gazes did not linger on the axe, protruding distinctly from his forehead and a constant source of pain and sorrow, and liked them for it.

Kíli nodded towards Bifur's spear and spoke. "You are well-prepared. How many of us will there be?" "Four," Bifur replied, just as the fourth strode into the camp. Bifur's face broke into a grin as he recognized Nori. Even with a hood the Dwarf's pointy haired silhouette was unmistakable. "‘ello! Easy there Bifur, I just got yer message. I’m not late, am I? I was wrappin’ up business, y’know how it is." Bifur went forward and warmly grasped Nori's arm in greeting. "May I say how excited I am ‘bout this venture o’ yours! I can’t wait to get some change o' scenery, not to mention to the spoils! It’ll be like any regular Tuesday!" Nori laughed and Bifur laughed with him. They had not seen each other for many months, but Nori had not changed one bit. He was the same trickster he ever was. He looked the brothers over and then, as if to prove the point, produced a leather pouch from his tunic and jauntily asked if it was one of theirs. "Because I found it… 'aha, right, never mind, it’s probably just one o' Dori’s," he said, and tucked the purse away again, laughing. Bifur was glad Nori had come. His lighthearted mischievousness would help pass the time as they took the long road to Moria, but Bifur knew too there was more to the Dwarf than the friendly thief. Nori was a fierce and scrappy fighter, and Bifur had no doubt he would do more than merely nick a few treasures. All in all, a company of quality, if not a great quantity. Their aim, after all, was to cause a bit of trouble for the Orcs, not retake the mines, and this seemed a fine group to do it.

Nori bowed and introduced himself to their companions, but before he even raised his head a fifth Dwarf charged into the camp, his face unfamiliar to Bifur. But before anyone could say anything, he identified himself by zeroing in on Nori. This must be his brother, Dori. "Nori, what in Durin's Day do you think you are dong? Going to Moria to fight orcs? Honestly, there must be better ways for you to allude the authorities. I read your note and..." Bifur watched in fascinated horror as Dori reached for the note, but could not produce it. Apparently Nori had left it behind and Dori had found it. This was exactly what he had been afraid of. Did Dori intend to join them on the journey? He was certainly prepared, Bifur noted, as he eyed the sword and bolas. Bifur could not say his presence would not be welcome. He had heard of Dori's strength and skill in battle, but he did not know if having both brothers there would be more trouble than it was worth. Bifur stepped forward to speak while Dori was rummaging in his pocket, but then Dori continued, berating Nori and snatching what was apparently his own pouch from him. Bifur once more opened his mouth but Dori then rounded on the young Dwarf Princes. "Boys, does your uncle know you're here?"

Bifur had no brothers of his own, but he was close with his cousins, and this scene of domestic strife deeply troubled him. He was leading this company, it was his responsibility, and he would not let it be broken before the journey had even begun. He felt a familiar and much-feared anger rise up within him, and he hastened to suppress it. Before the Dwarf lads could reply, Bifur stepped forward and laid a rough hand on Dori's shoulder. "Calm yourself, brother," he said quietly, as much to himself as to the older Dwarf. "We are all friends here." Not waiting for an answer, Bifur shot Nori a questioning glance before turning to the young Dwarf brothers. "Fíli, tend the fire," he said. "Kíli, keep watch with me." And with that Bifur strode to the edge of the camp, leaving his boar spear faithfully planted in the ground, and pointedly not looking back. Nori and Dori could work out their troubles between them, though he doubted no argument would become too grievous with Fíli there.

Bifur went a few yards into the trees, then settled himself on a fallen log. He pulled from his tunic a clockwork frog, which he wound and placed on a rock before him, watching it open and close its huge mouth as the works inside chirped and clicked. Bifur was fond of all animals, but particularly frogs and toads, and this was one of his favourite designs. He sat quietly, watching the toy make its rhythmic movements, and tried to calm his nerves.


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Eye for an Eye
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Fíli's bright eyes were drawn to the fourth and final member of their company as he strode into the camp.  The newcomer was well-armed, with a seemingly affable disposition, and Fíli found himself warming to him even as Bifur greeted him, the rapport between the two Dwarves obvious.  The Dwarf's beard (and what a beard it was!) was intricately braided and his hair meticulously styled.  Fíli was suitably impressed and found himself absent-mindedly running a hand over his own facial hair, painfully aware of how short it was in comparison to that of both the newcomer and Bifur.  The young Dwarf's eyes were then drawn to the fourth Dwarf's dual swords, Fíli's preferred weapon of choice, and he nodded appreciatively.  It was clear that both the newcomer and Bifur were Dwarves skilled with weaponry, Dwarves who knew how to make their way through the world - and the wilds.  In that moment Fíli felt rather honoured to be counted among this small, skilled and dedicated group.  

The newcomer then brought his attention to Fíli and Kíli and, when he asked if he already knew them, Fíli shook his head amicably in answer.  The Dwarf produced a leather purse from his pocket, it was embroidered decoratively with flowers, and a confused smile passed Fíli's lips before he gave his blond head another shake to indicate that it was not his.  So he claimed to have found it, eh?  Fíli had a suspicion that this might not, in fact, be the truth but the newcomer's possible light-fingered tendencies did not bother him remotely.  Nori, as the newcomer introduced himself to be, then bowed in greeting.  Fíli had heard the name Dori fall from his lips and its similarity to Nori's own name made it abundantly clear that this Dwarf was, in fact, Dori's brother.  It amused Fíli to conceive this notion, for the two seemed terribly dissimilar.  Leaving that thought to one side for now, Fíli put a hand to his chest, intending to bow his head respectfully and introduce himself.  But, before another word could be uttered, Fíli was interrupted by the sound of cracking branches from somewhere in the shadows, beyond the reach of the firelight.  

Fíli's already enthusiastic expression brightened all the more when his eyes alighted on none other than Dori.  Honestly, with them all arriving so close together like this it was a wonder they had not bumped into each other as they wandered through the dark forest!  Fíli only had the fondest feelings for his once-upon-a-time guardian and his eyes twinkled mischievously as he recalled the times past that he had given the Dwarf grief.  From almost no age at all, Fíli had been trying to steal away from Ered Luin, ever determined to thwart the watchful eyes that held him in their gaze so closely and to push the boundaries to their limits – but Dori was a dab hand in his role and the young Prince had never managed to stray far.  Fíli watched with wide eyes as Dori, in the middle of his fussing, snatched back what had rightly turned out to be his own purse.  The young Dwarf grinned at the exchange and slowly raised a gauntleted hand in an effort to disguise his wide smile.  Fíli counted himself fortunate that he and Kíli were so close in age, and so alike in so many countless ways, that they rarely bickered.  

It was then that Dori turned his attention to the brothers (and Fíli quickly dimmed his grin) with a look of utter shock passing over his features, then his hands went to rest on his hips and he scowled at them – what a greeting!  At his query, for Dori wasted no time to striking at the very heart of the matter, Fíli tried to offer an assuring, earnest smile as he grappled desperately for an answer that was not a lie but which would effectively dodge the issue, if said sincerely enough.  Fortunately, Fíli was saved from doing this by Bifur's intervention and the young Dwarf could not help but feel relieved.  Nodding obediently in acknowledgement of the order, Fíli immediately moved to give the fire his full attention.  Setting down his bag and taking up a stick, Fíli prodded the embers and threw on some of the roughly hewn branches that lay nearby.  Clearly Bifur had already stocked up on firewood.  From where he crouched, Fíli glanced up at Nori, wondering vaguely what sort of trouble the Dwarf was in, before seizing the moment to complete his greeting.  Putting his free hand over his heart, Fíli nodded his head courteously.  

“The name is Fíli, by the way - at your service!”  Fíli said before wisely turning his focus back to the fire, hoping to make himself invisible for the time being.  It seemed that the brothers had matters to discuss and the young Dwarf did not want Dori's attention brought to him unnecessarily.  Lying did not sit well with Fíli but telling Dori the truth was out of the question - at least until they were a sizeable distance from Ered Luin.


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They had barely finished greeting Bifur themselves when the fourth and, as per Bifur’s word, final member walked into the clearing. Kíli stayed put, watching with interest as Bifur greeted the final member of their company with some eagerness.  The newest Dwarf had the most amazing hairstyle in Kíli’s eyes.  His own hair would never stay if he were to try to mimic such intricacy, but that only made it all the more novel.  As it was, Kíli struggled just to get his unruly brown locks to stay braided.

Almost immediately, Kíli decided he liked Nori, as the Dwarf had introduced himself to be.  He had half a moment to connect Nori to Dori before that very Dwarf entered the little clearing.  As the older Dwarf unleashed his ire on his, evidently, little brother, Kíli shifted just a hair closer to his own brother.  It was interesting to watch another pair of brothers in action and marvel at how different their relationship was compared to the one he had with Fíli.

Of course,  when Dori rounded on them, hands on his hips in a way that reminded Kíli of every female Dwarf in existence, Kíli’s excitement dimmed.  Was this the end, then?  He wracked his brain for an answer that would satisfy Dori without endangering what he and Fíli so badly wanted.  He opened his mouth and Bifur spoke up instead. Grateful, Kíli snapped his jaw shut.  Before heading off to follow the leader of the expedition, Kíli bowed respectfully to Nori and Dori. ”Kíli, at your service!”  With that, the young Dwarf seemed to literally disappear into the darkness beyond the fire.

He followed Bifur a little more slowly, keeping a sharp eye out for anything amiss.  For a moment, Kíli hovered behind the older Dwarf, watching him curiously.  Spying the frog and instantly curious – Did Bifur have children? Did he make toys? Why a frog? Could he examine it? – Kíli worked to keep his thoughts to himself.  Whereas Fíli had found his calling music, Kíli’s love for the artform didn’t quite reach the same depths.  Neither did he have the passion for jewels and gold that made some Dwarves  sick.  And while fascinated by toys and how they were made, Kíli found it impossible to stay still and focused.  So, he admired those he knew could do such amazing things.

Kíli had just worked up the nerve to ask Bifur about the toy frog when a branch snapped somewhere in the forest.  Immediately, the archer had an arrow nocked and aimed in the direction the sound had come from.  Calmness descended on him and he left Bifur without checking to see if he’d follow, melting into the trees as though he was at home in the forest.  What with the amount of time he spent out in the forest hunting, he might as well be comfortable amongst the trees.  All of his senses were on high alert and he was rewarded by rustling bushes and the loud footsteps of someone unused to gliding silently through the forest.  Rounding a thick tree trunk, Kíli came face to face with another Dwarf!  It took  a moment for the archer to lower his bow, so great was his surprise. ”Ori?! What are you doing out here?!”


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Meeting Bifur had happened just had Nori had envisioned meeting his old friend. And although they had spent many months apart, it was good to see the old warrior after such a long time, seeing how he had not changed. While Bifur seemed a bit eccentric to some, Nori was accustomed to it, having nothing but respect for the dwarf. If only Bofur were here as well, it would be just like old times. After he had made his brief introduction to the two younger members of their little party, to his horror, a fifth member had appeared from deep within the woods. Dori, his older brother, had arrived, much to Nori's dismay. Dammit, I knew I should have burnt that damn parchment![/i] Attempting to flash a polite smile at Dori, his attempts remained only as such as he was unable to disguise his annoyance. Even worse when Dori snatched his purse back in front of everyone. When Dori finally turned his attention to the younger dwarves, Nori sensed they shared some history. Whatever history that was, he was not privy to it, perhaps because he was hardly around Ered Luin and when he was, he was busy keeping to himself. Nori rolled his eyes at Dori's mother-hen-like reaction to the two, wondering how they really knew one another. The duo were about to answer to Dori, when Bifur made a well-timed intervention into the situation. "Calm yourself, brother, We are all friends here." He had then turned to leave, only give Nori an inquisitive look. Baffled, Nori was about to say something to ease Bifur's mind, his mouth ajar and his hand extended, only to find the words stuck in his mouth. Then Bifur had gone to the edge of their campsite, and seeing him pull out one of his toys, Nori knew not to bother him while he needed space.

Nori then turned back and prepared to face Dori. He gave small nods of acknowledgement to both Fili and Kili as they were called, as they quickly introduced themselves before Kili went to sit with Bifur and Fili tended to the fire. It was then that Nori paid attention to the fact that they both looked incredibly young. What was Bifur thinking bringing along dwarflings to such a venture? Then again, he observed they had both been well armed, and as such probably trained in their weapons of choice. At least, so Nori hoped in the back of his mind. The last thing he wanted was for this to turn into baby-sitting. He shrugged. He trusted in Bifur's judgement in the matter, and knew that these two would certainly surprise him in the coming days, possibly weeks, and he was eager to see exactly what these prodigies were capable of. Changing the subject entirely, he glared at Dori, one of his eyes slightly twitching. "What do you think yer doin'?" He tried too keep his voice lowered, since Fili was sitting so close by. "Bifur over there is a friend of mine, so you better keep that in mind whenever you speak with 'im. In fact, keep that in mind whenever you open that mouth 'o yours. And you didn't have to snatch yer coins back like that, you could've asked for 'em afterwards!" He huffed, his face red under his beard.

"Anyways, if yer done wagging yer tongue and yer finger, you might as well go back home. Speakin' of which, you're awfully well packed just to get back yer coins... what are you planning? You're not comin' along are you? No, you can't, not with Ori at home." Nori hoped that perhaps he could somehow get Dori to see reason and go. However it seemed Nori would have to try and convince him harder, and as he was about to do just so, Kili announced the arrival of a sixth dwarf. ”Ori?! What are you doing out here?!” With his line of thought broken, he turned to look behind him, dumbstruck to see his younger brother in the opening. He gave Dori an accusatory glare, before turning to greet Ori with a smile and a wave.


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The dwarf with axe in his head approached Dori, laying a hand on his shoulder and looking him right in the eyes. "Calm yourself, brother," he spoke quietly in the ancient tongue of Khuzdul. Dori knew the language, but was caught off guard by it. "We are all friends here." Dori was of the mind to protest, about to ask why he should take orders from a dwarf that had an orc blade sticking out of his face, but the dwarf turned away before Dori could say anything. This dwarf - Bifur was it? - began to give commands to the two others, and then walked away to the edge of camp, disappearing into the trees. If Dori had ever had a stranger first encounter with another dwarf, he could not place it at that moment.

Fíli and Kíli began setting out to complete the tasks Bifur had given them. Dori shot a stern glance in their direction. He would deal with them soon, but first he had to deal with his own brother. Dori crossed his arms, waiting for his brother to begin to fight him, just as he normally did when Dori didn't approve of something he wished to partake in. Was it just his imagination, or did Nori's eye have a slight twitch to it? "What do you think yer doin'?" Nori said in a low voice, obviously not wanting to draw attention from the others. "Bifur over there is a friend of mine, so you better keep that in mind whenever you speak with 'im. In fact, keep that in mind whenever you open that mouth 'o yours. And you didn't have to snatch yer coins back like that, you could've asked for 'em afterwards!" Dori squinted his eyes at Nori, not liking the harsh tone his brother spoke in. "Well, perhaps I wouldn't embarrass you if you hadn't taken what was rightfully mine in the first place. You should know better than pinching your own brother's purse." Then Dori sighed. That had not been the real reason he had come all this way. Might as well be upfront about it. "Honestly, Nori, you really want to go to Moria? Need I remind you, I fought there. I was there to see its fall. Who knows what state it's in now, or how many orcs have infested the place. Do you really think a mere four of you can take on all those orcs by yourselves? You, two beardless dwarves, and a dwarf with an axe embedded in his forehead? Quite an unlikely company, if you ask me."

Nori prodded further at his brother. "Anyways, if yer done wagging yer tongue and yer finger, you might as well go back home. Speakin' of which, you're awfully well packed just to get back yer coins... what are you planning? You're not comin' along are you?" Dori sputtered for a moment, trying to forget the thoughts he had had on the way over about the possibility of joining in on their quest. It would not do to encourage his brother at this point with his personal consideration. "Don't be ridiculous. I just thought it would be wise to come prepared. These forests are not entirely safe, you know. Better safe than sorry."

"No, you can't, not with Ori at home." Dori grinned. Yes, Ori was his out of all of his. "Yes, you're absolutely right, Ori's at home now and I should probably be heading back to him. I think it'd be wise if you joined me in returning to -"

It was then that young master Kíli's voice called out, ”Ori?! What are you doing out here?!” Dori froze, unable to finish his previous statement. Sure enough, there was Ori emerging from the woods with Kíli. Nori shot him a glare before heading over in their brother's direction to greet him. Dori just stood, marveling at his own stupidity. So much for hoping Ori hadn't found the letter. "Both of them there... Vala give me strength," Dori muttered to himself. As he too headed over to Ori, he suddenly had a feeling that it would be a while before he saw the Blues Mountains again.


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Nori's occassional visits always boded excitement for Ori. At the very least a talk or two of illegal adventures told in whispers so Dori didn't find out, and that was always pleasant. His favorite times had been when Nori had tried to take him for quick trips. Sure, the escapades were brief because Dori found out easily, but they added excitement to his life. His work at the archives was more than just satisfying, it was a defining aspect of his life, but it didn't quite feel like it was what he was supposed to be doing. Plus, he needed to have fun now and then, and he rarely got it. He sometimes went to taverns but it wasn't very tolerated at the archives. And he meant going out to the open air, not just enjoying himself. Nori always offered that, and this time it wasn't any different.

 Nori had been for a few days in Ered Luin when he found a parchment in Nori's room, which was sent in a very shaken hand in Khûzdul by Bifur the toymaker (of all dwarves). At first he hadn't been too envious of the offer: Bifur had once terrified him when he was younger, and he had been transfixed by his gruesome toys. Afterwards he had a silent admiration for his deeds in battle...not too mention fascination over the axe chunk buried in his head. It was a complete mystery to him how he was still alive. But he had forgotten Bofur over a decade now. The offer to revenge himself on the orcs of Moria had caught hold of his the moment his indecision over Bifur had left him. Khâzad-dum! The ancestral home of the dwarves! He knew he had to go. It had been a childhood dream to see Moria in all its glory, and he had sworn he would see it restored, silly him. But for now a quick trip would suffice.

 He had followed Nori after his usual departure, Dori having been told he would be at the archives, with his faithful slingshot and a dagger. He had followed him through the woods and witnessed the meeting among Bifur--and Fíli and Kíli! He was thinking himself to be good at stealth and had almost stepped forward until a familiar (in every sense) fifth member joined them: Dori! He had seen the parchment! He had watched eagerly as his brother quarrelled accordingly over his presence (and Ori had been a bit disturbed by it) and then wondered: had Dori seen him with the parchment? No, he decided behind the tree he hid. There was nothing for him to do now but go back; Dori would send him home immediately. He had forgotten to be silent as he turned to scurry away quietly to Ered--"Ori?! What are you doing here?"

 Kíli was pointing an arrow at him and now put down his bow in surprise. Nori smiled tightly at him, bit he was clearly astonished to see him here, and no wonder! Oh, what explanation would he give now? Dori muttered an impatient aside. But he decided he was coming after all, if he could convince Dori.
"D-Dori! I-I was-er following Nori! I saw the parchment! C-could I please come with them! I could!" Then he realized he was looking childish, asking for permission. He had to state facts! Yes, that sounded more impressive. "Well, I'm coming anyway! I think you're too, since you haven't turned back."

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Bifur was watching his toy frog when a branch snapped in the trees. Before he could even rise, young Master Kíli had an arrow in his bow and he disappeared silently into the trees. Bifur gazed at the darkness he slipped into with admiration. Already the young Dwarf was proving his worth. His doubts melted as he recognized the stealth and skill of his companion. But just as his spirit was rising, Kíli let out a cry that sent them plummeting. ”Ori?! What are you doing out here?!” Bifur sighed and slowly raised himself up. With the arrival of Dori, it made sense it was only a matter of time before the youngest showed up. But with tensions already high between the older brothers, Bifur could only imagine things would not be easily resolved.

He walked back into camp just as Ori emerged from the trees at Kíli's side. The three remaining Dwarves looked as surprised as he felt, and Dori especially looked none too happy. Before he could say anything, however, Ori stuttered, "D-Dori! I-I was-er following Nori! I saw the parchment! C-could I please come with them! I could!" Bifur watched the three brothers as Ori continued, in a more confident tone. "Well, I'm coming anyway! I think you're too, since you haven't turned back." It was true, it looked as though all three brothers were going to be members of their company, unless Dori and Ori were convinced otherwise. But somehow Bifur did not think that likely. Himself, Bifur was only too glad to add to the number of his band, but Ori was young, younger even than the Princes, and he did not have their experience. Bifur was afraid they would spend more time looking out for the young Dwarf than anything, and that only added to the stress of the mission. Perhaps when they arrived at Khâzad-dum they could stow the young brother away in safety while the more seasoned warriors went ahead to fight. And who knew, perhaps the lad would prove useful. He did not look like much, but Bifur was not given to judging by appearances, given his own haggard mien. He supposed only time would tell, but in the meantime things were not looking well.

Things were beginning to be crowded in the small clearing, and Bifur felt uncomfortable. Having no close family of his own, couisns Bofur and Bombur aside, he had no clear understanding of those kind of relationships, and he always felt awkward witnessing familial arguments. He did not think he could say anything that would solve any problems, but at the same time he didn't feel he could do nothing. He was not a natural leader, not like Thorin or Balin, but he had organized this quest, and he would see it through, whether he had any companions or not. But as long as he was leading the company, however small, he would do what he could to keep it congenial. He did not know what he might do himself when riled, and he would not see his patience tested while there were no Orcs about on which to take out his anger.

Bifur moved back toward the fire and deftly pulled his boar spear from the ground. He held it firmly in one hand and stood as tall as he was able. He was a rather short Dwarf, but he was proud, and although his appearance was rough, he knew his was an intimidating presence. Before anyone could say anything more, he exclaimed in Khûzdul (a language well-suited to proclamations and admonitions), "Master Dwarves! It is my privilege to be leading this small company so I will also take advantage of my right to speak as I would. It is true my invitation was intended for the young Dwarf Princes Fíli and Kíli," here he nodded at the two lads, then continued, gesturing at Nori, "and my friend Nori. While I had not anticipated the companionship of Masters Dori and Ori I welcome their friendship." For a moment Bifur paused. He had not spoken so in many years, and he wondered at his ability to speak so clearly and eloquently. A twinkle appeared in the corner of his eye as he looked over at Dori and Ori standing across the fire, and he gave them a small smile. "If none object, they are gladly received."

Bifur rocked back a bit on his heels. He was, to be honest, quite pleased with himself. He was sure Dori would argue, but that was a matter for him to sort out with his brothers. Bifur himself was eager to see the eldest Dwarf in battle, and he hoped he would accompany them. And he did not anticipate any objections from the young Dwarf brothers. He gripped his boar spear with confident firmness and waited for someone to speak up.


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Fíli stared intently at the fire, watching as the hewn branches were claimed by the flames, burning and smoking before gradually glowing hot and crackling merrily.  The young Dwarf turned his thoughts to the adventure that lay before them, thinking of the Orc filth that dwelt in the halls of Moria and of all the Dwarvish blood they had spilt.  He thought of the fallen, of Thrór, Frerin, Fundin and Náin, to name but a few.  They were just names and personalities to Fíli, for he had never seen their faces.  The Prince's hunger and desire for vengeance was strong and this would be his first opportunity to vent some his ire, to avenge the loss of his predecessors – to retaliate on behalf of all Dwarves, in fact!  Orcs were foul creatures and Fíli truly hated them.

As Fíli travelled these well-worn paths in his mind, he tried to ignore the words that were being exchanged by Nori and Dori so close by.  He had not missed the stern look that Dori had cast his way before he began speaking with Nori.  Fíli knew he and Kíli were not out of the proverbial woods just yet, Dori would be sure to pester them with questions in due course.  Try as he might, snatches of the brothers' conversation reached Fíli's ears and one snippet that registered was Dori's  comment about the company composing of, besides Nori, two beardless Dwarves and another with an axe embedded in his head.  Fíli realised that Dori was just concerned for his brother and his words were, in fact, not far from the truth - but they still stung.  Once again the young Dwarf found himself running a hand over his facial hair, was it really that terribly short?  It was, quite, even Fíli could not delude himself into believing otherwise.  With a sigh, Fíli allowed his hand to drop away.  He was just reaching for the stick again, to poke at the fire some more, when he heard the branch snap.  Immediately the hand flew instead to the hilt of one of his swords, his blue eyes narrowing and his blond head swivelling sharply in the direction of the noise, just in time to see Kíli melt soundlessly into the shadows of the tree line with an arrow already nocked.

A look of surprise registered in Fíli's face when he heard his brother call out Ori's name and, moments later, the pair emerged from the shadows.  This was not an unhappy development, after all, Fíli was rather fond of the scholarly and amicable Ori.  Things could turn sour of course, if Dori insisted on taking Ori back to Ered Luin.  Fíli was concerned this might give the elder Dwarf an opportunity to drag him, and Kíli too, back to Thorin's Halls.  They were old enough and big enough to stand their ground and refuse, of course, but then Dori could send word of their venture to Thorin's ear.  And that.... that would not do.  Fíli offered Ori a welcoming and supportive smile but at the same time ran a broad hand through his mane of golden hair, signifying that he was feeling a little ill at ease.

Before Fíli, or anyone else for that matter, could speak or move, Bifur strode purposefully back over to the fire and pulled the spear from the ground with dexterity.  All eyes were on him, it seemed, as he pulled himself to his full height, the firelight casting shadows on his face and dancing in his eyes.  Bifur was an impressive sight as he began his stirring, well-spoken and to the point declaration in Khûzdul.  Fíli was hopeful that it would defuse the tension of the current situation and an encouraging smile graced his lips as he listened intently to the elder Dwarf's words.  When Bifur nodded in his direction, and Kíli's too, Fíli felt a wave of gratitude wash over him.  Bifur believed the young Dwarf brothers belonged here, he had sent them the letter but, more than that, he was prepared to stand up and say it aloud.  He believed in them and Fíli was determined that they would not let him down.  When their leader finished speaking and paused, waiting to hear what the members of the group had to say, if anything, Fíli was the first to speak, to voice his support.

“I concur.” Fíli responded, his voice low, even and certain, his smile widening a little as he looked about him, at each member of their small but distinguished company.  Surely if Ori was coming too, Dori would feel the need to follow.  At least, that was what Fíli was hoping for, and counting on.


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Unsurprisingly, everyone else in the clearing was also filled with surprise. No one had been expecting Ori.  Poor, sweet Ori who Kíli feared might get injured on this outing.  Of course, he wanted Ori to go anyway. It would be good for all three of them: himself, Fíli and Ori. An adventure under their belts, something to prove to everyone older and wiser than them that they were just as capable.  His mind flipped like a switch, from worry to determinedly supporting Ori.  He glanced at his brother, noticed that supportive smile and relaxed. Good. They were in agreement.

But then Fíli's hand ran through his hair and Kíli was tense all over again. And torn. Very, very torn. He would not abandon Ori to face Dori's ire, but he wanted to stand at his brother's shoulder, to offer his support and reassurance. It was where he belonged. Where he had always, and would always, belong.  One day, when Fíli was king, and it looked to be a certain fact as Thorin did not seem interested in having any Heirs of his own, Kíli would be there.  At his shoulder, offering council and a warm smile. His strength, his life, his support.  Anything for Fíli.

Decision made, Kíli squeezed Ori's shoulder and then made his way to his golden brother.  Coming to a stop just behind Fíli, he stood just close enough that his brother would be able to feel his presence.   Ori was not left alone, for the brothers would support him, the young Dwarf was certain of it.  Of course, just as Kíli had made his way to his brother, Bifur had returned.

Relief and joy washed through the younger Durin at Bifur's words.  He relaxed, hoping that that would settle any disagreement between the other set of brothers in the clearing.  Fíli's rich, melodic voice spoke up in agreement and Kíli smiled, slow and easy. "I am in agreement with Master Bifur as well."


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It was one thing being surprised by Dori, a whole different story when Ori was involved. He moved to greet Ori, smiling. It was good to see his younger brother, despite everything, and who knows perhaps Ori's presence could calm Dori's watchful gaze away from Nori... yes, having Ori around might be just the perfect thing to happen. Still, Nori was slightly peeved at the fact Dori had been so careless with the parchment. Then he proceeded to berate himself for not burning the damn thing  before leaving. He hadn't even noticed he had left it back home until it was too late to turn back. Sometimes Nori cursed his luck. But Ori would surely calm Dori, or so Nori hoped. How the rest – Bifur, Fili and Kili – would react, Nori awaited in anticipation to find out.

Then Ori spoke. "D-Dori! I-I was-er following Nori! I saw the parchment! C-could I please come with them! I could!" Nori sputtered. ”Wh-what?” Scratching the back of his head he continued under his breath, ”Well, this is awkward...” Nori had thought it was Dori's mishandling of the parchment which had lead Ori to them. He tried to avoid looking at Dori's general direction, idly toying with the edge of his cloak. Then Ori continued, sounding more creditable: "Well, I'm coming anyway! I think you're too, since you haven't turned back." Both of them there. Nori could only imagine how this would all play out. Glancing from brother to brother, Nori wondered if he should step back and give them a moment in private to discuss things, when Bifur announced: "Master Dwarves! It is my privilege to be leading this small company so I will also take advantage of my right to speak as I would. It is true my invitation was intended for the young Dwarf Princes Fíli and Kíli, and my friend Nori. While I had not anticipated the companionship of Masters Dori and Ori I welcome their friendship.” Bifur paused for a moment, looking over at Dori and Ori, before he continued: "If none object, they are gladly received."

Both of the younger dwarves agreed with Bifur: ”I concur” Fili replied, and "I am in agreement with Master Bifur as well." Kili joined in. Nori considered for a moment, before giving a nod. ”Aye, so be it”, he shrugged. While it was likely there might be a clashing or two between him and his brothers on the way, Dori's strength and Ori's smarts would surely play only to their advances in the venture ahead. So focusing on the positives this unique situation presented, he welcomed both his brothers into their small company.


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  • Nienna: [link] @Ihsan @Reis
    November 24, 2019, 03:32:06 AM
  • Lothíriel: [link] Eorik as well
    November 12, 2019, 07:52:07 PM
  • Meren: Reply for Faramir (finally after a million years) [link]
    November 12, 2019, 07:33:42 PM
  • Legolas: [link] @Thranduil
    November 09, 2019, 01:38:45 AM
  • Galadriel: i give up i keep hitting the wrong account here xD
    October 29, 2019, 05:52:34 AM
  • Éowyn: [link] @Thranduil
    October 29, 2019, 05:51:25 AM
  • Dís: You know, with the CORRECT ACCOUNT. xD
    October 24, 2019, 11:40:25 AM
  • Éowyn: Reply for Fritz. [link]
    October 24, 2019, 11:40:00 AM
  • Faramir: Reply for Éowyn! [link]
    September 30, 2019, 12:17:32 AM
  • Manwë: Reply for Nauroval!
    September 26, 2019, 04:55:55 PM
  • Pellavan: Thread for Farran/Faramir! [link]
    September 26, 2019, 03:39:31 AM
  • Faramir: Reply for Éowyn! [link]
    September 22, 2019, 12:39:37 AM
  • Tintaldé: [link] @Whit/Tinuvagor
    September 21, 2019, 11:01:15 AM
  • Éowyn: [link] @Cass/Faramir
    September 21, 2019, 10:38:16 AM
  • Ulmo: Pellavan is approved and now in play! ^^ [link]
    September 16, 2019, 12:38:49 PM
  • Fritz: More brotherly banter for Andi/Cass and Koph/Blue! Whoo! [link]
    September 04, 2019, 06:15:14 PM
  • Faramir: Starter for Lothíriel/Meren, after a thousand years! [link]
    August 24, 2019, 10:22:02 PM
  • Gard of Lake-town: Tag for Thatguy [link]
    May 17, 2019, 03:01:04 AM
  • thatguy2: tag for Gard [link]
    May 14, 2019, 05:38:28 AM
  • Gard of Lake-town: Thread for Eofor/Thatguy [link]
    May 11, 2019, 02:46:13 AM